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  1. Why do people not like HIAM MV?

    People say the dead eyes was on purpose to fit the vibe of the video I guess she kept the character for all the promo interviews and performances too to keep cohesiveness. The dead eyes look in TTWE must be because the fictional Britney knows she's about to die in the apocalypsis but she's forced to dance till the last moment (she would later reveal in her most personal album that no, she will ONLY dance til her body ache).
  2. Why do people not like HIAM MV?

    Awkwardness and mystery? The Femme -literally- fatal combo
  3. Even in FF days something looked off

    "Even" ? OF COURSE something looked off during the FF days. Everything looked off that era, that's when everything started to change.
  4. Is it Britney's voice at this snippet?

    yeah it sounds like something of that sort
  5. Is it Britney's voice at this snippet?

    I think that's not Britney
  6. Why do people not like HIAM MV?

    The video itself is really good. It would be one of her best videos if only she looked better. She has that distinctive dead eye look from the FF era that is really uncomfortable to look at. No eyebrows, and it's the first time she showed it was difficult for her to execute the choreo. Maybe a really good makeup could've made wonders, but it wasn't the case.

    If only they released more singles, even without promo. They'll never know what could've been the next "IWG" in terms of being successful without promo performances or anything, because they don't even try anymore after one song flops.
  8. I'd rather her be a videos artist. I got to meet her and fell in love with her, not for any album or single, but her videoclips. I wish she released tons of videoclips, even if the songs aren't singles, even if she doesn't have a new album out. If I have to stick to your question, I guess I'd pick a singles artist, but there can be singles without a music video, and for me that's almost the same as just another album track, paid dust by Britney. But I also wish she released more albums, or more close to each other, because that means we get more songs. Can't we have both?

    I think you meant Do You Wanna Come Over? Even with heavy promo Slumber Party wasn't hit material. It's just a good song, but that's all. There's nothing different or spectacular about it. If any, maybe a top 40 or top 30 would've been its fate with a normal release and promo
  10. if the album was more of that vibe, it would've probably become my favorite album
  11. Imagine if they did that again in 2018, not MTV, but someone else showing everything in general, she would have to watch now all of the FF clips, X Factor, POM, Intimate Collection interviews, etc. Even crazier, she would have to watch this FTR countdown too, and FTR itself lol
  12. And Starbucks should release a Britneyccino flavor And Target should be renamed as Britney
  13. Exclusive: Post POM plans revealed

    Isn't it funny When will Jason
  14. Las Vegas should be renamed Britney: Piece of Me tbh , or at least the AXIS theater should be the Britney theater Also I want the street where I live to be called Britney Spears street
  15. rare: Whitney responses to brits my prerogative

    Yes! He was the assistant engineer on the cover of (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction, even more ironic
  16. Funny POM documentary names?

    Britney: Piece of Knee
  17. Secret project not about POM?

    At this point I think the secret project either a) It's SO secret, we'll never hear about it again or b) it's not even a project of Britney Spears, but it is for another artist/company/campaign/whatever
  18. Secret project not about POM?

    The secret project is that they'll bring back 2016ney from the beginning of POM 2.0 and she'll perform instead of Currentney from now till the world ends #QueenofTimeTravelers
  19. Lucky Performance LIVE

    Queen of performing for herself Queen of enjoying her own performances Omnipresent Goddess of Pop #Lucky4NextSingle #Justice4Lucky #SayYestotheSwing
  20. Secret project not about POM?

    And when the pieces fit together, it will finally become complete. The real me.
  21. Random POM show next Tuesday?

    That can only mean she's gonna include never performed before songs from Glory, BJ and the fan favorite singles that were snubbed like HIAM, Overprotected, MP and she'll even throw Tom's Diner in some interlude. This is gonna be recorded and released as a DVD next January, and it will get some of the numbers like WB, GM, Stronger/Crazy, BOMT/OIDIA DYWCO and Freakshow released as singles. This will also include the performances of Tik Tik Boom, Liar, ISBE and Better. That'll keep us entertained the whole year while she prepares the 20th anniversary documentary, with the special re-release of BOMT, an acoustic concert performing 20 songs from her catalog, a especial video album for 20 album tracks that were never singles, and finally the announcement of her world tour.
  22. rare: Whitney responses to brits my prerogative

    this, and I know it's silly, but if any, it should've been just Bobby Brown who "should" cover a Britney song, what did Whitney have to do with that just because she was the wife
  23. rare: Whitney responses to brits my prerogative

    Why would they cover Oops? Of course she was gonna say no. Btw, that's about all the promo My Prerogative had right?
  24. Plans for her 20th Aniversary?

    A long list of things to celebrate the anniversary, which includes among other stuff:
  25. What Tours Have You Been To?

    I'm from Mexico. I'm 24 years old, but my first concert ever was only this past July. It's called '90's Pop Tour' and it's various artists that were super famous in the 90's and early 2000's here in Latin America, and it's over 3 hours of show, almost 4 hours. It's not like a festival where they just go an play each one their songs, but they do collaborations and it's all like a same theme, they planned the show together, rehearsed together and stuff. Over the months they've changed the artists, but the most important are still there. They released a DVD if you're interested lol : They've been so successful they're releasing another DVD in February with the new alignment After that, this same year, this past October I finally went to the Britney: Piece of Me show in Las Vegas, I don't know if you've ever heard about it. I went twice: Oct 25th and Oct 27th. Other than that, I've never been to any other concert. Many artists have come to Tijuana (the city where I live) not only from Latin America but also from other parts of the world, and San Diego, CA is next to my city so I could've gone to many concerts there too, but I was never interested in any other artist. I would've seen Britney if I had the money, back in the FFT, I don't know if she came to San Diego in previous tours, I guess so. Shakira performed here in Tijuana in 2011 and I was so pissed I couldn't make it, it was just too expensive for me, I didn't have a job yet. I was planning to see her in February in San Diego but since she's cancelling her first dates, I don't know anymore if it's sure she's gonna perform.