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  1. That's true, but what I meant is that in 2011 for example, she wasn't in the best shape, and yet she released 4 videoclips. In 2014 she started to get fitter by the summer, but she didn't release anything until 2015, with PG, after her vacations in Hawaii. Then she got in shape again, but didn't release more videoclips the whole 2015. In 2016, yes she made videoclips, but it's only 2 videos counting SP in almost 2 years. Time keeps going by and it's like they're just waiting for her to get out of shape, or old to start releaseing videoclips again, on a more frequent basis and her current look won't get immortalized in a videoclip for posterity.

    and yet people will keep saying DYWCO wasn't single material
  3. Fitney =/= releasing music videos (seriously, it's like she's just waiting to gain more weight and get out of shape to shoot a new video, like when she did the PG one)
  4. Pop culture was in art now art's in pop culture in Brinny
  5. Why did Taylor copy Britney?

    I never, ever imagined a scenario where I would end up saying this, but HIAM cover >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Also, you ask why did she copy Britney? Because of the same reason she started to work with Max Martin and Joseph Kahn: Taylor might be all the negative things we want, but she knows who's the best, and she'll do anything to follow her steps
  6. New IG- Brit and Sam and.... Mozart?

    if you wanna just cryyyyyyyyy cry your eyes out
  7. Britney songs not in 4/4 time

    I can't think of any, all that comes to my mind are in 4/4
  8. Have We Reached the end of her Career?

    the last thing she needs now is a long ass break, her career has been on a hiatus for most of the general public that don't know anything about her since Scream & Shout. She needs, yes, a break, but 1 year at most, if they really don't want her to fall into oblivion. Both Britney Jean and Glory had more potential singles. She just needs to find sponsors or something to secure at least 3 singles for her next album, no matter the chart performance, but people needs to see she's still making songs (and we need those videos as fans ). Even if she doesn't go touring, or if there's no new show or anything, the music needs to keep coming. Which is more, it's never too late to release more singles from her past albums, maybe as buzz singles this time, while she prepares her next album, but I insist, this is not the time for her to go hide from the music scene, if she wants to come back eventually in the future. You take a long ass break after a super successful era, because you've been working so hard and the radio is saturated with your latest singles so you just ha ve to step aside and let all that fuzz slowly fade away and make the GP crave for your music again, but Britney isn't in that position right now. But we all know she'll take the break anyway
  9. and none of them were scrapped
  10. Diplo copied Private Show

    It really sounds the same, unlike back in 2013 when people said NTIFY was a rip off of that Avicii song, just because it was a similar style, even though the notes were nothing alike
  11. Wasn't the whole Make Me... video situation one of the most evil and darkest jokes they could've done though? Maybe you have to look a little bit beyond the obvious "plot" of the video to see the diabolic intentions of everyone involved in this traumatic process, from the shooting of the original video, the leaking of those scenes, and finally scrapping it plus the development and release of the official thing. HIAM who?
  12. Diplo copied Private Show

    omg yes
  13. "She's 35!!!!! She's not 19 anymore!!!"

    She's just testing us. Or punishing us I don't think it's that bad though. She just needs a good makeup artist and costumes designer, and that alone would do wonders.
  14. Britney is enjoying life

    It would be so awesome if a random person suddenly started to be followed by a group of creepers and made a forum about her/his life and she/he started to feel the pressure while making choices etc. Someone should make a movie about it, it would be funny
  15. Britney Has to hire Ariel Tejada

    whoever did the Private Show ad makeup
  16. Britney: Piece of Me 10/13/17

    The guy failing miserably to close the curtain at the end. It's a sign that the show doesn't want to come to an end Does she need us to help her count to two again?
  17. They played (I've Just Begun) Having My Fun at Spencer's today. I was like, is this real life?? :ohmygawd: It's not one of my favorite songs or something, but it was just so random.

    I got to listen to I Wanna Go earlier at Macy's, but that was a more well known single, so it didn't surprise me.

  18. so what makes it your favorite video?