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  1. Scary (Demo)

    Don't think that's a demo, but I kinda like the edit except for how low the vocals ended up in comparison to the music, but it preserved Scary's amazingness. It should've been a Halloween single
  2. That chart is the literal definition of an icon. That line art with the snake automatically and undoubtedly makes you think of Britney Spears. What is JLo's supposed to represent? lol
  3. Pantsney need a comeback

    as long as they don't let her play with scissors again
  4. Voice sounds like Xtina

    I think she sounded like her in Genie in a Bottle don't ya think so?
  5. Names given to Britney Jean - Official Thread

    Bombastic Jams Britneyest Jingles Benito Juárez
  6. can't wait to hear the interviews where she'll tell us she's been working in this project fro two years now, and she's so passionate about it, and how muted the colors are and how cool and faded the designs look also can't wait for the inevitable question everybody will do bringing up the AMAs 2001 denim outfit with Justin
  7. Wendy Williams Show brings up Shaved Head Incident Again...

    Because back then there was no awareness of those topics, so there was no empathy for the psycho girl that shaved her head, which just happened to be the biggest popstar in the world not too long ago, which made the contrast even greater. Nowadays there's more awareness of this, to the point that we've reached a extreme where we can't see a picture of someone with a sad face because the poor soul must be fighting with some kind of mental illness and the world needs to stop and pay respect, pay tribute, send love messages and erect a monument for every person that's fighting anxiety or depression. Now in Britney's case, whatever mental illness she may have, I don't think it was necessarily the reason that made her shave her head. It was just something she wanted to do, like getting the tattoos she got that same day, and you know, inside the whole madness those times were for her, with the paparazzi and stuff, we can say she was somewhat conscious of what she was doing, she just never imagined the proportions it will reach after the media coverage. That plus a combination of bad luck, because had she hit the car with the umbrella, without the shaved head, the pictures from that moment wouldn't have been as "funny" or shocking . But yeah, if it happened today, it would be shocking but I think the media coverage would be done from a more compassionate, concerned point of view. But since it happened so long ago, people don't put any reasoning when they mention it, they just remember the joke that came from that.
  8. She always did the surprised face

    But it used to be more organic. It was something she did on purpose when the song needed it (at least according to her), like during Lucky performances, etc, or this particular performance when she actually had to act surprised because of Madonna appearing as the groom. In the songs that didn't need it, she would just act normal, or she would put her fierce face or sexy or other facial gestures Now she uses the surprised face for any kind of song, from Everytime to Gimme More, Oops, IUSA, Toxic, you name it. But what I find more annoying than the surprised face is the head tilting.

  10. New IG and Twitter Post

    Maybe she's one of those persons that take down Christmas decorations in June, and start putting them back again since August lol My mom has a figure of Santa Claus riding a horse for display in a little bar that divides the kitchen and the dinning room at my house, and it's there the whole year It doesn't have bright colors but more like a dark burgundy, almost black so it doesn't look that Christmas-y. My siblings and I are used to it after watching it our whole lives, but is still weird when we think abou it
  11. New IG and Twitter Post

    the other video with her sons doing tricks from the other day also shown Christmas socks hanging on the chimney
  12. Well, in this particular thread we're all just assuming what was posted is true, nobody really knows what is happening between them, it's true; but it's not that hard to tell that the conservatorship isn't ending anytime soon, and <<if what's said in that article is true>> she isn't showing any signs of improvement in the sense of wanting to get out of the conservatorship with that attitude of not even trying to fight against something that might not be totally fair, because we don't even know how they measure how much could Kevin ask for, or how much will be finally given to him. Maybe in other topics she's been given a little bit more freedom, when it comes to take smaller decisions, even if it's simple things like going on vacactions, or going to the mall by herself, or destroying her stage outfits, but in 10 years one would've expected a bigger or more drastic change, if it really was their intention to eventually free her from the conservatorship Maybe her attitude comes from the fact that she prefers to avoid any problem with Kevin so she doesn't lose her kids, and maybe the kids are part of the reason why the c-ship still exists, like part of a clause or something, who knows. So it's not like I know Britney, and what I'm saying might be totally wrong, but it could also be totally right. We'll never know, because we'll never get any explanations for that. We're here just to discuss ideas.
  13. Over to You Now says hi though , but we'll never know how identified she felt with that song when she recorded it lol
  14. I think it's like a vicious cycle. There's definitely a reason or reasons why she's under the c-ship, but they're not helping her at all with it, because they've just been protecting her from facing all of her troubles and legal issues and stuff, so she'll never change, she'll never grow up. I mean, if I was in Britney's position I think I'd do the same because I'm such a coward and irresponsible and immature person that would definitely be my dream come true, not having to worry about my finances or legal stuff, or not having to take important decisions about my life or my children's. But Britney used to be more "independent" before the c-ship, I mean, she never was 100% free, but at least that used to be her desire. She really wanted to have control of her life and career at some point prior to all this, so that's the sad part about her story.
  15. u outto no

    you you you oughta know
  16. New Britney Leak Coming Soon?

    I love leakages
  17. B10 HAS to be almost complete

    They're just waiting for other artists that are releasing albums too, to see who's gonna block her from #1 this time They're probably waiting for Beyoncé or Rihanna or something. Btw, who's currently at #1 ?
  18. Slay Uncutney Pepsiney

    "Uncutney" in the thread's title makes me feel uncomfortable