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  1. I've never spoken French Where are all those French exhalers that wanted her to go to France?
  2. Lucky featured on her spotify?

    queen of 2000
  3. Britney's Best Album (1999-2007)

    Oops!... I Did It Again Greatest Hits: My Prerogative Britney In the Zone ...Baby One More Time Blackout
  4. Nostalgia-ney, new insta post

    2 or 3???? I feel so old
  5. Hold The Motherfucking Phone, Bitch!

    According to kworb: do the Math
  6. Hold The Motherfucking Phone, Bitch!

    Watch out for Ooh La La, it's coming for that certification as well
  7. but, can we actually be sure about that?
  8. POP EMERGENCY: BURNS is working on B10!

    maybe he just liked that gif
  9. Slave 4 U is vevo certified!


    such a bad remix
  11. Xtina liked Brit’s Kenzo photo

    collaboration confirmed
  12. I can't believe how powerful Britney is.

    yeah the print cracking is another thing I'm always afraid of
  13. We need britney for vmas/bbmas 2018?

    I just want another music video. It's been almost 2 years without anything The decade is about to end and we've only gotten 12 videoclips, many of which left much to be desired. The last decade, by 2008 we already had 19 with Break the Ice, or more if we count Anticipating and What's Going On and we still got two more by the end of the year.
  14. I can't believe how powerful Britney is.

    me too I love Britney, but I think it's just too expensive and I know the moment I put it on, it's gonna be fully covered by my cat's hair so I'll eventually end up wearing it just to be at my house, as I end up doing with all of my hoodies lol
  15. I can't believe how powerful Britney is.

    yeah it was that same tshirt you're wearing in your avi lol I think people don't recognize it's Britney because at least on me, it tends to shrug in the middle so the face kinda disappears, I guess UO sweatshirt is much more effective because of the way it's printed, the material, the colors, and the big BRITNEY all over it lol
  16. I'm glad that in this day and age the most controversial news about Britney are the ones that talk about her photoshopped pictures instead of her parenting skills or mental health. Sure it would be better if the news were about her music, but hey, we should be thankful And about the photoshop, at least she looks good and it's not something that made her look, bad or amorphous like the Sunset Fantasy picture or that promotional picture from X Factor when they cut and pasted her head. Who's Kim Zolciak though?
  17. I just say that, FFney could never I mean, not even with all the photoshop of this world lol she could've looked this good she looks the best she's ever been at least this decade, and it's not only her body, but her whole attitude and that sparkle in her eyes that once was gone. Yes there's photoshop but it's not as bad as that picture they used for Private Show.
  18. I googled "britney kenzo" out of curiosity and all the headlines in Spanish that came up were like "Britney reappears urnecognizable in new campaign" and stuff like that And it's true about the face, but they're also saying they photoshopped the body as well, that she looks thinner than when she started her career. lol
  19. How do you pronounce Grazia in French? I automatically read it as it would sound in Italian, for some reason (or how I imagine Italian people would say it lol) but I have no idea how it would sound in French
  20. Well, DYWCO would've been a single definitely. But I don't know, this is assuming ITZ didn't come out? If so, people would have mixed feelings, because of Britney trying to go "sexual" without actually leaving the cheesy-ness aside with songs like MOTM. There we didn't have Gaga, Selena Gomez, Katy Perry, Bieber, etc, so there wouldn't be comparisons with those, but people would think Britney's attempt at going sexy was very lame, compared to what Madonna did in the 90's or Christina with Stripped (I guess so 'cause I don't even remember the tracks from that album :P ) And people would defintely think HTFY was a Mandy Moore rip off lol I think MM would've been the underperforming lead single ft. G-Eazy. DYWCO would've been the Toxic Instead of Everytime it could've been Just Like Me , or Just Luv Me... but definitely something like MOTM or Liar would've been more smashing. Slumber Party would be just performed at the tour, just like The Hookup. And Clumsy would've been the Outrageous of this era, with Larry pushing for it to be a single and Britney choosing other songs instead, until she finally chose to shoot the video and injuring her knee in the process.
  21. BURNS is working on B10?

    Britney... Burns... do you get it?