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  1. Wow Britney looks so unrecognizable nowadays....

    It's just the makeup and lighting
  2. Vegas is back 2017

    well, Brazilian fans have had the scoop before everyone else in some stuff, they even got the MM song before it came out. But yeah, this thread is just
  3. Vegas is back 2017

  4. B10 Article: 2018 Back-To-The-Roots album

    So Chillin' With Shoe isn't good enough for you?
  5. Vegas is back 2017

    is that Cher?
  6. Will the Gimme More OG video ever leak?

    I watched the interview this morning and she does talk about the weed and the lizard looking guy, but besides the conservatorship she must have talked about other interesting stuff. She was shy during that interview but was actually very open in comparison with previous appearances, and I'd love to see all of the footage of it. I think things only got awkward in the game when she didn't want to kiss the guest actor, in the video they make it seem like it happened right away but I think it took a bit longer to convince her :P There was a member in here that attended the show, he was the one that told us the details but I don't remember who was it.
  7. Will the Gimme More OG video ever leak?

    She was on the show last year, we actually got an interview and they played a game and she performed MM, but the interview was shortened and edited. People that attended the show said that the interview was way longer and she talked about all that stuff without hesitation, she was the one that came up with all these things. She referred to the conservatorship saying that in the past she didn't have much control in the making of the albums but that with Glory it was different, she had more freedom. And I don't know exactly what other things she said, that's why I want the interview to leak. At some point she said something like the last time she did weed was when she was 17 or something, but addressed that time she got "contact high" when people were smoking during the Circus Tour, not explicitly mentioned the Circus Tour but mentioned a performance when she got to stop because of the people smoking in the audience. When they had a pause and Britney went to her dressing room or something, Jonathan talked to the audience and explained that certain things couldn't be discussed or so, like implying the interview was gonna be edited because she was talking about stuff she shouldn't be talking about, but during the interview he couldn't just tell her to shut up. But the point is that the whole interview was recorded and later edited into the few minutes we got. I remember people said it was almost 40 minutes long. Well, I actually don't remember if the part about the weed got televised or not, I have to watch the interview again, but what I'm sure of is that there was a lot more we didn't see.
  8. Will the Gimme More OG video ever leak?

    but to the OP, who cares about the GM footage? We NEED the Jonathan Ross interview from last year. She talked about drugs and the conservatorship and whatnot, that's something we need to see
  9. Will the Gimme More OG video ever leak?

    That's MY Facebook conversation I didn't even remember I took a screencap. The red line in the upper part is an image I sent to her when I started the campaign to make Britney Spears a playable character in Super Smash Bros, voting in the ballot they opened.
  10. Piece of me in new orleans March 3rd

    I do, but it sounds so random and fake
  11. OMG... Sometimes is about to be certified

    It's growing fast. I keep my theory that it is thanks to BOMT, because Sometimes is usually suggested when you watch Baby. BOMT's views blew up ever since it was certified, Sometimes is not gonna get 300M too but a rapid increase in its views is a natural consequence, and it's surpassing other videos that used to have more views, like Everytime. Probably it'll reach 100M even before Slave does.
  12. Randee reuses the FF photoshoot set

    Team Britney be like
  13. So I was on Deviant Art and...

    Many people don't know that side of Britney, apparently they think she's just bald and crazy, in a negative, not funny way, and have never seen any interview or documentary or something like that. But for the comments I've read they're like, don't know how to say it, like they didn't expect Britney had a funny side, but they're glad they got to know about it, at least in the form of an emote. I don't think they go to YT to find some videos or something, but a lot of DeviantArt users now have a different, more positive perception of Britney Spears.
  14. Can anyone explain this? Britney shooting a MV?

    Britney making a cameo in an amateur video of a Britney Spears song. That would be the ultimate Trollney
  15. So I was on Deviant Art and...

    I take the opportunity to say that I introduced the Britney emotes to DeviantArt. Originally I started with the ones that existed in BH a few years ago, but later I started to create my own emotes. They're super popular, they've been used thousands of times, I get hundreds of notifications daily that someone used one of my emotes. A lot of people find quite surprising that Britney is such a goofy person, and they've received a positive reaction in general. My account is, of course, PokemonSpears
  16. those reactions were totally natural at the beginning, when she wore the pink outfit, I think she was trying to be this mean, yet funny judge that said mean things to contestants, but all her disgust/awkwardness expressions were totally natural. She would make those faces during interviews as well, I mean, she's always done that kind of gestures: They were more noticeable during the X Factor, because she was clearly so much more stressed and anxious, and the makeup was really bad most of her appearances.
  17. this is gonna be your last goodbye, your love is gone but you'll survive
  18. after 2005, mm yeah, after Someday, I kinda stopped checking on her, because anyway she was on the news every day, but I was just waiting for her to make a decent comeback after the baby. But she then got pregnant again, and everything else; it coincided that she actually didn't release any music in 2006, then Blackout happened but for me it was still a part of the whole breakdown, and from Circus onward is when I became a fan full time again.
  19. Justice for "Now that I found you."

    that's also what makes it especial
  20. POM 2.0 What were your thoughts ?

    The first dates were great but as time went by it started to get out of control. Especially since she started dating Sam. We've commented this before, and I still don't understand how that works, but when she's in a relationship it's like she can't keep focused on the show or I don't know what happens. I miss Lucky. Tbh, ever since she dithced the TOMH backflip, she should've brought back Lucky, with swing and all lol It is definitely more interesting now and longer too. SP was included later, but still feels too forced for my taste. Even PG felt like it was designed for the neon section when it was included, or DYWCO, but SP is just kinda odd.
  21. I just noticed the name of her residency Was it some kind of shade towards Britney? Britney only offers a "Piece of her" while JLo offered "All she has" ?