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  1. It could actually be an awards performance or some event like that. It doesn't necessarily has to be a single, or the event doesn't necessarily has to be some kind of music awards, it could be something else and she just goes and perform. I always imagine her with a look like this
  2. E! News story on Britney's live performance

    I understand the reasoning behind "a singer singing a song live shouldn't be news" but when people has spent more than a decade labeling Britney as a lipsyncer, and someone that even at the studio can't properly sing and needs autotune and stuff, an event like this should actually make more impact in the news and social media and stuff. I mean, she's made the news because her extensions fell out, or because she took a picture in her bikini, and so many other stuff that is so much more irrelevant than this, one would expect at least a little bit more comments from the writers on the Internet, or the tv presenters, etc.
  3. Another new IG post: New outfit showoff

    They're finally uploading higher quality videos, I want the video for Something to Talk About then
  4. what's with his FFney voice at the end of the video?
  5. when he left that's when they cut the Circus breakdown
  6. Well, you clearly haven't been paying attention to the show because they always sound different, especially in songs like Do Somethin', or Pretty Girls when it was part of the setlist. Even the new ones like DYWCO or MM sound different. Probably the only ones that were totally playback were Perfume and Alien, but I really can't tell.
  7. Remember when

    So they finally unblocked it? It was about time
  8. yeah, it totally looks more professional than the other leotards
  9. Oh no, I'm not saying MTV unplugged, I'm just talking about any other kind of tv special, like the ABC from ITZ era, or something like that. If I had to produce an MTV unplugged show for Britney though, I'd pick this setlist: Break the Ice ...Baby One More Time Don't Let Me Be the Last to Know Heart Oops!... I Did It Again Trip to Your Heart Breathe on Me Inside Out Don't Cry Perfume (Dreaming Mix) Just Like Me Liar Everytime Where Are You Now I'm a Slave 4 U Toxic
  10. Just having a televised show even if it was lipsynced would be nice. I so need more performances of her in HD
  11. Well, I'm one of the biggest critics of The Beat Goes On, but not because of the vocals, but because it's just a really ugly and boring song. She should've covered any other Cher, Madonna or Whitney song instead. Soda Pop is amazing though