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  1. Christina Aguilera's version is really good, and I think it's the best, but ya'll are talking as if it was an original song when it is actually like the 323904247th version they've done
  2. Do you get excited by new perfume launches?

    Meh. I just want to know if we'll have any video from tomorrow's event
  3. Least favourite songs from Blackout?

    let me see... Everybody Get Back Perfect Lover that Gimme More remix (or remixes I don't even remember) Why Should I Be Sad Freakshow those are my least favorite, then the ones that are like so so: Radar Get Naked (I Got a Plan) Outta This World -> this one has the most potential if it was produced differently, even the final version still sounds demo-ish
  4. Anyone notice this mistake in the POM video?

    Break the Ice is the only one I can rescue. People in here bash it and automatically put it at the bottom of their list just because it's animated, but that's actually the smartest thing they could've done at the time. Britney wasn't in the right conditions to shoot any music videos, mentally nor physically. They should've waited a few months to start promoting Blackout properly in 2008, maybe with a re-release. But then we wouldn't have Circus, so it's ok. But going back to BTI, I think it's really cool. It definitely doesn't look like those cheap animated videos any random artist could do. BTI looks so professional, it's so well made that 10 years later it still looks fresh, and it doesn't look like those cringy animated videos from early 2000's or something like that. If they used CGI or so, I'm sure two years later it would've looked awful, but since it's anime, it becomes timeless. Kill the Lights on the other hand is an example of a poor, cheap animated video, that doesn't even cover the full song. And I think it was so original and brave from Britney, because it was unexpected, no one was doing something like that, and it was awesome. GM was unexpected and original too, but the result wasn't awesome. It was cringy, messy and looked cheap and rushed, like POM. Those weren't brave or original, those were the result of Britney not behaving like herself, who is a perfectionist and always wanted the best for her videos. Most people in here celebrate that attitude of giving zero fucks about her career, or that it was like a f**k you to the world, but for me it's just a constant reminder of how affected she was at the time that she didn't even care to ruin her videography with something like that. Twice.
  5. What do you guys think of Mannequin?

    I think it belongs to Blackout, and that's not a compliment. It's just an ok song for me. Not bad, not good. If it comes up on shuffle, I leave it, I don't skip it, but I rarely have the urge to deliberately play that song, like "omg, I NEED to hear Mannequin "
  6. I get annoyed about Britney Jean.

    Perfume is actually one of the songs I like the least from that album. The dreaming mix is a little better, but they're on the bottom of the list. CWY, BMS, ISBE are like the least good. But Work Bitch, Alien, NTIFY, Passenger, Don't Cry, Hold on Tight, Tik Tik Boom are amazing and should've been singles.
  7. I get annoyed about Britney Jean.

    I really like the album because it just sounds so good. It is not the best she's done, it doesn't have my favorite songs of her, except probably NTIFY, but it's a cool album. I like how it has dance songs like WB or TIG, and then it has ballads, and mid tempos. I mean, having songs like WB and TTB on the same album as Brightest Morning Star which is about God, I think that's phenomenal. I still don't buy the Myah Marie thing, she is definitely there as a background singer, but that's it. I remember listening to that album on my way to college every day. It was short enough that it finished right in time before my first class started. To this day if some BJ song comes on shuffle, I play it, even CWY. Unlike some FF tracks for example, that I've started to skip as years go by. Also, I joined Exhale around the time it was released, and I remember how everyone was so excited about it. There were threads every day supporting one song or another. Everybody was team TIG or team BA, team ISBE, I was one of the very few that supported NTIFY until Jordan randomly got obsessed with it in 2014 . We used to request the songs on radio stations. It was a really cool time. We all assumed Alien was gonna be the third single, so we were actually voting for the fourth one. Then time went by, and we were like, ok, Alien isn't happening yet, we can still choose the third single. They even uploaded ISBE and NTIFY to her VEVO channel, but nothing happened. Then the Myah Marie rumors started, and everything went downhill.
  8. POLL: How I Roll VS If I'm Dancing

    I've never understood why people think they sound similar. They sound totally different to me, like, the melody is something completely different, everything; it's like comparing Dear Diary with Toy Soldier or something like that. How I Roll is one of my least favorite tracks on FF, but it's kinda cool. I used to like it a lot back in 2011, but it hasn't aged well with me. Like it doesn't even feel like a real song to me, does it make any sense? If I'm Dancing could be pop perfection, if they didn't remove the clapping effects on the last chorus. That kinda ruins the mood.
  9. When was the dryest time to be a fan?

    2010 was dry, but I was kinda distracted with other things going on in my life, and I took advantage of that year to kind of watch again all those videos and old stuff from Britney, especially things from other countries that I'd never seen before. 2014 however felt stronger, because she actually had an album that needed more singles, and then the wigs and all those rumors, the Intimate Collection, we got things but now what I was waiting for. But again, there were things going on that distracted me. 2017 was kinda the same. Personally, for me I think it was 2005-2006. I wasn't very much on the internet around that time, so literally the only news I got from Britney was all the tabloids and gossip. She was still very present in my life, but her music was almost absent. It was that weird period of time when I didn't play CDs anymore for some reason, and downloading stuff from Ares was a nightmare, so I didn't have the physical albums, nor digital files to play, so I lived only from the music videos they would randomly play on tv or radio. YouTube was still very strange to me, I used to watch cartoons and videogames stuff but I never tried to look for videos of her songs, I mean, album tracks and stuff, not even the videoclips, I don't even know why, it was just, weird
  10. Anyone notice this mistake in the POM video?

    But yeah, I've noticed And I thought this was gonna be about the guy hitting the girl in the face while dancing
  11. Anyone notice this mistake in the POM video?

    The whole Piece of Me video was a mistake
  12. Complete list of all the Bloodshy & Avant songs

    Some of their songs are really good, like Toxic, Trip to Your Heart, My Prerogative, but then we have Freakshow, Radar, How I Roll, and that's why I've never been that obsessed with them.
  13. Sometimes hits 100 million views

    So it really beat Slave to the certification, awesome