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  1. Britney Spears + Max Martin is the best in this world
  2. I'm not pretending anything. Britney Jean IS a good album. Blackout might be a good album too, but Britney Jean is a little bit better.
  3. yeah I remember it
  4. I didn't even know about this site, but my reaction was like these: I just couldn't believe that was Britney Spears, my idol since I was 5, the one who used to release the greatest songs and videos, the most beautiful girl on Earth, looking like that, singing that thing, it was just awful I knew by then that she had had a rough year, it was pretty crazy, but I still had hope that someday she would recover, like, her legacy was still intact, her career still untouched by her personal troubles, but this was the moment the scandal and darkness finally reached her music, and the result was Blackout And it makes me so mad to remember, because, her newer videos, like, from FF era onwards, I never get to see them on tv, except for IWG, S&S, OLL and WB which were played a lot. Well, Criminal and Perfume only on VH1 (they slayed the Top 20 in Latin America). But Gimme More, literally, everyday I got to see it on MTV, EVERY SINGLE DAY, because I always watched tv while I was having breakfast before going to school, and it didn't matter if I woke up earlier or a little bit late, GM was always waiting for me on the television. The constant reminder of what Britney Spears had become. It was just so tasteless, so un-Britney. She could've made the same concept, a pole dancer, but actually doing it with class, with elegance, with style, not so cheap. The nightmare continued every fucking day, and it only stopped when POM video came out, to replace it. Her worst videos ever, I don't know which was worse. If it wasn't for BTI video, it would've literally been it for me, I would've lost any faith on Britney Spears, but BTI was like "hey, she finally realized she can't keep doing these horrendous videos and made the smart decision of making an animated one, and it was actually pretty great". So I kept waiting, and in 2008 Womanizer finally came out, and I was like, yup, this is the Britney Spears I was talking about I prefer not to comment on the VMA's performance Thank Godney it's all in the past
  5. I learned to like it after the FFT performance. I was horrified when it first came out in 2007. I literally saw my childhood idol die after GM and Blackout came out. Thank god she moved on with that sound, and it was just a phase. I think the awful VMA's performance and the awful video didn't help for me to like it, and I always related it to those images that haunted my mind for years. I agree it's one of the best performances on POM nowadays.
  6. I do say it's better than GM But at least GM isn't as bad as it was in 2007
  7. I wish we had at least a little interview in some tv show, or some kind of press conference or something. Of course I'm not waiting for more than 0:40 sec interviews, but something would be enough.
  8. who knows, I had to google these three girls I've never heard of before, and two of them are around my age, and the other one is 3 years younger, if their audience is the same age as them, they'll probably remember Britney, who knows tbh do kids these day still watch TV? I really don't know who is their audience anymore well, it's TV or Radio or I don't even know what these awards are about lol I just know their something related to Disney, but it's all a mystery to me will they even broadcast the show?
  9. Private Show sounds nothing like the original, but it sounds like one of those musical boxes, so good
  10. they should do a whole album together, like Queen B's or something
  11. that'll be the intro for sure I think the setlist is gonna be something like this: Pretty Girls Make Me... Ooh La La Crazy Oops!... I Did It Again ...Baby One More Time Work Work
  12. Of course they won't perform Work Bitch. They're gonna perform Work Work. Mark my words