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  1. 2000ney
  2. Well, the carpool karaoke was something completely different. She seemed like she had never watched the show before, she thought the funny part of the segment was the unaired dance lessons. I think it was a really bad combination of Britney completely ignoring the point of the show, Britney not being comfortable singing live, plus not being comfortable singing her own songs, or even listening to them, and James singing so loud that probably she was just waiting for him to finish his part, but he would never do that because the point of the segment is James and his guest singing the whole song together, but again, I guess no one explained that to Britney. He really missed a big opportunity there, I'm sure she would've had a better response if they played songs by other artists like Michael Jackson or something she could like, and maybe just BOMT to finish the trip. Yes, we can focus on Britney not singing a single word to Toxic, but why can't we focus instead on the fact that the few words she did sing live from Oops or BOMT sounded just like the album? Even Womanizer. What if she really is singing in POM but she just sounds like the record and we don't notice? No, but being serious, regarding the live shows, it is very noticeable in the POM clips that there are some parts, like 90% of the show, where she seems totally aware of the lipsync, which is when she's doing those funny facial expressions and twitching her head, or as countless people have said when she's behind the MATM props or gives her back to the audience and stops moving her lips. I do remember watching some clips where we could tell she was singing over the track, but it's been very rare throughout all these years of the residency. I just find hilarious her answer because we can totally see it's coming from her, and she sounds so genuinely offended, it doesn't even sound like Currentney but more of something ITZney would reply. And I find even more hilarious that after aaaaaaaaaalll she's gone through, and after being accused of so much more serious things in the past, almost 20 years into her career, she goes back to the initial topic of her lipsyncing lol What's next? A new declaration about her losing her virginity? Her alleged breast implants?
  3. Yeah, I'm happy for Lindsay, though it kinda makes me sad she's really trying to do things right, but it's like the entertainment world is done with her, for example she's pushed so much for that Mean Girls reunion, well, I think they had a photoshoot or something, but she wanted to do like a sequel or so, but the rest of the girls just aren't here for that. Or when she asked the role of the Little Mermaid. But sometimes I just don't know when she's trolling or not, like this tweet, like,I can't take it seriously that she really believes those three girls will reunite with her just like that, after years of not talking to each other, or Beyoncé which I ignore if they've ever spoken before, and who just gave birth to twins days ago or Britney on her Asian tour, or why would she invite them via Twitter? I don't know, I think she's kinda funny, and I wish her the best, but I think she could find success if she followed another path in her life.
  4. this day has to be one of the funniest days as a Britney fan in a long time
  5. : ( RIP
  6. I always preferred Lindsay over Paris, although I've kinda changed my concept of Paris Hilton through the years
  7. People can take everything away from you, but they can never take away your truth Britney Spears But the question is, can we handle your live vocals? I love this thread so much, I wasn't actually expecting any kind of declaration about this topic, where are those scripted interviews from the past? Queen of busting her ass onstage Queen of phone interviews
  8. I kinda see the Video Vanguard Award as a retroactive recognition to all of her greatest videos. In 2008 they just wanted to redeem her image, so they had to give her an award for whatever she had released the past year, but in 2011 they really didn't have any particular reason to give her the greatest award, especially when she hadn't won that many awards throughout her career. Whoever was in charge of that, behind that idea, has all my respect because wasn't biased by any Beyoncés or Katies or Gagas that could've been more popular at the time, and made Britney the first artist of her generation to receive such an award (even if Beyoncé ended up stolen all the attention that night, but that was another story). But at the same time I see it that they were kind of like "OK, we gave Britney the Video Vanguard Award for her past videos that deserved to win, but it also applies for any future releases" and just decided to move on with her, and concentrate in other kind of artists, more popular, perhaps younger in the following years, and even more when they know if they put Britney on the voting categories, we're most likely gonna make her win, so I would actually be surprised if they ever nominate her again.
  9. but those speculations are precisely what doesn't help to this debate, because so many people has fallen to the collective hysteria after reading that kind of posts of thinking "hmm, it's true, these words sound a little different, it must be Myah", but no one ever gives a thought to the possibility of Britney just singing on another tone, or will.i.am, being the queen of distorting vocals and executive producer of this album, having something to do with these parts that sound a bit different WE HAVE NO PROOF, you just said it, so I think it's very unfair to keep spreading those rumors and speculations that only serve as an excuse to despise her first album that failed to earn a moderate success, which used to be loved the first weeks after it was released with a different team supporting each of the songs and now suddenly we hear people saying things like it's "unlistenable garbage" and the worst thing that has happened to pop music. At the end you and everyone else can keep posting your points of view regarding every song or every word sung in the record, but I think ya'll have become so used to the idea of Britney Spears not singing on that album, as if it was nothing, that fail to see how wrong is to believe something like that, how illogical the whole thing is. If it had something of truth behind it, I'm sure the media wouldn't have overlooked something like that about someone like Britney. A few articles originated by the own forums speculations don't count, I'm saying it would've been literally everywhere because they wouldn't have let a scandal of that magnitude go away. I don't know who that Nick is or why would anyone believe in him, but doubt of Myah herself who denies the claims, I think it's up to each of us to believe in what we want to believe, but I hear Britney on most of those stems or adlibs "packages" they upload as proof of Myah singing, with file names that conveniently start with "myah" because they would obviously do that, and I won't believe otherwise until Myah herself, or Britney herself or some of the producers themselves comes up and declares that Britney doesn't sing on the album versions we have. I mean, after all the singer from He About to Lose Me chorus came up and said she was the lead on the chorus, without any legal trouble or repercussion from Britney's team (or Britney's fans that still believe that's one of the best FF tracks) so why wouldn't Myah say she is in most of BJ if it was true?
  10. She'd be like, "oh, here's where my dancers do their thing then, see ya!"
  11. Of course they did it just to fix her image, but as much as I hate to say this, I think it would've made more sense if it was Gimme More the winner of those awards Those two videos were really bad, but they had to do something They should've at least put something like BTI - best Pop video, POM best Female video and GM video of the year? So unfair, but again, that's why I say the VMA always get their winners wrong, but in the past even if she didn't win at least got the nominations. In recent years many of her best videos have been snubbed like HIAM, IWG, Criminal, Scream & Shout, Work Bitch, so it wouldn't surprise me if this time they nominate Make Me... for video of the year if we follow the VMA's logic
  12. Break the Ice Ooh Ooh Baby Heaven on Earth Hot as Ice
  13. And all that just by tapping her knee and touching her hair a mile a minute for the past year, when will your faves?
  14. Queen of being the face of the 90's and not the 00's despite her slaying from 2000 to 2009