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  1. rare: Whitney responses to brits my prerogative

    Why would they cover Oops? Of course she was gonna say no. Btw, that's about all the promo My Prerogative had right?
  2. Plans for her 20th Aniversary?

    A long list of things to celebrate the anniversary, which includes among other stuff:
  3. What Tours Have You Been To?

    I'm from Mexico. I'm 24 years old, but my first concert ever was only this past July. It's called '90's Pop Tour' and it's various artists that were super famous in the 90's and early 2000's here in Latin America, and it's over 3 hours of show, almost 4 hours. It's not like a festival where they just go an play each one their songs, but they do collaborations and it's all like a same theme, they planned the show together, rehearsed together and stuff. Over the months they've changed the artists, but the most important are still there. They released a DVD if you're interested lol : They've been so successful they're releasing another DVD in February with the new alignment After that, this same year, this past October I finally went to the Britney: Piece of Me show in Las Vegas, I don't know if you've ever heard about it. I went twice: Oct 25th and Oct 27th. Other than that, I've never been to any other concert. Many artists have come to Tijuana (the city where I live) not only from Latin America but also from other parts of the world, and San Diego, CA is next to my city so I could've gone to many concerts there too, but I was never interested in any other artist. I would've seen Britney if I had the money, back in the FFT, I don't know if she came to San Diego in previous tours, I guess so. Shakira performed here in Tijuana in 2011 and I was so pissed I couldn't make it, it was just too expensive for me, I didn't have a job yet. I was planning to see her in February in San Diego but since she's cancelling her first dates, I don't know anymore if it's sure she's gonna perform.
  4. That means Circus was a long time ago
  5. Sometimes I think she

    She just looked sedated during FF era, but she remembered things like her past videos and stuff.
  6. Exclusive: Post POM plans revealed

    now that you mention it, I probably thought so too at some point
  7. Exclusive: Post POM plans revealed

    (forget my comment, I need glasses lol )
  8. Well, I never thought I'd say this, but I agree with Miley Cyrus. Well, probably not the MOST embarrassing thing, but it's not that hard to see where that comment comes from. She's showing she has changed. I still don't like her.
  9. ... leaked tour dates?

    she's basically having a mini-residency in San Diego as I've always dreamed? Yeah, that cannot be true
  10. Why is everybody here so anti Vegas residency?

    a lot of people is actually drunk by the third song though But yeah, a lot of things could've been improved in the show, I won't deny it, but the residency itself, as an idea, if executed well and not abandoning or neglecting the other aspects of her career (which could've been perfectly done despite the residency, like releasing singles/videos, promo performances, documentaries, etc) was a great idea and in theory it should've been very favorable for Britney, her career and the fans. However, even before we knew how disastrous some things of the show were going to be, or that she was gonna waste two albums, many opportunities to perform at award shows, that she was slowly gonna scrap the best parts of the show or the outfits, people was already hating on Vegas because they wanted a world tour instead, as if she was going to tour every single country of the world. In that scenario many people would've had to traveled to another city/country anyway, so why couldn't they take all these years to save money to travel to Vegas? What I mean is, yes, there are many things we can complain about the residency, now that we've lived it for 4 years, but the concept of the residency was ideal to me.
  11. Watch || New Ig Video

    God bless the weather
  12. Watch || New Ig Video

  13. Taylor Swift working on a Slave 4 U remake

    I had forgotten about this already I hope it's all a rumor