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  1. PokemonSpears

    exhale does it make you sad....

    I think had she saved them back then, she would remember more stuff nowadays. Some comments in here make me think ya'll believe she auctioned them last year or something, when if I'm not mistaken this was back in 2003, at least the VMA 2001. So they weren't even that old when she "got rid of them" so there weren't many feelings attached to them. For example she didn't want to auction the Star Search dress, because it was important to her I do understand the OP's feelings, and I kinda whish she had kept everything from her career and that there existed some kind of museum with all of the outfits together in one place, from all of her videos and awards shows and tours, but I also understand that for Britney that stuff doesn't have the same meaning as it has to us. On the other hand, it also shows her charitable side knowing she had to auction something valuable, or that at least she knew other people were going to value, because she could've picked the ugliest, cheapest, least known outfits from her collection but she knew that wasn't the point of it.
  2. PokemonSpears

    music Did she do ANY promo for 3/TSC in 2009?

    The moment he works with Britney again, or Britney works with him, however you wanna see it, Britney's career, pop music and Max Martin will be alive again
  3. PokemonSpears

    music Did she do ANY promo for 3/TSC in 2009?

    I think it was the Dance Songs chart, not the BB100 but still it charted almost 6 years after it was released, so that's impressive Update: found the link https://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/chart-beat/6746023/britney-spears-3-dance-chart-wardrobe-malfunction-las-vegas
  4. PokemonSpears

    music Did she do ANY promo for 3/TSC in 2009?

    Remember when it charted again thanks to the wardrobe malfunction during POM performance?
  5. Jordan and Wendy plotting to get that hit thread of the year I see
  6. so this is how it all is gonna end? thanks K-Fed
  7. PokemonSpears

    exhale How old were you when you became a stan

    I was 5 when I became a fan in 1998, because of BOMT video. There was no need (or way) for me to check on her news every day or so, as I do nowadays, mainly because even though I did have access to the Internet, I just didn't have any idea about what a forum was or that there were news sites, etc. For a huge part of my life I thought the internet was just a collection of websites, only from commercial brands, that you had to know the domains beforehand, or that you could use it just to send e-mails. However, she was so popular she would appear very often on TV, magazines, newspapers, etc. So it felt like I knew everything about her, even though I was missing many of her appearances and performances and such (that I got to see over the years, later in my life). I think it was around 2007 - 2008 that I started to revisit all of her stuff that I hadn't seen before, like performances at other countries or bonus tracks I didn't know of, and Blackout... but I couldn't stand it. It wasn't until after the Circus Tour that I kinda started to swallow some of the Blackout tracks. But then she suddenly stopped appearing on television that often, whether it was positive or negative stuff, so I noticed I was late in some news, like when the 3 video came out, I found out like a week later. It was also because if I'm not mistaken, the VEVO channels weren't a thing just yet, so until then I didn't really have the certainty of which was the official channel (before anybody could upload videos without being taken down) and I also didn't use to login to YT until like 2010, so I could subscribe to channels. So I think it was 2011 or late 2010 when I started to check daily on google if there was any news about her and FF. (I still missed some leaks for what I learned later). And yeah, ever since 2011 she's been part of my regular routine. But it also matches Pokémon as I've said countless times, so each Britney era goes along a Pokémon generation, and there have been less exciting years in both, like 2010 or 2014. Sorry for the long, useless post whoever dared to read it
  8. PokemonSpears

    exhale How old were you when you became a stan

    So there are 12 year old fans after all @IonutM
  9. Are you 12 years old? or why weren't you a fan before 2015
  10. PokemonSpears

    music Britney's Best Song Of All Time

    Oops!... I Did It Again or ...Baby One More Time