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  1. It's the POM hour

  2. because they basically snub all the good artists or "older" artists and just focus on these new wave of singers that came out of nowhere in the past couple of years
  3. Britney: Back on stage tonight! See ya soon!!!!

    this wasn't just replaced with a leotard, she literally destroyed this outfit with scissors
  4. Emergency - **SELLING 2 GA PIT TIX FOR 10/21**

    hope your boyfriend gets well
  5. [POLL] The most annoying move on POM?

    voted for Boys, but the Circus farts are close. Also from Circus, there's a "move" where she just grabs her pinky or some other finger, and just moves her hand to the side and takes it back to the front or something like that. I have to watch the performance again, but I'm at work and I shouldn't even be here typing this :P
  6. Britney and her hands

    I think it's a combination of everything. She's clearly very nervous/anxious in some dates, and that's when the rapid movements increase, not only the hands, but also the mid-crouchings, the head-tiltings, the hair-shakings, it used to be also the blinking, etc. I've always noticed that when she decides to improvise, whether it's because she forgot the next move, or she just decided to do another thing instead, it's like that takes her out of balance, because it was not rehearsed, and then she doesn't know how to go back to the choreographed routine, so she starts doing these spasmodic movements, as you say, to fill the gaps, because she feels uncomfortable just standing there, doing nothing but moving her lips. If she sang live or at least along with the playback, that would keep her head busy, so if she misses a move, she would still have "something to do" with the vocals, and it would feel more natural to skip the moves every once in a while. Also, the latest years it's like she has too much energy, she started to do the moves BEFORE it was time, like the MATM endind, etc. At the beginning of the BBMA 2016 performance, we have a perfect example of how nervous she was at the beginning of WB, not just by her face, but the whole body language, as the performance went on she loosened up. Now an interesting question would be what makes her so anxious or nervous to begin with, after more than 200 shows. I don't know if it's something that comes from within her for whatever issues she may have, or if the audience has something to do as well, if they're too serious, or too intense, or they're all with their phones, or walking away, or walking in, I don't know, or she knows she hasn't rehearsed enough. A very bad analogy, but for example, my whole student life I had to present in front of the class, till my last semester in college, and most presentations made me very nervous and insecure, but then there were a few exceptions were I was totally confident, and it was always in front of the same classmates, the same teachers, almost the same topics, and the thing is I was never able to predict how the presentation was going to be. Like, the first time I was confident presenting in front of the class, I was like, yas! I've conquered that, but the next time I was totally nervous again, so it was like, "why am I like this? " So who knows what happens to Britney
  7. Britney and her hands

    Queen of pleasuring incorporeal beings
  8. she is good I guess, I just don't like how all the current artists sound the same, like the same kind of voice, the same kind of sounds, at least she's physically distinct from the average

    In DYWCO's case it might seem like the little promo, and being released before the album helped it, and it did, but if that was the case, Private Show and Clumsy that were released before, should have more streams or plays (or however it's called). DYWCO came out just one week before the album, so it had almost the same time to be listened to as the other album tracks. It rapidly became the second most streamed Glory track on Spotify after Make Me..., before the Today performance and the festivals, and it stayed like that even a few days or weeks after the Slumber Party video came out. It took a while for SP to surpass DYWCO. And I have to recognize, even though I don't like it as a single, that Change Your Mind had potential as well, especially if we consider it was just a bonus track. But the thing is that there really was something especial in DYWCO, and CYM to an extent: an undeniable hit potential that we'll never know in what it could've translated for Britney and the Glory era, something that SP lacks, even if it's a nice song. I'm totally convinced that if SP didn't have the videoclip, it would be around the 5M - 6M numbers.
  10. That's true, but what I meant is that in 2011 for example, she wasn't in the best shape, and yet she released 4 videoclips. In 2014 she started to get fitter by the summer, but she didn't release anything until 2015, with PG, after her vacations in Hawaii. Then she got in shape again, but didn't release more videoclips the whole 2015. In 2016, yes she made videoclips, but it's only 2 videos counting SP in almost 2 years. Time keeps going by and it's like they're just waiting for her to get out of shape, or old to start releaseing videoclips again, on a more frequent basis and her current look won't get immortalized in a videoclip for posterity.

    and yet people will keep saying DYWCO wasn't single material
  12. Fitney =/= releasing music videos (seriously, it's like she's just waiting to gain more weight and get out of shape to shoot a new video, like when she did the PG one)
  13. Pop culture was in art now art's in pop culture in Brinny
  14. Why did Taylor copy Britney?

    I never, ever imagined a scenario where I would end up saying this, but HIAM cover >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Also, you ask why did she copy Britney? Because of the same reason she started to work with Max Martin and Joseph Kahn: Taylor might be all the negative things we want, but she knows who's the best, and she'll do anything to follow her steps
  15. New IG- Brit and Sam and.... Mozart?

    if you wanna just cryyyyyyyyy cry your eyes out