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  1. 4 minutes ago, Shadow. said:

    yeah, i don't expect because she has millions in the bank to donate every last penny to charity but since she does have a much wider audience than most she could've raised more awareness. oh well maybe she will do that later on hopefully

    i hope so too. if not it's not a problem, other famous figures will help out. celine already has. but being that britney is living in california where the fires are & has been calling las vegas her home away from home since 2013 it's kind of strange. oh well :mj:

  2. 2 minutes ago, danny1994 said:

    I ageee, I think it’s better to donate and spread awareness than to do nothing at all. Maybe in some cases people do it just for positive publicity, but as long as they’re helping out at the same time I don’t really care :mj:

    same. it kinda also makes me wonder why famous ppl dont use their twitter for amber alerts on missing ppl sometimes. i mean think about how many people that could spread out to. millions, and then those millions share it and so on. a chain. :mj:

  3. 1 minute ago, Shadow. said:

    can't say im shocked. she could've done a lot more especially since she is a prominent figure in vegas but nah a cheap hat & a hashtag will do :mj:


    to feed off danny's idea, auctioning off some of the costumes she wore during her residency once it ends this year would be nice too. probably unrealistic tho but her VMA outfit was auctioned off for charity last year. i think it'd be a wonderful way to end this shitfest of a residency. but again, it doesnt have to be money oriented. her name alone helps causes a lot, theres things she could get her team to do other than googling pics of glitter. i still have hope tho because i know shes a generous person, i dont understand the silence this time round regarding vegas & cali since they're her homes and shes fortunate enough to help in a big way. :mj:

  4. 3 minutes ago, danny1994 said:

    You know what would be very cool? And she doesn’t have to do this, just a suggestion. She should auction off a few of the #VegasStrong hats and donate the proceeds to families affected by the shootings. :mj:


    i dont get how it translates into bashing. people on here think it's shameful or some sh!t for donations to be publicized, truth is most of if not all of britney's donations are publicized to some degree, some more than others. for example not many ppl know she donated to a rehab in 2011, or to habitat for humanity in 07. everything is on record. :mj:

    i agree, that's a great suggestion. maybe she'll do that or something similar whether it's money focused or not once this leg concludes? :mj:

  5. Just now, danny1994 said:

    Wouldn’t people be fighting if she throws the hat in the crowd in the first place? :tiffcackle:

    If she doesn’t want people to fight, don’t throw it in the audience. Or throw a few extras into the crowd and let them keep it.


    On a side note, thank god she got rid of that red fruit roll-up she was wearing, it was embarrassing :tiffcackle:

    she should throw that red sh!t into the audience. no one would bother fighting over that one :mj:

  6. 1 minute ago, Shadow. said:

    britney fans doing the absolute most to defend her :tiffcackle: yall are so embarrassing :tiffcackle: 

    it doesnt even make fucking sense. britney + dancers throw the hat into the audience so how is it preventing a fight anyway? :mj:

    we're not saying she has to donate money exactly but something more substantial than an instagram post where she promotes her own show in the same breath & a moldy hat perhaps for both las vegas & california considering they are both homes to her? :mj:

  7. 4 minutes ago, Kiiddy said:

    I wouldn't mind an angry album or a controversial, political album for B10 that covers the pros and cons, her point of view and her sort of running commentary on life, love, sex, family, friendship, business, trust, etc all within an industry of fame, pop culture, trends, celebrity, control, judgement, struggles, betrayal, shadiness and corruption over the past 20 years of her career in the business. One that really goes there as well.

    In some ways if it were possible to pull that off, it would be quite an interesting album to release on her 20th milestone in the business with everything she's achieved, lost, overcome and continue with in this time of her career. If she can't talk about it in an interview or documentary, have it be present within her 10th studio album.
    Though of course to do an album like that, I'm sure its quite complex to achieve regarding creative control, label, team, writers and possibly a lot more other stuff we aren't aware of. Its possible if something like that went along, as time would pass it could get watered down a lot, depending on who has the most control over the album.
    However put Britney in the executive producer chair again with the right producers, then just maybe it could work out if the sound and lyrics are strong enough.

    u want all that from the popstar who didnt have the balls to keep her "#imwithher" hashtag up on social media for more than a day. simply hilarious. :mj:

  8. 12 minutes ago, zxcvb said:

    The new NCCF Britney Spears Campus celebrates official grand opening November 4th, starting at 11 AM, with an open house and a dedication from Britney Spears.


    already knew about that and mentioned it along with mentioning her louisiana assistance. we are talking about las vegas shootings and the issues in california now though, u tried. like i said, if she doesnt wanna donate that's fine, there are other ways to use her stardom. googled pics of glitter and promoting ur show in the same breath on ig in a vegas tribute post isnt that way. :mj:

  9. 33 minutes ago, falka said:

    And did her work like everyone should do. In times of horror, people should try do what they suppose to do ordinary. That way chaos doesn't win.

    that has nothing to do with the fact that she is cheap for wanting the hats back and the fact that she has yet to mention the devastating events happening in her own state california not even by her team to perhaps throw charity information out there and so on rather than her sh!t minion memes and cupcakes. dont say she "keeps calm and carries on" bc she actually does mention these things, like louisiana, mexico, etc. she is a prominent figure in vegas. if she doesnt want to donate that's fine, why not something else then? use her stardom for something other than googled pics of corn. :mj:

  10. 8 minutes ago, ShowdownITZ said:

    Some of you guys really writing essays as replies


    some are nice to read especially when they dont contain "amy, up n down, criminal show great evolution and britney shouldnt bother trying to do something different musically bc she will never be respected anyway so why bother" tumblr_mvi9j2psm11qd8zg3o2_250.gif

  11. 1 hour ago, ShowdownITZ said:

    Don’t do IUSA like this please, I love that song so much 


    but u agree it's a regression when compared to toxic, touch of my hand, breathe on me and everytime, right? bc that pokespears person is saying up n down, criminal and amy are examples of evolvingtumblr_mvi9j2psm11qd8zg3o2_250.gif

  12. Just now, Yukisenpi28 said:

     Jesus Christ it is not about keeping a hat because of how much it cost her team or not wanting somone to have it...get real 

    yes it is. as lilith said, how exactly is it preventing a fight as u claim if britney and dancers are already throwing their hat into the audience? makes no difference.

    she wears the same top for 3 separate sections. she's cheap as f**k. same sh!t with her moldy hats. deal with it.  :mj: 

  13. 5 minutes ago, Yukisenpi28 said:

     Its so people dont target and fight someone for it , also it prvents from ppl taking it home and try selling it for 5,000$ on Ebay .  You rlly need to think before opening your mouth sweetheart. :foh:

    it's because she's too fucking cheap. get real. do u see the vids from tonight? shes wearing the same top for 3 separate sections. :mj:

  14. 1 hour ago, Lilith's Sister Nicci said:

    1 outfit for 3 fucking sections and her cheap ass taking BACK the fucking "VegasStrong" hat???????? just fucking woW :tiffcackle:
    she shows so much support guyZ :tiffcackle: she doesn't even let the fans to keep a gooddamn cheap hat that has a positive message for Vegas "VegasStrong". What's the harm in letting the fans to fucking KEEP IT? its not like she will be using that particular hat for the entirety of POM. it was designed to show support to the victims. Her team and Britney herself have no fucking sense sometimes. I cannot :tiffcackle:

    Not even mentioning a charity to donate to herself/for people to donate too if they can.
    She could at least use her fucking IG to POST something productive for few days to raise some awareness,or for charity,donation, literally ANYTHING aside her sorry ass Frecasso painting clips and glitter sh!t :tiffcackle:
    did she even do 1 minute of silence for  the victims in her first show? so disrespectful.
    Shes a vegas figure and she doesn't do anything. doesnt need to be donations via money, but something substantial at least.

    she hasnt even acknowledged whats been going on in california and that's her own state.  :mj:

  15. can someone please fucking tell me what evolution amy, criminal and up n down provided for britney in comparison to what she recorded in her early 20s (breathe on me, touch of my hand, toxic, everytime?) tumblr_mvi9j2psm11qd8zg3o2_250.gif

    those shit songs like amy, criminal and up and down are not an example of an evolution, thats regression. tumblr_mvi9j2psm11qd8zg3o2_250.gif

  16. 3 minutes ago, PokemonSpears said:

    And yet she'll keep singing "all you people look at me like I'm a little girl" when she's 60 or "gimme, gimme more".

    It's been 6 years since Femme Fatale, we don't know what kind of sound Max Martin could bring for Britney this time. If her latest tracks with Max Martin still sounded like BOMT after 12 years of the same thing, then I would recognize it was for the better she stopped working with him. But tracks like IUSA, TTWE, Inside Out, HIAM, Criminal, even the Up 'N Down you're mocking, of course will sound outdated now, but at the time they were fine, and they showed a great evolution. The problem I see with FF is that there were a lot of people involved in the writing or production of the songs besides Max Martin, like Dr. Luke, etc. If he went back to the times when he would just work with another co-writer / co-producer, and if they worked specifically for Britney Spears, and not just giving her the Katy Perry rejects, I'm sure they could come up with something really good.

    On the other hand, I'll never deny Toxic's impact, but  I don't think Radar, Piece of Me, Freakshow, How I Roll, etc can be considered a step forward from Toxic. If any they make it look as if it was just an accident, and thank God it happened, but there's no reasons to believe it could happen again after the other stuff we've seen from B&A with Britney. I don't know what's wrong with "generic" dance pop music though, if that's what made her famous. She can experiment all that she wants, as she's been doing since 2012, but why does the "substantial growth" have to necessarily negate the fun, pop, simple music? It would be even more worthy if someone managed to combine both things for Britney.

    She did Glory, and she could've released something like Lemonade or so, but she'll never get the recognition she deserves because people that already have her in a certain concept, is very unlikely that they'll change their minds with anything that Britney releases in the future, so I don't know what's that acclaim she should be aiming for, the acclaim of people that don't even consider her a true artist to begin with? At the end of they day, I really doubt she'll ever work with Martin, or Bloodshy or Danja or anyone from her past, at least not in the near future, so I'm expecting her to keep with her experiments, if any, she might repeat some people from Glory.


    1 hour ago, PokemonSpears said:

    Ya'll can say whatever you want about Max Martin and what he's done with other "artists" like Katy or Taylor. I don't care about them, I just know that what he's done with Britney Spears has always been amazing and from BOMT to FF it's shown a progress, an evolution, and I'm sure the moment they work together again, they'll create something new, catchy, magical. Plus what can you say about what B&A have done with other artists? :whitney:

    What B&A did after Toxic, hasn't been that amazing, except for Trip to Your Heart which was produced by Bloodshy, but as much as I love that song, it's not enough compared to the amazing history of tracks that Britney has with Max Martin. There's also Unusual You and Phonography, which are good, but then there's How I Roll, Radar, Freakshow, Trouble, etc. which aren't that great at all.

    And don't even start with Danja :wontcry:



  17. On 14/10/2017 at 11:25 AM, DJSLAYZEE said:

    Don't joke about D!ke - what are you 12?

    not liking music is one thing but there could be lesbians on this thread 

    shut the f**k up. u upvoted this comment calling perez a "f@ggot" http://www.breatheheavy.com/exhale/index.php?/topic/750837-what-do-we-now-think-of-perez-helton-10-years-after-the-vmas-disgusting-note/&do=findComment&comment=16138320

  18. 4 hours ago, DJSLAYZEE said:

    Same with calling P!nk a man. These are TIRED jokes. Come up with something original .. not even a p!nk stan here

    the f**k are u talking about? im talking about eminem in the post u quoted. tumblr_mvi9j2psm11qd8zg3o2_250.gif

    show me the post in this thread where i called pink a man. it never happened. i called her stink. tumblr_mvi9j2psm11qd8zg3o2_250.gif

    i agree u should try to come up with something more original but first u should learn how to read, dumb c.unt tumblr_mvi9j2psm11qd8zg3o2_250.gif