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  1. Britney: Piece of Me 10/13/17

    i hope so too. if not it's not a problem, other famous figures will help out. celine already has. but being that britney is living in california where the fires are & has been calling las vegas her home away from home since 2013 it's kind of strange. oh well
  2. Britney: Piece of Me 10/13/17

    same. it kinda also makes me wonder why famous ppl dont use their twitter for amber alerts on missing ppl sometimes. i mean think about how many people that could spread out to. millions, and then those millions share it and so on. a chain.
  3. Britney: Piece of Me 10/13/17

    to feed off danny's idea, auctioning off some of the costumes she wore during her residency once it ends this year would be nice too. probably unrealistic tho but her VMA outfit was auctioned off for charity last year. i think it'd be a wonderful way to end this shitfest of a residency. but again, it doesnt have to be money oriented. her name alone helps causes a lot, theres things she could get her team to do other than googling pics of glitter. i still have hope tho because i know shes a generous person, i dont understand the silence this time round regarding vegas & cali since they're her homes and shes fortunate enough to help in a big way.
  4. Britney: Piece of Me 10/13/17

    DUN TELL HER WHAT TO DO!! WHY U BASHING HER???? i dont get how it translates into bashing. people on here think it's shameful or some sh!t for donations to be publicized, truth is most of if not all of britney's donations are publicized to some degree, some more than others. for example not many ppl know she donated to a rehab in 2011, or to habitat for humanity in 07. everything is on record. i agree, that's a great suggestion. maybe she'll do that or something similar whether it's money focused or not once this leg concludes?
  5. Britney: Piece of Me 10/13/17

    she should throw that red sh!t into the audience. no one would bother fighting over that one
  6. Britney: Piece of Me 10/13/17

    it doesnt even make fucking sense. britney + dancers throw the hat into the audience so how is it preventing a fight anyway? we're not saying she has to donate money exactly but something more substantial than an instagram post where she promotes her own show in the same breath & a moldy hat perhaps for both las vegas & california considering they are both homes to her?
  7. Tbh i want an angry britney album

    u want all that from the popstar who didnt have the balls to keep her "#imwithher" hashtag up on social media for more than a day. simply hilarious.
  8. Britney: Piece of Me 10/13/17

  9. Britney: Piece of Me 10/13/17

    already knew about that and mentioned it along with mentioning her louisiana assistance. we are talking about las vegas shootings and the issues in california now though, u tried. like i said, if she doesnt wanna donate that's fine, there are other ways to use her stardom. googled pics of glitter and promoting ur show in the same breath on ig in a vegas tribute post isnt that way.
  10. Britney: Piece of Me 10/13/17

    they complain when people like miley say britney is in her own little bubble world but this is one of the many reasons why ppl think that.
  11. Britney: Piece of Me 10/13/17

    that has nothing to do with the fact that she is cheap for wanting the hats back and the fact that she has yet to mention the devastating events happening in her own state california not even by her team to perhaps throw charity information out there and so on rather than her sh!t minion memes and cupcakes. dont say she "keeps calm and carries on" bc she actually does mention these things, like louisiana, mexico, etc. she is a prominent figure in vegas. if she doesnt want to donate that's fine, why not something else then? use her stardom for something other than googled pics of corn.