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  1. New IG

    no. this is lexie's mom theyre not together anymore it seems. anyways, the only good thing about this pic britney posted is the fiji water
  2. the bail doesnt bother me, i understand why she did that, she thought he was innocent before the trial took place, that's fine. and whether she supports him after the trial or not is up to her now, she certainly doesnt deserve prison time as she never committed a crime, i understand that too. however i am definitely going to call her a disgusting enabler (one who encourages/supports the irresponsible/inappropriate actions of another person) for being on his witness list, bc by that time, the evidence was already available to the public. i apologize for asking if you're stupid, i understand where you are coming from now.
  3. the reason ur comments were annoying is because you came in here trying to guilt people into feeling bad that they called nicki an enabler - which she is, like it or not - meanwhile u dont even know the specifics of the case, let alone how things work in the u.s. don't try to make others feel bad over their comments and say some things are not her fault when u don't even know what is going on. she was on his witness list for his trial (which comes after bail btw). that says enough. period.
  4. how are u guys gonna hate when u havent seen the result? if it was primeney requesting then it may have been great. 2010 onward? no bc her outfits have all been trash
  5. oh we are talking about michael pedophile jackson in here too?
  6. u keep asking "omg but guys, did she pay bail after he was sentenced?" no bc bail=before trial. period. not sure what u arent getting, half a dozen ppl have explained.
  7. @Margaery is so pressed that we called it FYR she gets so pressed over our word usage for britney too
  8. are u ppl stupid or something? this guys case: bail=release before trial. trial=before sentence. he's been found guilty since, and nicki was on his witness list.
  9. and we will call it F.Y.R and u will deal cu.nt yes indeed stay pressed over the words we choose for britney too