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  1. 11 minutes ago, car said:

    Is that queen lexi's mom? I always found it weird we never see Bryan's wife

    no. this is lexie's mom


    theyre not together anymore it seems. anyways, the only good thing about this pic britney posted is the fiji water :tiffcackle:

  2. 7 minutes ago, falka said:

    It was mostly misunderstanding.
    Cheri, how can She be enabler if he committed his crimes without her knowledge and before She has paid in court? That was buging me.
    But if She knew and allow it to happen- that's diferant story and prison time for both much appreciated.
    I din't wan't guilt U guys, I just didn't get details. 
    I assumed that if She wanted to be his witness - She doesn't belive in acusations.

    Thats how my mind works.

    the bail doesnt bother me, i understand why she did that, she thought he was innocent before the trial took place, that's fine. and whether she supports him after the trial or not is up to her now, she certainly doesnt deserve prison time as she never committed a crime, i understand that too. however i am definitely going to call her a disgusting enabler (one who encourages/supports the irresponsible/inappropriate actions of another person) for being on his witness list, bc by that time, the evidence was already available to the public.

    i apologize for asking if you're stupid, i understand where you are coming from now. :)

  3. 1 hour ago, falka said:

    @cheri , @Lilith  that was rhetorical question 

    but I understand, that it could sunk in my otherwise bad language.

    the reason ur comments were annoying is because you came in here trying to guilt people into feeling bad that they called nicki an enabler - which she is, like it or not - meanwhile u dont even know the specifics of the case, let alone how things work in the u.s. don't try to make others feel bad over their comments and say some things are not her fault when u don't even know what is going on. she was on his witness list for his trial (which comes after bail btw). that says enough. period.


  4. Just now, falka said:

    That was my initial thoughts. She has paid before he was proven guilty.. 

    For me it means that She didn't believe that he committed the crime.
    As of now, things are changed.


    u keep asking "omg but guys, did she pay bail after he was sentenced?" no bc bail=before trial. period. not sure what u arent getting, half a dozen ppl have explained.

  5. 2 minutes ago, Lilith said:

    actually they don't. They refer to it as FYROM, officially too, however Greece never accepted it. In fact there is talks to remove the "Macedonia" name from FYROM so I suggest you to read some history because im afraid you failed big time in school sweetie.  :trash:

    @Margaery is so pressed that we called it FYR :tiffcackle:

    she gets so pressed over our word usage for britney too :tiffcackle:

  6. 9 hours ago, LostInAnImage said:

    Hmm, well given that this is Exhale, I think it's incumbent to have several awards pertaining to drama in all its various manifestations with respect to the members (e.g., "Biggest Troll," "Biggest Rivalry," etc.) For the latter, I preemptively nominate our most infamous and iconic frenemies: @Lilith and @cheri vs @Cappycorn87.:sendinglove:

    Other categories of consideration:

    • Member most likely to actually believe that Britney has been cloned.
    • Member that everyone tacitly humors even though no one ever understands a word they're saying.
    • Member most likely to be a double agent (i.e., not really a Britney fan/belongs to another stanbase).
    • Biggest britard.

    Awards pertaining to POM:

    • Biggest wardrobe malfunction.
    • Best/worst costume of the year.
    • Best/worst dance break.

    Awards relating specifically to Britney:

    • Biggest career highlight of 2017.
    • Biggest career disappointment of 2017.
    • Most unexpected professional moment (Provided this is actually a category, I already nominate her singing "Something To Talk About.")
    • Favorite red carpet and/or candid look.

    And some exclusive to the site itself: 

    • Favorite mod
    • Favorite emoticon 
    • Most pointless and/or recurrent thread of the year.
    • Most polarizing topic.


    ETA: Good idea, @Dark.Knight! I feel as though an "awards ceremony" will help justify the time I've wasted procrastinating on this site. :gloss:(Unless I fail to win a single category, that is. In that case I'll have to reevaluate my life). 

    best rivals has to be me and @zxcvb with crappycorn in second place burn.gif

  7. 31 minutes ago, Melinda said:

    Not really like that but i remember dancing and dressing up back in the day... and one time i found a long lace dress from the 80s in my moms closet and did a whole performance of Lucky, trying to do the video in some way and i forced my little sister to be some kind of assistant and we performed this for my parents, LOL... i also remember my sister was angry with me because she was just a helper and she wanted to be in the performance more but i said their was only one Britney :gloss::tbh:

    ur tragic 66c3efa5a55e1bae61b1afd185c53529--symbol

  8. 12 minutes ago, (You Drive Chris) Crazy said:

    Would you grow up? Obv the secret project has nothing to do with a fragrance called “Sunset Fantasy” even if it turns out to be real. How would a New York City film set with a huge banner in the background that spells “Piece/Part of Me” in Japanese correlate AT ALL with a fragrance titled Sunset Fantasy? If there is a fragrance it is completely unrelated to the secret project you all just fucking reach to find sh!t to complain about 

    the secREEET project with britney's zebra stripe nails in the secret proJECt piccc is for fantasy: zebra edition don't worry u will get your sample soon k?  66c3efa5a55e1bae61b1afd185c53529--symbol

  9. 2 hours ago, Lilith said:





    Britney Spears Perfumes:
    Midnight Fantasy
    Hidden Fantasy
    Circus Fantasy
    Fantasy Fantasy
    Island Fantasy
    Fantasy: Anniversary Edition
    Fantasy: The Nice Remix
    Fantasy: The Naughty Remix
    Fantasy: Stage Edition
    Rocker Femme Fantasy
    Fantasy: The Intimate Edition

    Maui Fantasy
    Fantasy In Bloom

    Curious: In Control
    Curious Heart
    Cosmic Radiance
    Private Show
    VIP Private Show
    Sunset Fantasy (TBD)



    "my secret project"


    burn.gifsunset fantasy in winter too KkkKKkKKkburn.gif


    omggggggggggggg 66c3efa5a55e1bae61b1afd185c53529--symbol

    is this really the surprise? 66c3efa5a55e1bae61b1afd185c53529--symbol

    well if it wasnt, the "SURRRPRISSeee" will probably be equally sh!t anyway, so nooo probLEMMMMMMM 66c3efa5a55e1bae61b1afd185c53529--symbol

    "SUNSET FANTAAAAASYYYYYYYYYY" 66c3efa5a55e1bae61b1afd185c53529--symbol

    she was wearing stripes for her nails or some fuckshit in that ;'secret project';;; photo right? maybe it is fantasy: zebra edition 66c3efa5a55e1bae61b1afd185c53529--symbol


    1 hour ago, puppylo16 said:

     I don’t believe it since why would they release a summer fragrance in the winter? :wyd:


    maui fantasy was released in january, so 66c3efa5a55e1bae61b1afd185c53529--symbol