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  1. 42 minutes ago, BoyToySoldier said:

    The issue isn’t about letting illegal immigrants in. It’s about dealing with the 800k Dreamers in their teens and twenties who were given a permit to shield them from deportation as long as they’re either going to school or working. They cannot be arrested or get into any trouble or the permit will be revoked. They’re making a contribution to society and the economy so why deport them? It doesn’t make any sense to get rid of future professionals who can add shape to our country, and who’ve lived in our country their entire lives. Their friends and family are here. This has nothing to do with the 10 million other illegal immigrants.

    those teens and early 20s are not contributing to our economy if they are "future" professionals. those future professionals in their teens and early 20s will need 10 yrs of studying to become (if they wish to be actual credible) professionals if they even succeed. they have not landed a professional job. washington state university offers in state tuition rates and financial aid to illegal citizens. this is unacceptable.

  2. 7 hours ago, LBoggie said:

    Typical Trump supporter deflecting to Obama.

    and typical libtard ignoring that obama received support from the black panthers and vice versa. hillary received vast sums of cash from many sexual offenders, including harvey weinstein (it took her, ms. feminist, 5 days to say something about him btw) where is your criticism regarding this? hillary's husband was accused of rape too, would you focus on that if she got elected? nope it would be forgotten. if you really care about these issues, criticize both parties when they do wrong. typical libtard going on "trump is racist!!!!" tirades but when he denounces racism as was so kindly pointed out to you, you still find something to pick at. 2 days is not a long time, and by pointing out that there's even articles on obama being late is not "deflecting" it's a comparison and a fair one. you criticize trump for being late? most presidents have been. it isn't deflecting to compare a current president to the past ones, if anything it is highlighting your hypocrisy.

    the only "dreamerz" that should be staying are those with credible and qualified important jobs such as a surgeon/dr. according to borjas, 46% of immigrant families end up on welfare benefits for non-citizens, as opposed to the 27% of american households relying on welfare. most of these people are low skilled workers, not drs and lawyers.

  3. On 12/12/2017 at 3:09 PM, Diamond Horse said:

    @cheri Can you plz recommend some hidden gem from Dinah Washington here :) 

    oooh. i was gonna suggest this bitter earth. well, since you like amy - just friends by dinah is a good one, and obviously shares a title with amy's song. and not a voice, but if u like similar compositions in general, nelson riddle is amazing to me, like his "sea of dreams" record.


  4. 2 minutes ago, riccus said:

    she said she doesn't want a step father for her sons, and she actually against marriage now.She probably looking for people wo has great genes and then bum Britanna and Britney Lynn gonna pop up . :bang:

    she was also against marriage at the beginning of chaotic. stop taking britney's word for everything, she's a notorious liar

  5. Just now, ShowdownITZ said:

    never really listened to prince, heard he’s made some great music tho


    prince is one of my favorites.


    look up the lyrics and then play it at christmas parties imo


    1 minute ago, fucknfurter said:

    :hahaha: Oh my God. I'm just like, "hey, it's a nice little surprise every time you open a case!" And I'm laughing so hard, I did that to Buffy. Season three was in season six and so on.

    Thank you!! And right?? I love it so much. And I am, too. I have a thing about band merch/artist merch/really just merch, lol. :hahayea:

    :omg: I could not be that anal about it. I try to be with my favorites, I really do-- but especially with my CDs, I'm usually in a hurry to switch them out when I'm listening to them, because I'm driving, and then I never take the time to put them back in the right place when I'm done. Yeah, basically-- also a mess. :dontcare:

    i used to be really bad about it in my teen years, had to have E V E R Y T H I N G by artists i liked. im still kind of like that but the impulse has improved. although admittedly, mostly only because i'll run out of space :notreally: i have so much merch. recently i got a siouxsie and the banshees boxset and it's actually fucking huge mj3.png it's the same with books, thank god for ebooks and sh!t now especially bc i tend to read a lot of trash books that take up space (playboy memoirs etc) mj3.png


  6. Just now, ShowdownITZ said:

    yes i am, is there a problem?



    a little bit yes. ew like what




    1 minute ago, BoyToySoldier said:

    Omg @cheri @fucknfurter how could y’all? I am so anal with my CD collection. I open up a new one, rip it into my computer and then put it back in the case and reseal it with a plastic sleeve. And it never comes out again. :mcorangu:

    i'm a certified mess about it and i have no shame :bang:

  7. Just now, fucknfurter said:

    Thank you. :hugs: They were. Some of them had the band as skeletons from the Illusions stuff, one was the Bad Apples skull art. I've been slowly replacing them over the years.

    Ahh, that's what happened to my Britney cd, yep. I didn't, either. I also used to have the habit of putting a disc in any case, so I never know where half of mine are anymore. :hahaha:

    i STILL do this and it drives my boyfriend insane but i justify it by being like "at least i put them in the case now" :bang: it's worse when we're trying to watch a series, like we just started rewatching the sopranos and the 4 discs are everywhere because of me :bang:

    that's AMAZING tho, and im glad you've been replacing them slowly but surely!! i saw the bad apples patch at a small little band store recently, badass, ugh i just want all band merch possible, im such a fucking hoarder and obsessive about this sh!t :jamout:

  8. 3 minutes ago, Diamond Horse said:

    Dinah Washington - I am listening to her now

    There is so much music to listen to, I have  mostly made the mistake of skipping the olds. 



    i love her, to me she had way more character than ella fitzgerald on songs like cry me a river. mostly overall tho i prefer instrumental/soloist jazz to vocalist.


  9. 1 minute ago, ShowdownITZ said:

    Will listen soon


    soon is never huh


    2 minutes ago, fucknfurter said:

    I'm the same way, so I get that. is it really, though? Wtf? And that's fucking awful. :( I lost a lot of my Guns postcards, posters, and shirts I used to have, but I would be so pissed if I lost the Illusions albums. (Technically, I kind of have, because the first one's stuck in my husband's stereo with no hopes of coming out okay because he's messy. I lost ITZ that way, too. I have a lot of albums I need to replace.)

    Yes, it is! And aw, man, it's such a badass shirt.

    that's awful :( especially since that sort of stuff has so much sentimental value, im sorry about that. the postcards especially sound fucking amazing to have. i know it's not the same but i hope you got around to replacing some of the content at least?

    my original itz cd is fucked, it has that weird cloudy sh!t that gets on the disc u know? haven't gotten around to replacing it, actually have a lot of older cds that have fallen victim to this, i didn't really take care of sh!t like that when i was younger :weusay:

  10. 8 minutes ago, ShowdownITZ said:

    this is so good, better than wicked games

    whats your top 5 from this album? i’ll listened to it today 


    well, trilogy is three discs, so -

    house of balloons:

    • coming down
    • loft music
    • wicked games
    • twenty eight
    • what u need
    • honorable mention: high for this



    • the birds pt 1
    • the birds pt 2
    • lonely star
    • valerie
    • heaven or las vegas
    • honorable mention: the zone, the only time ive liked drake in a song


    echoes of silence:

    • next
    • till dawn (here comes the sun)
    • the fall
    • montreal
    • echoes of silence
    • honorable mention: xo/the host


  11. 2 minutes ago, Diamond Horse said:

    I do like it. When I listened to it, all I could think was that her voice is just brilliant, I couldn't believe that it was a live recording. For a second now, it made me sad again that she is gone. She can sing about this sad stuff, but it can just have such a calming, purifying effect to listen.  

    it's the same feeling i get when i listen to one of her inspirations dinah washington

    amy's cover of teach me tonight was amazing, so young and talented. she had the vocal wisdom of a 60 yr old jazz great


  12. Just now, fucknfurter said:

    Ah, so it is two DVDs like the tapes were? I'm not sure-- I still have my tapes, tbh, and if I want to actually watch the show I go to Youtube or I stream it. So... lazy and cheap, lmao. But yeah, that's what I meant.


    yeah! but for some reason the second edition is fucking hard to get, i hate having 1 dvd and not the other, ocd like that, then i lost some sh!t while moving and both illusions were among that mix so i only just now got a copy of the second part. mj3.png

    the "just another fucker in a band" shirt is awesome too i actually tried to find that one for a friend but the designer (disturbia or something) didnt have it up for sale mj3.png

  13. 1 minute ago, fucknfurter said:

    Ohhh my God, this show brings back memories; I used to have both of these as VHS's (I think it's only one DVD now; I've only updated my Makin' Fucking Videos trilogy DVD-wise because I'm a :flop: ) and I wore them out from watching them so often. That shirt is amazing. A lot of his shirts on the Illusions tour were.

    ah! funny u mention that because i actually had trouble buying the second illusion dvd a few yrs back, i bought it online like a month ago tho. maybe it's a regional thing. so u mean they're both just the one dvd now?

    + yessss! nobody knows im a lesbian is one of my favorite shirts he's worn mj3.png

  14. 2 minutes ago, Diamond Horse said:

    just listened to it :wigsnatched:

    the demo version makes me fuzzily tingle inside. so yeah, I like it for that feeling especially.


    I love how Amy sings the line "/.../ our mother /.../" in Brother. man, she can sound so smooth!

    if the way she sang could paint pictures I can't imagine how beautiful they would be! both her lyrics and melodies help to paint a perfect picture to the soul.

    beautifully put indeed. i love how she mumbles "now u look out for her" etc on brother. amazing


    do u like her cover of donny hathaway's i love u more than you'll ever know?