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  1. a lot of music videos suffer nowadays because everyone is trying too hard to go viral doing dumbass fucking sh!t. st!nk is no exception
  2. more sh!t tumblr videos with some insipid bitch trying to pretend it's deep and empowering
  3. freakshow is garbage, such sh!t lyrics too. the same goes with how i roll. cant believe b&a worked on both of these. kill the lights is boring fucking sh!t too, no dynamics just boring and cheesy as f**k like the other two
  4. where does it go? nowhere. what does it rip off? confident by bieber and hotline bling by drake. it's sh!t
  5. paired with weeknds greatest punchlines: "chest feeling heavy like a midget on my necklace" "ur body so crack, got me horny like a rhino" "got a sweet asian chick she go lo mein" people thinking this guy is slick when he releases songs like reminder and people here want a weeknd collab with britney. a fork has already been put in him. wouldnt be surprised if britney is late to the party tho.
  6. omg he's so fucking done. his collabs with lana were weak, so imagine what this sh!t will be like.
  7. Unpopular opinions

    islam is trash drug addicts do not deserve my sympathy modern day feminism is cancer michael jackson was a dirty pedophile rose mcgowan is a hypocrite