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Everything posted by cheri SHIITTOOOOO

  1. imagine if britney wore that ugly ass dress CARDROOL LIMBO is wearing or those fugly ass shirts both of them are wearing? the drags she would get. imagine if u replaced some cheap ass brand like walmart with kenshitto on that ugly minion or super mario hat britney wears on the ads
  2. whats HIGH! FASHION! to meeee? KENSHITTOOOOOOOOOOO bc people from pariSHIT say soooooooooooooo
  3. KENSHITTO bc ppl from pariSHIT say so glad u consider this sh.it high fashion tho. someone has to
  4. HIGH! FASHION! ICON! CLOTHEZ!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. LMFAOOO BAH HUMBUG LESHIT AND CARDROOL LIMBO: HIGH! FASHION! ICONZ! with those clothezzz!!!! britney fits right in with her walmart knockoff KENSHITTO lineeee
  6. so u cannot give me one post where i have bashed britney's face
  7. u didnt answer my question tho
  8. u keep giving me attention, poor u
  9. how am i wasting ur time? u just wasted ur own time writing up that pile of dog sh.it. show me one post where i have bashed britney's face. i will wait. and this potato pudding sims 4 character >>> doesnt count because it's over edited as f.uck and like i said, she looked better in the video footage which wasnt nearly as edited as this TRASH.
  10. im using her photoshopped image that looks like a potato head pudding sims 4 version of her while saying that she looks better in a more natural state, yes. explain to me how that is bashing her exactly? saying she looks better when they arent making her look abnormal? like i said, ur sensitive as sh.it let u enjoy it? enjoy it all u want, but i aint gonna be silent just to spare ur feelings
  11. how is that something she does tho? thats the editors fault, not britneys u guys always victimize her when no one is blaming her in the first place kenSHITTO over edited her for no reason, how is that bashing her? thats a compliment to britney. u guys are so sensitive LMFAO
  12. she looks better without excessive photoshop. not photoshopped to hell and back. but i guess u find her too ugly so u think she needs the excessive photoshop?
  13. u said i am being NEGAAATIVE so how did u know that unless u weren't talking about me and who knows who else? weLLLLL? how is it negative to say britney looks better without excessive photoshop?
  14. u did in ur second comment to me tho so obviously u were talking about me or u would have clarified. why dont u go lecture the ones who call her the joker & talk about how shes "botched" instead of me who is just saying she doesnt need all this photoshop sh.it?
  15. why are u so against ppl talking about the bad photoshop jobs? it isnt britneys fault, its the editors. she looks fine without all that sh.it. so how isnt that a positive thing to say? u would rather me prefer potato pudding photoshop sims 4 britney over britney in reality? oh ok
  16. @Alice XΝόμιζα ότι με μπλόκαρες μωρή ηλίθια? Υποθέτω όχι! ΧΑΧΑ μείνε τότε συντονισμένη για πιο πολλά αφου δεν με μπλοκάρεις
  17. britney's beautiful without the excessive editing, of course some is necessary for huge campaigns but this amount? making her look like a fuucking pudding cup from sims 4?
  18. release the untouched pics where she doesnt look like a fugly sims 4 character dipped in pudding im here for a human, not a pixel thank u kenshitto!
  19. the minty greennnnnn!!! polka dot chewy shoe lacessss!! draping over the bagggg!!! LMMAOOOO the big nuclear puke green plastic bag covering the upper half of her body
  20. i know sweetie, bc in your mind she looks better with all that photoshop, that's why ignorance is bliss