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  1. You won that in a contest on Britney-Galaxy? Lmao we're in the wrong forum then
  2. No since she had trouble remembering the title for "Passenger" in I am Britney Jean
  3. No, he probably ripped off the instrumental of the cover of Toxic above, and then Britney decided to use the instrumental of that cover of her own song in her show
  4. Something similar to Blackout but as experimental an energetic as If I'm Dancing
  5. Breathe On Me is the ultimate sex song of pop history, there's nothing hotter than it
  6. What an icon, when will Monica Naranjo
  7. Hope it's true for 2 reasons 1 We will be getting a third single 2 It would save Glory and if we're lucky Britney's career edit: this thread is from 2016, guys what even