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  1. I don't even have any device to put a cd on nowadays
  2. This remix of Just Luv Me sounds SO GOOD, I even wish it was the official version, reminds me of Blackout but mixed with Glory. Do you guys know where can I find it? And if you have it can you please send it to me?? I don't even know how's it called
  3. Only Blackout, Circus, Femme Fatale and the Femme Fatale tour dvd, sorry not sorry
  4. A mix between Artistic and different, less radio friendly and Pop with a little rock edge
  5. I'm only counting Work Bitch, Perfume, Pretty Girls, Make Me and Slumber Party. Collaborations and movie soundtracks don't count for me, even Pretty Girls doesn't really count for me. Where are the eras with 4 music videos?
  6. It doesn't really feel like it since we've got only 5 singles in the last 5 years