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  1. Why do you post something that comes from Radaronline
  2. Good for her personnal life, terrible for her career. And ? This is not an argument. She could have tour without having a Vegas residency and would have sold out her dates, too, probably more easily. I give you that it gave her the time to regain some self confidence, which is great, but overall it has caused severe damages to her career. You can't deny that.
  3. Sis, I live in France too and I can tell you it does not exist here. So many bullshit in this post. Please, find an excuse and pretend you were drunk when you wrote all of this cause it's really embarassing.
  4. "Make Me..." was not a bad move at all. It's just the fact the video has been scrapped that makes us disappointed. Pretty girls should have never happened but you can't tell it's worse than that 4 years residency...?! Britney Jean could have been successful if she promoted WB and released ISBE (would have been huge in europe at this time, no doubt) but she didn't bc of the residency. X Factor was bad too but at least she had her funny moments and it made S&S a huuuge success.
  5. Céline's Vegas show is known by everybody because she's a pioneer, she sings live. Britney doesn't even sell out her Vegas dates with only 4,000 tickets available. She doesn't sing live. She doesn't dance hard either. Doesn't try to make her music successful when she releases an album/single. What's the point in doing a second residency rn ? There's none. If she wants to do one in 15 years, why not ? But now... ? That's stupid
  6. She was stuck in Vegas for 4 years, who cares if the show is different ? Different only means a different setlist, which is not really possible since she performed all of her hits and will still perform 70% of them with a new residency. If she feels that's what's the best for her she should do it then, but as a fan, I'm judging the impact it had and will have on her career if she does it again and that would be a horrible move
  7. Doing a Las Vegas residency was the worst move of her career so signing for another residency would be even more stupid
  8. It's getting bigger, the boobs are getting bigger
  9. As some stupid straight teenagers would comment : BOOOOOOOOOBS
  10. Can't see what you posted but it must be legit She will slay so many cities
  11. Poor Bad Romance will never be better than Oops
  12. Yes you are
  13. I'd replace Tinashe by someone like Rihanna/Nicki
  14. Looking fabulous to plant tomatoes wow the garden looks fantastic on the second pic