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  1. That makes sense. i just feel like if an artist is really passionate about their work, they would wanna promote that, not so much for sales, but just to share with the world, especially with music, you know? everyone's different I guess
  2. I'm confused as to why the lack of promo for an album she really seemed to enjoy recording and was more hands on with. She did more promo for femme fatale which she didn't seem interested in and probably wasn't her vision at all....
  3. He needs to hear mood ring! it's like the cherry on top
  4. I was about to say the same thing wait, was change your mind already in the lead before she posted that video???
  5. There's definitely something going on here no doubt her team has been lurking exhale lately
  6. I think we should all play "better" and other glory tracks in our instagram/Snapchat posts/stories to kinda start getting it out to the GP. I remember playing work bitch over my Xbox live mic and having a few guys message me asking what song that was Oh! Also! Any chance you get that aux cord or are at any parties/clubs/bars with a bunch of people, throw it on!