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  1. I hope papa Spears stops this from being leaked if its true. Britney has already had already enough trouble in her life.
  2. lol its been changed for a long time WHere you been sis?
  3. I usually agree with your posts but I had to downvote you on this one She's usually sloppy on her first night back, I mean seriously, she has had better dates than that so you can't just use one POM show to judge her
  4. I cant at people saying they dont want Britney to perform POM around the world. No one knows anything about Glory songs so if she performs them the mini-tour will flop hard. Y'all always complain about the GP not checking for Britney, well her performing POM out of Vegas is a good way to put her out there before she releases another album.
  5. wow I love it!
  6. My friend's sister's husband who works for RCA said the third single was scrapped, so don't expect anything
  7. Deceased.
  8. Glory is dead sis , it will have to remain between the fans just like BJ. No one will ever know of this masterpiece
  9. Exhale showing its true colours once again