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  1. These videos always give me nostalgia, I feel so old now
  2. I thought an insider said they aren't releasing anymore singles cause Britney won't promote or something like that
  3. get that hit thread sis
  4. TMZ is the most savage, the comments there will probably be
  5. I remember she said she was going to see POM not sure if she went
  6. Wendy williams and TMZ are going to eat this story up
  7. http://www.justjared.com/2017/06/27/britney-spears-slams-lip-sync-accusations-in-new-interview/ http://ew.com/music/2017/06/27/britney-spears-slams-lip-sync-accusations/ http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-4644744/Britney-Spears-lashes-against-lip-sync-rumors.html https://www.aol.com/article/entertainment/2017/06/27/britney-spears-lip-syncing-rumors/23004506/ http://popcrush.com/britney-spears-i-sing-live-playback-interview/ Trending hot topic
  8. does anyone have a good link?
  9. She doesn't rehearse that's why her moves are sloppy and static. Her dancers rehearse that's why their moves are always on point. BBMA's was better than POM because she actually rehearsed for that performance which shows the wonders rehearsals can do.
  10. Why should the relevancy of deaths be a thing to boast about though? Someone dying isn't a fun thing.
  11. I know it sounds cliche, but I think Britney needs her Ray of a Light. And what I mean by Ray of Light is an album that completely disconnects from her previous work and reflects what she feels in her current state in life. That is what Miley is currently doing this era and she seems way more happier than I've ever seen her. I feel like that might have been the original direction with Britney Jean, but either her label or her team brought on WIll.I.Am because of the S&S success and he completely changed the whole album to his own direction. Britney being a people pleaser might have just went along. Britney Jean feels like an album that doesn't know where it is going with several of songs that feel like they were picked from different albums and different artists which could easily represent the clashing of ideas on where the album was supposed to go. Glory may have not been the best of eras, but one positive we can take from it is that Britney is starting to fight for creative control over her work.
  12. She's so revealing in these interviews.