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    watermelonbubblegum got a reaction from AllThingsBritneyJean in Worst fanmade covers   
    I'm dying at this thread
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    watermelonbubblegum reacted to Via Infinito in The hate for 'Clumsy' on this site is f**king outrageous   
    It sounds like a Brenda Joan song

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    watermelonbubblegum reacted to The Greatest Show in No PARIS for the tour .... I just can't   
    Yeah well frankly Im suprised they are getting the Olympics with the amount of terror attacks they have had. If I didnt have to constantly go there for work I would avoid it too.
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    watermelonbubblegum reacted to Sil in No PARIS for the tour .... I just can't   
    Time to fell what the rest of us feel every single time she goes on tour 
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    watermelonbubblegum reacted to Filippo in No PARIS for the tour .... I just can't   
    Well, welcome to the long list of EU countries Britney just doesn't care about  
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    watermelonbubblegum reacted to JustLuvMe in Thoughts on Perfume?   
    It's a good song but the part where she says "Gotta mark my territory" reminds me of a dog pissing 
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    watermelonbubblegum reacted to BoyToySoldier in Will Britney Hire Sam For A New Music Video?   
    Nope, that would belong to Columbus Short

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    watermelonbubblegum reacted to BOBIBCFBG in Kylie Minogue Glows On The 'Golden' Album Cover, Confirms Tour   
    I love that she's doing something different and re-inventing herself but still in her style. It's natural and not forced. I love the cover for this same reason! It's still very Kylie but different.
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    watermelonbubblegum reacted to G-unit in Oh Hell No. Justin Timberlake Says Having A Vegas Residency "Feels Like You're Planning Your Retirement"   
    The retirement sh!t is tired and absurd.  It’s easy for him to say that (and a forum of mostly gay men).
    Britney is a single mother who has to share custody of her children with their father.  She did what a good parent should do.  She made it so that they could have consistency in their lives.  So that they could have normal education, make friends, participate in extracurricular activities, etc without constantly disrupting their lives with touring the world every other year or whatever.  She allowed her children normalcy.  Those boys didn’t sign up for this lifestyle, so she managed to provide them with as much normalcy as she could while simultaneously doing what she loves in a place that is close to their home.  I don’t love it, as a fan, either, but I respect her as a woman and as a parent for putting her children before her career...because that’s the way it should be.
    As for Justin, he is still with the mother of his child.  His child is still really young...he’s able to travel.  Britney toured the world twice while her children were babies and before they hit their elementary school years.  Bye.
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    watermelonbubblegum reacted to PokemonSpears in Britney Announcement coming soon according to this insider!   
    omg, that black swimsuit, isn't that one of Britney's costumes from POM?
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    watermelonbubblegum reacted to Mayenaise in I Found Britney's Newest Fragrance: Budget Fantasy   
    Doubles up as a dildo, how very economical 
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    watermelonbubblegum reacted to Invitation in I Found Britney's Newest Fragrance: Budget Fantasy   
    I thought it was a bottle of lube 
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    watermelonbubblegum reacted to IUSAtonight in Pop Emergency! Meghan Trainor's New Album Is Complete   
    How is Magie's Treiner new album an emergency? I don't get it 
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    watermelonbubblegum reacted to Dripping For Britney in Britney Apparently Wore a T-Shirt Given to Her By a Fan During a M&G   
    Maybe we should all donate $25 each to buy her some new costumes for the POM tour 
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    watermelonbubblegum reacted to Hungry Hun in [New Bikini candids] January 11 - Britney and Sam on the beach in Hawaii   
    Gurl do not start a  2 gurls 1 cup in this catholic forum in the name of Jesus
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    watermelonbubblegum reacted to inthefields in Since her hair bothers her and keeps touching it....   
    I sincerely like how you thought this through
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