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    watermelonbubblegum got a reaction from naturalplayboy in What Are Things Britney Seems To Forget About   
    That she's supposed to be a real artist and actually sing at least
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    watermelonbubblegum got a reaction from naturalplayboy in What Are Things Britney Seems To Forget About   
    That she's supposed to be a real artist and actually sing at least
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    watermelonbubblegum reacted to Steel Magnolia in Britney's WTF POM outfits/looks   
    Why can't we have this?

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    watermelonbubblegum reacted to Alex_1991 in Britney's WTF POM outfits/looks   
    Piece of me costumes are the worst of her career, and I thought FFT ones were bad

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    watermelonbubblegum reacted to ElectriqueBrit in Fact: Actual pop is dead.   
    I just realized that actual pop music, the music Britney originally made famous, bubble gum pop - is dead.  Britney today seems to think she can still be the bubble gum pop princess of a decade ago but it's no longer relevant.  The sound, or the image.  It was killed off a long time ago, and maybe by Britney herself.  It's become something darker and more sinister.  For the past 10 plus years multiple singers ironically (wanting a piece of the manufactured "pie") have created "nerd pop".  Lady Gaga's entire image has been to pull apart the stereotype bubble gum pop image Britney created.  (*Shock, *Delusion)  Her appeal has been to the masses, the "monsters" who don't to be everything that Britney was in 1999.  Everything a lot of us were.  She's smart and intellectual and deeper than  the early 2000's airy sound and it's singers were.  She didn't want to be another blonde bimbo debating the contents of a tuna can.  And in 2007, neither did Britney.  The truth of the matter is whats left of her fanbase, the 10th (100,000k+) that bought "Glory"  (that saying we didn't buy doubles, as I did) not the 1,000,000+, are near or over 30.  We're old.  Okay maybe not old, but older.  We aren't as in touch with what is actually going on as we'd like to admit.  Even though we think we are or want to be.  The younger fans of Britney Spears are the out of touch young adults who fell in love with the post breakdown Britney.  They don't know the actual selling a million records girl and because of it are somewhat out of touch themselves.  Hi!  Just as an Evanescence fan would have been in our "hay-day".  Lmfao.  Some of you twinks, and twunks (Hi, Jordan) can't let go of the Britney that was anymore than you can let go of your own belly midriff youth.  You don't want to hear any of this.  You won't, I expect the hate but you have to realize that it's a fact, actual pop is dead, and you're old princess.  
    Hopefully this made you think.  Thats my only goal.  Even if you don't respond or disagree peacefully or painfully.
    ...About Britney:  Unless she creates a new image like Madonna did with "Ray of Light", Mariah did with "Mimi", Cher did with "Believe" (oh and Britney with "Blackout") she's not going to have another popular album again.  She'll have to do a complete image overhaul to boot.  She'll have to join the decade or create what the next one will be.  I have faith.  In the mean time I, like you, between my miserable 9 to 5 adult existence will stay on this terrible board bickering over her nose job, hair extensions, and lip synching.  Just like I did the last 10 years.
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    watermelonbubblegum reacted to Brichney. in Has Britney ever acknowledged Ed Sheeran's existence?   
    what's with some of you bitches? I'm asking, this is a forum, it's what people do in forums, start topics. Who the f**k said she has to? 
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    watermelonbubblegum got a reaction from The_Original_Toy in Best Pop albums of the year   
    Haven't heard everyone but Kesha's and Lana's are amazing and both deserve to be recognized
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    watermelonbubblegum reacted to ...oops in New IG- Brit is NOT just another flower   
    Hard To Forget Ya confirmed as 3rd single 
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    watermelonbubblegum reacted to JKW in Did Britney get engaged on her birthday?   
    And since when can we trust Britney about the things she said? 
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    watermelonbubblegum reacted to I'mSoCurious in Matt Lauer - Sexual predator   
    I never liked him tbh. I kinda though he was a rude pretentious douche and now my thoughts are justified. He's always very condescending towards the person he is interviewing especially women.  And that whole thing with the button to lock the door from his desk is creepy.
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    watermelonbubblegum reacted to mylonliNESS in Selena got a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?!   
    Some of you may already know, but I had no idea about this! That they finally gave Selena Quintanilla a Star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame! 22 years after her death, I might add! Esp when they read out some of her accomplishments, it just made me cry. Also according to a Hollywood Chamber of Commerce spokeswoman, Selena’s crowd was the largest-ever for a Walk of Fame ceremony, breaking a 1998 record set held by onlookers at the unveiling of the star for Mexican singer Vicente Fernandez. She truly is and forever will be such a legend, who was taken too soon! Anyway I just wanted to make this thread to take a moment and appreciate a humble, inspirational and iconic person was honored!
    #RIPSelena #Legend

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    watermelonbubblegum reacted to BoyToySoldier in 36NEY GIVES US VOCALS   
    You guys are delusional, "she pitched the video"
    Why would she bother pitching a video when she doesn't even bother to photoshop her IG selfies? This is her singing in the baby voice, this is what she sounds like.
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    watermelonbubblegum reacted to The_Original_Toy in 36NEY GIVES US VOCALS   
    I’ve always wanted to do a performance like this… singing in a pretty little black dress
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    watermelonbubblegum reacted to Ryan Godspeed in 36NEY GIVES US VOCALS   
    Merry f*cking Britmas Y'all 

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    watermelonbubblegum reacted to Diaz in 36NEY GIVES US VOCALS   

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    watermelonbubblegum got a reaction from rhaul in OMG. Madonna Covers Britney's "Toxic" Acoustic Style   
    It is painful to see other artists cover her songs when she doesn't even bother to sing one line live in her shows or anywhere
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    watermelonbubblegum got a reaction from mylonliNESS in Why are some fans saying Camila is as big as Selena?   
    She was one of those special people that people call "naive" because they trust everyone, and that was her fault, to think everyone is good but there's evil in this world... and I don't even wanna name the woman that took her life away. So sick, so selfish, so evil and full of envy of what Selena represented and represents. I'm glad to meet you in this forum too and be aware of another Selena fans.
    I'm glad people know Selena too because Gomez is named after her, and singers like Becky G are inspired by her so young people can know about Quintanilla's legacy more and more everyday. I personally put her last concert to my friends, we all are native Spanish speakers but none of them heard of Selena before except one friend who saw the movie. I had to explain to them and why Jlo has to be grateful to Selena too and how she admires her too makes me respect her more as an artist.
    Anyways, a big hug and long live to Selena's legendary legacy. I guess "Como la flor" or "No me queda más" are my favs from her though.
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    watermelonbubblegum reacted to mylonliNESS in Why are some fans saying Camila is as big as Selena?   
    OMG I totally agree! When I watched the documentaries and esp the end of "Selena" (the movie) I cried so hysterically, I just couldn't stop! Especially as you said, her humble, goofy and innocent/trusting nature is what lures you in. There's something so captivating about her personality it just captures your attention and makes you instantly fall in love! Her music, oh boy... I don't speak Spanish, but their so pretty to listen to! I love "Amor Prohibido" "Como La Flor" and "Bidi Bidi Bom Bom" especially! (Altho my fave as u guessed is Dreaming of You, partly for sentimental reasons). I remember seeing this one interview where they went to the Hi-Ho, this restaurant at Corpus Christi. The entire staff loved her so much! It made me well up. As for that DEMON Yolanda, I have no words and I have no words for how evil and selfish she was. I hope she rots in hell forever! She (Selena) would have dominated the music scene like nobody's business! I am so glad her legacy lives on and I think the good news is, the younger generation is learning and will continue to learn of her! So glad to have met you on this Forum! I genuinely love talking about her since I learned more of her!
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    watermelonbubblegum reacted to IUSAtonight in OMG. Madonna Covers Britney's "Toxic" Acoustic Style   
    When Madonna has sung Toxic live more times than Britney in the last decade 
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    watermelonbubblegum reacted to danny1994 in Will we ever get this again?   
    She has the ability is she really wants to I believe. But she needs to put in the work, and she hasn’t danced like this in 10 years.
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    watermelonbubblegum got a reaction from mylonliNESS in Why are some fans saying Camila is as big as Selena?   
    Don't worry, I'm not from the States either and I discovered her like a year ago too, very recent. But I started learning about her music, career and personality. She was such an adorable person, kind with fans, very talented and full of life. It just makes me so sad one pshycho took her life too young. She would be big today, I'm sure. And yes, her receiving her star was amazing and so deserved. She's a legend, you're right. Hopefully more young people start to discover her. Her last iconic show is awesome, such a talent. When her earring falls off though, and those spins, and that body, everything about her was marvelous.
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    watermelonbubblegum reacted to mylonliNESS in Why are some fans saying Camila is as big as Selena?   
    I know! I'm so glad to see someone who actually acknowledges her amazing contributions too! Though I have to be honest, my discovery of her is more recent. I don't live in the states, so I knew of her but not much about her. It was thanks to the "Adults React To Selena" by the FBE YouTube Channel, that opened my eyes to her, short but oh so Legendary life! In fact I even made a thread today about her receiving her Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame! 23 years after her death no less! If that isn't ICONIC and LEGENDARY I don't know what is!
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    watermelonbubblegum got a reaction from mylonliNESS in Why are some fans saying Camila is as big as Selena?   
    I can't chose a fav song from her tbh. She's such a legend Glad there's people in here that loves Selena Quintanilla as I do
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    watermelonbubblegum reacted to mylonliNESS in Why are some fans saying Camila is as big as Selena?   
    sigh... Dreaming of You still makes me cry like a baby

    True Legend! #RIPSelena
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    watermelonbubblegum reacted to BritneyJeanSpearsOfficial in Happy Birthday Britney   

    Not only was a star born today, but a friend, a mother, normal person like you and me, and everything else and change the pop scene today. Sis you when thought a lot and overcome things. You’re strong, open minded, inspiring, a legend and... there’s more ahead in your future gotta love. Happy birthday Britney