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  1. 34 minutes ago, PokemonSpears said:

    Also, if she shaved her hair she would have to wear perfect makeup all the time, because all of the attention would go to her facial features: her MOUTH, her nose, her eyes, also her love for no eyebrows look + racoon eyes combo wouldn't be that favorable for her. She also loves to look orange, but there will be a difference between her scalp's color and the rest of her face/neck, unless she tanned/fake tanned her head as well.


    I'm dead :gloria:

  2. 3 minutes ago, mylonliNESS said:

    OMG I totally agree! When I watched the documentaries and esp the end of "Selena" (the movie) I cried so hysterically, I just couldn't stop! Especially as you said, her humble, goofy and innocent/trusting nature is what lures you in. There's something so captivating about her personality it just captures your attention and makes you instantly fall in love! Her music, oh boy... I don't speak Spanish, but their so pretty to listen to! I love "Amor Prohibido" "Como La Flor" and "Bidi Bidi Bom Bom" especially! (Altho my fave as u guessed is Dreaming of You, partly for sentimental reasons). I remember seeing this one interview where they went to the Hi-Ho, this restaurant at Corpus Christi. The entire staff loved her so much! It made me well up. As for that DEMON Yolanda, I have no words and I have no words for how evil and selfish she was. I hope she rots in hell forever! She (Selena) would have dominated the music scene like nobody's business! I am so glad her legacy lives on and I think the good news is, the younger generation is learning and will continue to learn of her! So glad to have met you on this Forum! :hugs::) I genuinely love talking about her since I learned more of her!

    She was one of those special people that people call "naive" because they trust everyone, and that was her fault, to think everyone is good but there's evil in this world... and I don't even wanna name the woman that took her life away. So sick, so selfish, so evil and full of envy of what Selena represented and represents. I'm glad to meet you in this forum too and be aware of another Selena fans.

    I'm glad people know Selena too because Gomez is named after her, and singers like Becky G are inspired by her so young people can know about Quintanilla's legacy more and more everyday. I personally put her last concert to my friends, we all are native Spanish speakers but none of them heard of Selena before except one friend who saw the movie. I had to explain to them and why Jlo has to be grateful to Selena too and how she admires her too makes me respect her more as an artist.

    Anyways, a big hug and long live to Selena's legendary legacy. I guess "Como la flor" or "No me queda más" are my favs from her though.

  3. 3 minutes ago, mylonliNESS said:

    I know! I'm so glad to see someone who actually acknowledges her amazing contributions too! :hugs: Though I have to be honest, my discovery of her is more recent. I don't live in the states, so I knew of her but not much about her. It was thanks to the "Adults React To Selena" by the FBE YouTube Channel, that opened my eyes to her, short but oh so Legendary life! In fact I even made a thread today about her receiving her Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame! 23 years after her death no less! If that isn't ICONIC and LEGENDARY I don't know what is!

    Don't worry, I'm not from the States either and I discovered her like a year ago too, very recent. But I started learning about her music, career and personality. She was such an adorable person, kind with fans, very talented and full of life. It just makes me so sad one pshycho took her life too young. She would be big today, I'm sure. And yes, her receiving her star was amazing and so deserved. She's a legend, you're right. Hopefully more young people start to discover her. Her last iconic show is awesome, such a talent. When her earring falls off though, and those spins, and that body, everything about her was marvelous. :kyliecry:

  4. In the TV pics she kinda looks like her old self but aged :ineedthetruth: which makes me think why am I surprised to, that's how it is supposed to be, we all age. But sometimes she doesn't look like herself at all. I think it is also the hair. Agree with the comments she kinda looks sad or probably tired. All we do is judge her by her appearance, I just hope she finally had a good time and if not I hope she's feeling better now. Take care Britney :sendinglove:






































    I don't like Sam, I needed to say it :bang:

  5. 3 hours ago, Diamond Horse said:

    I am sure being a Youtuber can be a profession like any other. Internet is probably full of related content on how it is to be a professional youtuber and how to be one.

    Yeah, I know nowadays pretty much a lot of people work through internet and stuff, but I was not sure being a youtuber could be an actual job though, thanks for the info :jamout: