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  1. U want a tropical latin song?

    No, that is follow trends... britney used to create new trends.... if she wants to be on top she needs to be one step ahead.
  2. Next Album/Era Concept: Post Yours

    THIS! a back to her roots album, please.
  3. 90's House Inspired Album

    90's house has been trend since 2014... its nothing new in pop music. we need something more... she needs to get back to her roots, futuristic 00's aesthetic pop music.
  4. am i the only one who likes pretty gerlas?

    i like the instrumental. i hate her robotic voice is annoying.
  5. Should 'Circus' Have Led 'Circus'

    No, Womanizer was the biggest hit in that album and the more mainstream song for the general people. circus has a risky sound, i personally love it. but it only succeeded thanks to womanizer.