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  1. i like that shes more active on social media and i love seeing the posts with her family but honestly its embarrassing. shes 36 years old and those 'fashion shows', the silly faces, the constant use of snapchat filters, its what you would expect of a 15 year old. i know its not that serious shes just being goofy but if thats what she is doing in her spare time then no wonder her performances are getting worse. 

  2. i actually cant believe britney's team has the audacity to charge for access to a presale and not give fans access to ALL tickets available. if it was free like the o2 priority & live nation one is then i get it but 40-frickin-dollars.....yall been ripped off :nopingout:

  3. 1 hour ago, Isla. said:

    Oh I see, shame that’s happened to you :/ 

    presale doesn't sell all of the tickets only a percentage of them so hopefully the seat next to me hasn't been sold? i've been checking ticketmaster + all the other ticket sites and its not came up once and only a select few keep popping up. maybe its wishful thinking :imok:

  4. 7 minutes ago, Isla. said:

    It does as it gave you an option to pick up to 4 tickets I think?

    every time i try to search for 2 tickets of any kind it says none available which is why i bought the floor seat as soon as i saw it now i cant find one for my friend and obviously we dont want to be miles away from each other.

  5. 1 minute ago, Isla. said:

    It makes me mad that most of these tickets are probably on Stubhub as I type this. Real fans miss out because of this.

    i know, i really hope it is a tech issue  though cuz i was ready at 8:30 watching the timer and as soon as the link appeared i clicked it and the tickets still weren't available plus its ticketmaster so i still have hope :kyliecry:

  6. Just now, LisaJane said:

    Maybe not. The company O2 owns the arena in London but I'm not sure they own any of the others. 

    then why does ticketmaster say that the o2 presale starts at 9am on thurs + the o2 priority is offering tickets aswell. might phone them up

  7. Just now, Isla. said:

    Think it's technical problems, keep trying!

    i dont even have the choose a seat thing, its just the stage view & a message saying  tickets not available and i clicked using the link on priority, its so annoying maybe im too late

  8. 3 minutes ago, Isla. said:

    Keeps saying there's no tickets available. They can't have gone that quick surely?? and I was stuck in a waiting room for what felt like forever with my card details already inputted thinking I actually was going to get tickets..


    1 minute ago, LisaJane said:

    I've having the exact same issue. I literally selected any ticket type and it's saying there is nothing. I only want 2 tickets! This is crazy. 

    same here. idg it unless its been a technical problem? ughhhh