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  1. 1 minute ago, danny1994 said:

    I ageee, I think it’s better to donate and spread awareness than to do nothing at all. Maybe in some cases people do it just for positive publicity, but as long as they’re helping out at the same time I don’t really care :mj:

    yeah, i don't expect because she has millions in the bank to donate every last penny to charity but since she does have a much wider audience than most she could've raised more awareness. oh well maybe she will do that later on hopefully

  2. 9 minutes ago, satanic cheri candy lotion said:

    it doesnt even make fucking sense. britney + dancers throw the hat into the audience so how is it preventing a fight anyway? :mj:

    we're not saying she has to donate money exactly but something more substantial than an instagram post where she promotes her own show in the same breath & a moldy hat perhaps for both las vegas & california considering they are both homes to her? :mj:

    can't say im shocked. she could've done a lot more especially since she is a prominent figure in vegas but nah a cheap hat & a hashtag will do :mj:

  3. 57 minutes ago, Yukisenpi28 said:

     Its so people dont target and fight someone for it , also it prvents from ppl taking it home and try selling it for 5,000$ on Ebay .  You rlly need to think before opening your mouth sweetheart. :foh:

    britney fans doing the absolute most to defend her :tiffcackle: yall are so embarrassing :tiffcackle: 

  4. 30 minutes ago, vnisverx said:

    Yes, it does allow us to bash someone's appearance, and it allows you to tell us that you don't agree. That's what forums are for—the exchange of ideas and thoughts. What's the problem here? They're called opinions, get over it. Also, we're fans who support Britney, so why are you crying? I said I like her new face; some people don't. We're allowed to disagree. Get over yourself, it's not about you and your feelings :triggered:

    u can shove your opinion up your ass then :tiffcackle: imagine sitting there saying "its okaaayyyy to bash someone's appearance!" while your avi is a fucking letter :tiffcackle:

  5. 5 hours ago, satanic cheri candy lotion said:

    @danny1994 @Andrew338 @Shadow. omg so i found out the reason lilith stopped bothering him is bc he msged the mods and the mods arranged another agreement not to talk to each other anymore. he agreed to apologize but he was scared, probably bc we would drag him for LYING so the mods had to figure out another way to try please somehow. hope he sticks to this agreement this time bc he broke it two/three times already. :tiffcackle: 

     tragic :tiffcackle:

  6. Quote

    “I’ve been dating guys that are somewhat materialistic and treating girls are more of a possession… It’s more of an empowering girl power song.”

    I'm not one of those barbies that will be at the afterparty waiting for some kind of hottie," she croons over a sultry beat.

    idk or care who this is but she can cut the whole empowering "girl power!" bullshit.

  7. 52 minutes ago, Yasser said:

    britney looks old, that's it, her lack of good eyebrows, horrible hair and... that strange tan makes her look older, that's the way she looks now and it will get worse.  it's the true and i don't know  why but she really fucked up her face, really bad, you guys know it. i still love her forever, but no photo will look good because she doesn't look good. 

    :brityawning: if her face bothers u that much don't fucking look at her

  8. 56 minutes ago, danny1994 said:

    Haha, thanks :)

    I’ve been working on that, it’s actually a problem with me. I’m too much of a pushover and get taken advantage of. I need to be more assertive and look out for what’s best for my own self

    u come across online as a really nice person and anyone who takes advantage of that isn't worth anymore of your time. i can understand that being difficult, i know what its like to not want to disappoint anyone but ultimately u can't please everyone. if those people truly love & care for u then they will be happy with whatever decisions u make as long as u are happy & content with yourself & with life

    look at me getting all deep & meaningful :blurp:

  9. 25 minutes ago, danny1994 said:

    I am a nice person who genuinely cares about making as many people happy as possible.

    danny u are so cute omg :giggleney: but u shouldn't forget about making yourself happy too :)