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  2. 15 hours ago, vnisverx said:

    Way to take something personal. Not every conflicting opinion on the Interwebz is an insult to your existence, child. Shove my opinion up your own ass, let it take root, and feel the fuzziness!

    Then I'll let the moderators decide if I've crossed the line. I don't need sensitive snowflakes attacking me. I'm a Britney fan, and I don't think that expressing my opinion about her makeup choices (versus intentionally contributing to forums by bashing her in general) is against the rules.


    I have better things to worry about when I lay my head down to sleep, like if fans like you two will be responsible for the next bad decision in Britney's career, e.g. voting for "Criminal" as a single.

    Yeah, it's called having an opinion, and opinions differ. If you can't handle the heat, get outta Louisiana.

    what kinda bullshit are u typing up? :tiffcackle: u specifically defended that member who was nasty about britney's FACE, not her makeup, so u obviously enable people to make fun of her appearance what are u not getting? :tiffcackle: "ummm its a forummm and we are allowed an opinion!" yeah that doesn't mean u can say she ruined her face like a fucking cry baby :tiffcackle: "like if fans like u two are voting for criminal" u lose sleep over that sh!t? pathetic :tiffcackle: 

  3. 4 minutes ago, fucknfurter said:

    :hahaha: I'm not surprised. The fandom is torn over the first film, but we all mutually agree that the second's just terrible. But fair enough-- enjoy! If you end up getting into the games/watching playthroughs of those, I'd suggest SH2, SH3, SH4, and SH: Origins. The others can be taken or left behind, but those are the good ones. The first SH would be worth watching a playthrough of as long as you know that's like, 1999 when that one came out, and it's the first, so they didn't have the smoothness in graphics/total atmosphere of Silent Hill until SH2.

    I'm actually scared to see that one myself because of the sequel reason. :tiffcackle: It's getting praise? Wtf?

    ill defo watch them at some point along with the films :) yeah users on imdb seem to love it & its got a 7.2/10 rating :plzexplain: i thought it was terrible & i actually fell asleep in the cinema at one point :tiffcackle: which is a shame cuz i liked the first one alot.

  4. 3 minutes ago, fucknfurter said:

    I've seen both, yes. The first is good-- if you'd played the games I'd say to keep in mind that it's completely Westernized, the Order/Church in Silent Hill and Alessa's role in Silent Hill, and that it's not anything like the actual origins found in the game series: but it's still good overall, and I get most of the changes movie wise, because the origins game wise are... complicated. Plus the game series composer, Akira Yamaoka, actually oversaw the first movie to make sure the details they kept were on point, plus contributed all of his original work from the games to the film for its soundtrack. So even people who might not have played would like it, I think.

    The second is complete sh!t and I'd say I don't know how it was greenlighted if I didn't know Hollywood and sequels in general. :tiffcackle:

    i just read that revelation was panned by critics & fans :tiffcackle: ill give them a watch just to see what its like cuz im interested in the whole story plus the first one looks pretty good. most sequels turn out to be sh!t. i saw the kingsman sequel a couple weeks back and it was horrific :tiffcackle: idk how its getting any praise lol

  5. 1 minute ago, fucknfurter said:

    Yep. They even made it so Kojima and del Toro can't release it at all in any form, since the Silent Hill name/brand is owned by Konami. :kidcries: Yet the horror VG genre/indie horror VG community continues to be directly influenced by just P.T. alone. It's kind of cruel irony.

    damn. i've never played the games but ive watched people play the PT on youtube & it looked pretty cool. i haven't seen any of the movies, have u seen them?

  6. 29 minutes ago, fucknfurter said:

    I never thought it would be like that there, but that actually makes sense. :gaspney: The Silent Hill fandom was that way, the last time I peeked in on them. (It's been a while, tbh. It got to be too much, plus the new games do mostly all suck, and Silent Hills was canceled.) Only the first four games in the series were made by the original Team Silent, and the rest was just Konami letting indie/other developers do whatever they wanted to cash in after disbanding the original team. (The lowest of all was a Silent Hill arcade game. It's Silent Hill's BJ.) And I guess much like things with Team B-- like I said, Silent Hills did get scraped, and it was after P.T. dropped and people had gotten to play through the playable trailer, which was amazing and very promising. Kind of like the whole MM debacle. :quirkney:

    i didn't even know they had cancelled silent hills. what a disappointment

  7. 5 hours ago, Britney is my life said:

    She is doing  fine  and her priorities now are her family and her boyfriend and it is ok  just leave her alone and let her  enjoy her life  she has nothing to prove and no matter what you guys will always find something to complain about :outwithit: and by the way stop comparing a classy woman like britney with a slut like oldana at least britney doesn't need to show her nipple at age of 80 to sell her album  :lemmetellu:

    but shes grabbing g-eazy's crotch to try and sell her album :tiffcackle:

  8. 3 minutes ago, Lilith said:

    that's funny coming from you considering you used mental health issues and few other "cute" remarks repeatedly to try to drag ppl  :tiffcackle:

    "you have horrible control issuesss and im worried for your future partnersss"
    "u have control issues and u need helppp"
    "cannibalism issues" lksdf;la; that one was just.... :tiffcackle:
    "hope u are okkkk...hope u find someone to make u feel fullfilleddddd..."
    "go to somebody for your issuessss"
    "you have some serious control issues and I recommend seeing somebody about this before entering a serious relationship"
    "I hope your mental health is ok and wish you well "
    "you are depressive and I recommend you go get help "
    "they so negative they need helpppp"
    "log off you boring depressive monggg"
    "lg off you faaaaattt"

    so fucking childish  :tiffcackle:

    sweet pea if you don't like the "negative" comments then get the f**k out of the site. Everyone is entitled to voice their disapproval if they dont like Britney's work ethic.There's a reason why so many people complain. Britney is not doing her job right as she SHOULD be. She is taking OUR money and she has to deliver what we pay for. Deal with it :tiffcackle:

    how did i miss this one omfg :tiffcackle:

  9. 16 minutes ago, DownAndUp said:

    Oh right okay, well I don’t condone anyone getting personal about appearances 

    u also don't condone people being critical of britney. its not "being negative" to complain that she is a shell of the artist she once was. if u are happy with how mediocre she is then great, enjoy it! many others think she's a lazy performer with no passion or dedication for her artistry. this is a forum where discussion of britney's career is welcomed, u don't like what some have to say? don't read it.

  10. 8 minutes ago, 3isacharm said:

    word!... they want her to be mature like Shania but look, dress, and act like taylor 

    like...  :wyd:

    can't have both. Britney said it best



    idg op's point here. she's still confident in herself when she thinks what she does onstage deserves credit. how is that not confident? infact shes being quite cocky thinking how she currently performs is worthy of any credit.