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  1. A joke?

    maybe he referenced her cuz the guy was bald? idk either way i wouldn't take it too seriously its just a joke, an unfunny, tired joke but a joke like kimmel himself
  2. pointless mainpage. we get it jordan u don't like trump
  3. Jeffree Star posted a picture with Britney and...

    what kinda bullshit are u typing up? u specifically defended that member who was nasty about britney's FACE, not her makeup, so u obviously enable people to make fun of her appearance what are u not getting? "ummm its a forummm and we are allowed an opinion!" yeah that doesn't mean u can say she ruined her face like a fucking cry baby "like if fans like u two are voting for criminal" u lose sleep over that sh!t? pathetic
  4. basic song, perfect for glory don't like her voice at all, sounds like she has those cotton wool rolls u get from the dentist in her mouth
  5. ill defo watch them at some point along with the films yeah users on imdb seem to love it & its got a 7.2/10 rating i thought it was terrible & i actually fell asleep in the cinema at one point which is a shame cuz i liked the first one alot.
  6. "She's 35!!!!! She's not 19 anymore!!!"

    idek what to say
  7. i just read that revelation was panned by critics & fans ill give them a watch just to see what its like cuz im interested in the whole story plus the first one looks pretty good. most sequels turn out to be sh!t. i saw the kingsman sequel a couple weeks back and it was horrific idk how its getting any praise lol
  8. damn. i've never played the games but ive watched people play the PT on youtube & it looked pretty cool. i haven't seen any of the movies, have u seen them?
  9. i didn't even know they had cancelled silent hills. what a disappointment
  10. "She's 35!!!!! She's not 19 anymore!!!"

    but shes grabbing g-eazy's crotch to try and sell her album
  11. Bored of negative fans

    u fucking fat ugly cannibals need to stfu about britney
  12. Bored of negative fans

    im laughing so hard at this post rn i cannot
  13. Bored of negative fans

    how did i miss this one omfg
  14. Bored of negative fans

    u still crying over the "negative fans"?
  15. Bored of negative fans

    u made a thread talking about a subject that has been discussed for years with the same end result (the op being told to stfu), move on
  16. Bored of negative fans

    u also don't condone people being critical of britney. its not "being negative" to complain that she is a shell of the artist she once was. if u are happy with how mediocre she is then great, enjoy it! many others think she's a lazy performer with no passion or dedication for her artistry. this is a forum where discussion of britney's career is welcomed, u don't like what some have to say? don't read it.
  17. Bored of negative fans

    like piece of me is something to be proud of
  18. Bored of negative fans

    they are that fucking stupid they insult the people who criticise her appearance by calling them fat i choked reading that thread
  19. Bored of negative fans

    what's with all the cry babies today? "waahhh u piece of sh!t! waaah! i hate negativity!! waahhh!" well if britney wasn't such a shitty artist nowadays there would be nothing to complain about