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  1. funny that u made this thread when u always complain about her lips not to mention your s--t thread about her "mouth lines". at least the ones complaining about the photoshop are saying so bc she doesn't need that much editing, we've seen the clips/bts pics and she looks gorgeous yall can drag her for her "botched" face all day long and no one says a word but even utter a complaint about the editing on these images and all hell breaks loose, hypocrisy at its finest
  2. everyone bitching about the dislike for the photoshop but no one says anything about the above comment. funny that
  3. yall call people out for dragging her looks/saying she looks old/ruined her face etc but then at the same time get pissed at people who say she doesn't need all that photoshop & that the pics aren't a great representation of britney's beauty. the logic