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  1. @Kevney is a closet katy perry & camerabore fan obviously
  2. its a shame i caught ur mistake before u edited this
  3. if u can read what we are saying why did u say u had us on mute?
  4. wow 10k+ posts over 4 years. obsessed with this forum clearly
  5. A question about Lana's "Heroin"

    in cruel world she sings this and im assuming she is referencing drugs as "candy" & marzipan is a type of candy so yeah that's all i got @cheri might be better at explaining this
  6. the fact u felt the need to clarify what u do with ur time with two posts
  7. spending ur time "trolling" & fat shaming. pathetic
  8. yeah exactly. britard logic tho, complain about her career and they tell u to kill urself, choke on a d*ck, no one loves u, etc etc but say all of the sh!t @In Britney's Zone says and they just downvote without saying a word bet if we said that it would be stta 2.0
  9. more money, fame & success than u'll ever see while u sit at home fat shaming her