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  1. its like knock knock jokes, so unfunny that u have to laugh, no offense
  2. it wasnt "some perv" it was her brother. considering she posted his bail and continues to stand by him despite glaring evidence against him i think a few posts calling her trash arent as bad as how she has behaved about the whole situation brother or not the fact is he raped a CHILD. there is no excuse for that. ever.
  3. they both have brown eyes, thats about it really
  4. looks nothing like britney
  5. a trash person, trash appearance & trash music
  6. this is why fans shouldn't pick singles
  7. i never said she didn't just dont see the point in u making excuses for her & her cheap team's only aim being to make money. if shes gonna cash in on her fans buying her perfumes she could at least make the effort to turn up to a photoshoot
  8. difference is they are still recognisable. this is just britney's heavily photoshopped face placed on a heavily photoshopped curvy body and we all know britney has more of an athletic build. wouldn't surprise me if this was real knowing the mess they have made with her perfume ads previously
  9. i doubt she even samples anything. its all made up for her she just does the odd photoshoot for a few of the perfumes. although im starting to wonder if she even does the photoshoots now, this rumoured summer fantasy one looks like her gaming character