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  1. Choose the best flop fan moment

    I thought Breathe On Me was a leaked Blackout track. I downloaded it the same time I found Blackout on limewire. It was only after I listened to ITZ in full that I realized it was on that album. At the time I thought it was Britney's raunchiest song.
  2. Choose the best flop fan moment

    I didnt know Get Back existed until Circus came out. I played that song every day for that whole month.
  3. The 2003 VMAs was lowkey tragic except for the kiss (Xtina upstaging her/getting more applause than her/Britney lipsynching) which is similar to the 2007 Vma performance. The kiss saved the performance but I cant help to think that no one knew about it except for the performers. I dont think she told her management cause they would have been against it. JT definitely didnt know sh!t about it. Was Britney lowkey rebelling against her management and JT before her official rebellion era?
  4. omg have you guys seen this pic before?

    Britney was so hot. Imagine going on stage at the vmas practically naked and not giving a f**k. Legendm -- ot: Yes I have and Britney looks hotter than Bebe.
  5. Which is why I said Britney won in the end.
  6. In the beginning when the audience applauded more for Xtina than Britney. Britney won in the end. The kiss saved her.
  7. Exactly. Britney was live towards the middle to the end.
  8. No one asked for this, just like that m&m/beysic song that was canceled.
  9. What do you think about Madonna's vocal abilities?

    I like her earlier music.
  10. Predict The Sound Of B 10's 1st Single

    I think Better was true to her roots whilst sounding current and fresh so I dont know if she can recreate it unless if she works with the same producer again and maybe with Diplo. I think her sound will be more basey and rap influenced if she works with Max M cause of the stuff he did on rep. I think he should do a song like Delicate for Britney and something basey like I Did Something Bad. Personally I want her to go full rap and give us a Bodak Yellow. I also want her to do more base heavy songs.
  11. Witchdonna would, but Britney was lowkey rebelling against her image since the Oops era.
  12. Yass at you stanning Better the best song on Glory.
  13. I love how a white woman has black women as her back up dancers and doesnt even credit Britney for starting the trend.
  14. I think I would have liked BJ if there was less production as a whole and only her voice with little vocal manipulation. Britney can deliver good quality songs and lyrics but a lot of the time the production ruins it like it did with this album.
  15. Charli XCX ft. Britney

    I'm here for it.
  16. Oh I forgot to add Malibu too.
  17. Songs like Havana, Paris and Despacito are hits because of the place they represent. So Britney should have a song with the title of a particular place such as Vegas or Louisiana.
  18. These slay. I need Britney to recreate it with a different color.