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  1. New Pre-grammy 2017 Party pictures

    Her makeup wasnt bad, she just needed a good foundation. She looks airbrushed in that pic because of the lighting, but without it only foundation can give her the same effect.
  2. This video lowkey reminds me how bored Britney is and that she needs to stop thinking that shes a mom now because shes not and never will be. Her place is on the stage and not the one in vegas, but the one in world tours and award shows.
  3. POM 2.0 What were your thoughts ?

    She just seems more consistent. Before the revamp she had some good days and some bad days. The choreo sucks anyway so idc if she halfassed it I'm just glad she doesnt look dead all the time.
  4. POM 2.0 What were your thoughts ?

    I actually think she got better with time.
  5. In Snake's defense I think she snapped in her music video for LWYMMD but her performances have been so lackluster. Imagine lipsynching and not dancing to a dance song.
  6. Why is interview so telling?
  7. Even in FF days something looked off

    I think people assumed it was the meds.
  8. Even in FF days something looked off

    Her face is off now not back then when she didnt do the fun stuff to her face.
  9. New Ellen Von Unworth photo

    She likes the attention shes getting. Maybe she'll leak another Blackout photo.
  10. He has a curved d? If so I want to see the receipts.
  11. Funny POM documentary names?

    I always sing live A one night stand Did I have an album out? Isnt this theater beautiful?