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  1. The Official Mariah Carey Thread

    Feel free to send any diss tracks or hit men to @RAWR!=MC², I'm sure he won't mind
  2. The Official Mariah Carey Thread

    Well I'm sorry that I'm not a middle aged housewife or a gay man Get into a cage with Arnold Schwarzenegger and I'll feed you an extra popcorn kernel tonight
  3. The Official Mariah Carey Thread

    Well get used to the couch then I doubt @Mariah has space for JLovers in lamb clothing
  4. The Official Mariah Carey Thread

    It's been like 2 or 3 years since I saw it so I don't remember it well, I think I just watched it on some illegal streaming site. Lemme prepare my lawyers and judge bribe
  5. The Official Mariah Carey Thread

    Yes, Barbados found underwater I don't think she is either Can't wait for Finesse to hit #1, a bop by the only good pop boy btw
  6. The Official Mariah Carey Thread

    There are some good ones like those, but usually they suck. And yas @ forgotten legend Digimon. Did you watch Digimon Frontier? That was my fave version
  7. The Official Mariah Carey Thread

    Enjoy those cramps and high blood pressure
  8. The Official Mariah Carey Thread

    I doubt they would notice if someone switched them over to Spotify and left a Thirsty playlist playing all night. In fact that should be an actual charity.
  9. The Official Mariah Carey Thread

    Subtle Invitation or I Only Wanted should have been the lead single. Maybe then Charmin would be certified more than dust bunny. But like am I the only one who sees the missed opportunity for a My All 2.0 with IOW?
  10. The Official Mariah Carey Thread

    I really feel like I should start paying rent for the space I occupy in your mind. I mean, with the botox, lipo, nose job, ass shots & rib removal procedures you're inevitably going to go through and all it only seems fair Anyways do we love Tinashe her homophobic bop?
  11. The Official Mariah Carey Thread

    Lemonade will always be infinitely superior, that's just facts Yep, this is #MC15 I want the lead asap before skinny legend goes into hibernation and her evil twin sister replaces ha again *Insert 2014 Lumpriah photo here*
  12. Mariah Carey (Born March 27, 1970) is an American singer, songwriter, record producer, actress, and philanthropist. Under the guidance of Columbia Records executive Tommy Mottola, Carey released her self-titled debut studio album Mariah Carey in 1990; it went multi-platinum and spawned four consecutive number one singles on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart. Following her marriage to Mottola in 1993 and success with hit records Emotions (1991), Music Box (1993), and Merry Christmas (1994), Carey was established as Columbia's highest-selling act. Daydream (1995) made music history when its second single "One Sweet Day", a duet with Boyz II Men, spent a record sixteen weeks on top of the Billboard Hot 100, and remains the longest-running number-one song in U.S. chart history. During the recording of the album, Carey began to deviate from her R&B and pop beginnings and slowly traversed into hip hop. This musical change became evident with the release of Butterfly (1997), at which time Carey had separated from Mottola. In a career spanning over two decades, Carey has sold more than 270 million records worldwide, making her one of the best-selling music artists of all time. In 1998, she was honored as the world's best-selling recording artist of the 1990s at the World Music Awards. Carey was also named the best-selling female artist of the millennium in 2000. According to the Recording Industry Association of America, she is the third best-selling female artist in the United States, with 63.5 million certified albums. Referred to as the "songbird supreme" by the Guinness World Records, she is famed for her five-octave vocal range, power, melismatic style and signature use of the whistle register. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Discography: Albums Mariah Carey (1990) Emotions (1991) Music Box (1993) Merry Christmas (1994) Daydream (1995) Butterfly (1997) Rainbow (1999) Glitter (2001) Charmbracelet (2002) The Emancipation of Mimi (2005) E=MC² (2008) Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel (2009) Merry Christmas II You (2010) Me. I Am Mariah... The Elusive Chanteuse (2014) Compilations 1's (1998) Greatest Hits (2001) The Ballads (2008) Playlist: The Very Best of Mariah Carey (2010) The Essential Mariah Carey (2011) Number 1 to Infinity (2015) Filmography The Bachelor (1999) Glitter (2001) WiseGirls (2002) Death of a Dynasty (2003) State Property 2 (2005) Tennessee (2008) You Don't Mess with the Zohan (2008) Precious (2009) The Butler (2013) Tours Music Box Tour (1993) Daydream World Tour (1996) Butterfly World Tour (1998) Rainbow World Tour (2000) Charmbracelet World Tour (2003–04) The Adventures of Mimi (2006) Angels Advocate Tour (2009–10) The Elusive Chanteuse Show (2014) __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Lambily Thirsty InnocentCrimes Tron-Sector Mirage RAWR! Slave4b Karl Rob Arnold Me.I Am Angel Loco Riri Haburo Luis PartyLikeIts2007 blackoutbaby09 Dripping For Britney Anitta Cédric TheAllu LiamPayne TheVirtuoso ____________________________________________________________________________________ Official Links Official Website Twitter Facebook Youtube Youtube/Vevo Instagram