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  1. It's T E R R I B L E, stop trying to say these things. The lip-synch's problem was always a thing, even during DWAD and OHT; the thing is in those two tours Britney was actually a real entertainer, a real dancer and some songs (not in every single night but almost) were actually completely live. But the bad critics were still here and maybe was not even absurd. The Femme Fatale Tour is a bad copy of herself: why on earth someone should see a woman that can't dance and can't even sing a single AND SIMPLE song completely live (pre-rec and vocals on the tracks are NOT singing)? You should be objective: if the Femme Fatale Tour would be of a random and not famous singer, you would be very disappointed. A breakdown of Big Fat Bass danced well in one night could not save the entire thing; the fact she used her original choreography for I'm a Slave 4 U is not enough: the difference between the new Britney and the original one was more evident than ever and it's for that that I paradoxically prefer the POM's performance for Slave because at least the choreography is different and she still can't even perform in a decent way the breakdown (exactly like in 2011). I don't really care about the props and the storyline, those things are there for her money and her team, not for her artistry. The Piece Of Me show is TERRIBLE, but at least she can dance a little bit better during some songs and now she have a great body, that's why I prefer this show to FF tour.
  2. Britney Jean +|- (Game)

    I really don't understand this love for sh!t sh!t Boom