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  1. [LEAKED! New Vocals] Perfume (Unfinished Demo)

    Is a fanmade. I actually like it ...But let's think about it: if a random fan could do this, imagine the producers and the pro that work with her and with her original vocals... OMG, nothing could be a little raw, everything could be a very well done autotune's work, even songs like Everytime, Someday, My Baby, Hands and all the other songs we tought real and raw.
  2. Britney mocking herself from Vegas

    I have a 2006's book dedicated entirely to her. In the section "Rumors" there is one about the chance to take a residency in Las Vegas and do a show like Celine Dion or Elvis Preasley did. The book was printed even before the Jayden's birth, so I'm talking about a rumor before all the mess from 2007. Why I'm writing this? Becuase I think that her whole carreer has been planned since ever. I'm sure that the Residency's idea was a thing planned way before 2012, like 2004 or so .