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  2. I dislike some songs, yeah, but if I had to pick one that I just can't stand, It would be Body Ache. At least CWY makes me laugh. I'm surprised so many people dislike BOMT (album) so much. Like, how can you be a Britney fan if you hate cheesy stuff so much. Doesn't make sense, but okay.
  3. It's the diary oooooooof Brittany Speaaaars
  4. Idk, I think it's really creepy that people notice that kind of things. I must be getting old, I guess.
  5. I don't really blame Myah for anything, she was just doing what they asked her to do. The important thing is that she's not working with Britney anymore. It's better for both of them.
  6. Nicole did it once again recently, and I love her impression, but it's too exaggerated.
  7. Yeah, looks tacky and desperate. I'm not saying I like the concept of the other video, but I'm glad she didn't release this nonsense.
  8. "Thank you. This award means so much to me, especially on the night before Michael Jackson's birthday. He had such a huge influence on me, Gaga, and the next performer, Beyoncé. Beyoncé and I started out around the same time, and just like all of her fans, I fell in love with her. The first time I saw her, from her singing to dancing, to acting. She can do it all. She's a triple threat, and one of the most talented people I've ever seen." Britney Spears - 2011
  9. It's not like Britney's wearing very unique and exclusive pieces of clothing. And it's not like she designed anything.
  10. Yeah, fanbases can be pretty terrible with their faves. And I'm talking about ALL fanbases. We're not that unique and special, believe me. I didn't read any comment about her "not being able to write a song", like you suggested on your original comment, though. The point of this thread is that the booklets are not really a reliable source to determine if she actually wrote or co-wrote all the songs in the album. Britney suggested that Katy Perry wrote Passenger in an interview I can't remember, Myah celebrated on Twitter that Britney included a song she wrote with two other people... I mean, it's not a secret Britney wasn't as involved as they wanted to make us believe. We shouldn't take it that serious, though. She wouldn't be the first one to do it, and she won't be the last one. That's the music industry, you never really know what actually happens behind the scenes.
  11. Oh, no! I wanted him to do something great, like Harry Styles' song. But I guess not.
  12. The person who made this didn't even remove the sound of Believe in the background...
  13. Why are you offended by this particular comment? I mean, you're defending her because you really believe she wrote all those songs on BJ, and those are BJ lyrics.
  14. I love her. She's flawless.
  15. I wonder, how many of those celebrities who sent "thoughts and prayers" are actually gonna do something about it?