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  1. 3rd date in Paris...

    You know what would be awesome? To add and sell out a show in The Netherlands. They are the biggest Britney haters ever.
  2. 3rd date in Paris...

    Yeah...It's understandable... Would she be able to sell another Paris date? I'm a bit worried.I want good numbers for this tour lol.
  3. I begin to think there's something wrong with them.... I mean the fact they're constantly begging for money/iTunes cards on Twitter and they spend 24/7 on Twitter answering to people’s questions. No real insider would do that and claim they’re insiders. They also said Britney would do a mini world tour this summer with only 20 dates to celebrate Britney’s 20 years in the industry. A few days later Britney announces her world tour and has way more dates and never mentioned the anniversary.
  4. 3rd date in Paris...

    Another collab?
  5. 3rd date in Paris...

    Thank you for the info! I believe you. The "single" is the lead single of #B10 or a buzz single?
  6. 3rd date in Paris...

    So... Isn't this an error?
  7. 3rd date in Paris...

    So...Why would they add a 3rd date if the 2nd one is not sold out? Slay though...Only Circusney performed 3 times in Paris.
  8. It's true that lip syncing on SNL has become a lot more taboo since the Ashlee Simpson incident. That said, off the top of my head both Eminem and Lorde were accused of lipping when they appeared.
  9. SLN, AMAs,four singles... I don't know what to say... "Her mic was supposed to be on"
  10. Are these FFT numbers in Paris official? October 6, 2011: Paris, France - Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy - 14,883 / 16,544 - $1,434,485 - (90%)