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  1. You're such a mess... You know, she didn't hold a gun to anyone's head. We all choose to buy her albums, her singles, the perfumes and everything else. We're not forced to squander money on something we don't like.
  2. Ehhh... she looks amazing and the new outfits are mostly fine... but she's still half-assing and forgetting choreography.
  3. I thought it looked great? http://www.breatheheavy.com/exhale/index.php?/topic/738880-she-has-the-best-ass-in-the-world-and-no-one-even-cares/#comment-15862676 http://www.breatheheavy.com/exhale/index.php?/topic/739626-her-ass-is-so-amazing-that-shes-grabbing-her-own-ass/#comment-15880463 Bipolar, much?
  4. People made fun of her and said her Vegas show won't last more than six months. You all get what you deserve.
  5. Glory is one of her best work imo. Britney delivered and exceeded all expectations on Glory, especially following Britney Jean. She hasn't sounded this present and coherent on a record since Blackout. She was completely involved in the production in this one and the result is great. I was actually surprised with "Coupure Eletrique". I didn't expect her to record a song in a different language.and even for those who aren't exactly her fans I bet that they will find at least one track that they'll enjoy . However,the promo she did for it was ineffective ... It's a disgrace the way Glory was treated . The album deserved much better.
  6. Do you really think that Britney Jean era was better?