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  1. I was just thinking about this recently while I listened to Glory. 

    I really hope they don't do another Vegas show promoting 'the hits' but that's what a lot of acts do...they promote their old material and tour on the strength of that, while their new sh!t flops. It's frustrating because it came to a screeching halt for us. Circus , FF did great and went four singles deep. 

    It just makes me hate the Britney jean album even more cause that's when it all went to sh!t. That and Vegas. But I do love Vegas for giving her stability and happiness in her life.

    I think if she wants to revitalize her career it will be a huge overhaul and I would love it if she did. It would have to be on a madonna confessions on a dance floor level; ppl will still see her as an 'older artist' (like I did when I grew up with madonna in the 90's/2000's - I realized she was in her prime in the 80's) but new fans will still go back and check out her old music based on the strength and popularity of her new material (like I did with madonna and Janet) 

    Based on her past two albums though and what we know she feels about this industry and what her values are right now, I don't think she really wants to reinvent her image. and I'm SO bored of the "BRITNEY'S BACK!" narrative. If I have to hear that again I will die lol 

  2. the act of art is what's supposed to be important, not necc the art itself. I think most adults who aren't that experienced in painting's works would look a little juvenile but the point is to relax and just create and work with colours etc to soothe the mind and nurture that part of the brain.....regardless of what you are painting or how sophisticated it looks.

    and tbh, I thought everyone knew that! ppl who judge Britney's art need to check themselves. 

    also she should auction her paintings for charity. I would totally want a Britney orig in my house. 

  3. yeah I don't think Taylor has a moral or ethical obligation to comment on trump....

    I believe political views are very, very private....maybe even more private than religion....ppl celebrate holidays, go to church its very public....voting IMO is a very private matter - its literally done in a private booth...so I do believe in her decision to stay silent tbh. I don't think anyone NEEDS to know who anyone else voted for.

  4. I also think specifically why the public eats up celebs downfalls is jealousy and bitterness.....for instance, this whole thing with Jim Carey might be a symptom of mental illness or some sort of mental breakdown ....but his like, existential rants and revelations to me come off as a privelleged white man who's up to his ears in money, doesn't have to work anymore, can go anywhere in the world, so for him to give condescending rants about like, energies and matter etc just makes me think "must be nice to have all the leisure time and luxuries in the world to just explore existential ways of thinking, buddy" 

    I think people resent celebs for their money and extravagant lifestyles, that we forget that they are human too and despite that their day-to-day lives might be easier, they still experience HUMAN suffering at times in their lives, just like we all do. 

  5. 2 hours ago, confidentnotcocky said:

    This type of thing really made me see the hypocrisy and sanctimony of people when it comes to mental illness. I roll my eyes when I see world mental health awareness day or whatever it's called because people respond well it only if the symptoms aren't showing or if the person has learned to deal and live with their condition, if a person are in the middle of some kind of episode like Britney or show glimmers of it, or are genuinely socially awkward (not in the 'cool' way TV sitcoms make it) then society will ridicule that person, and judge the hell out of them.

    What happened with Britney was sad because people appeared to get off on watching the perfect girl fall, and nearly die. The media prepared for it they would have made so much money from it. Perez Hilton was super vicious, he was stirring it because he knew he had a big influence at the time and really went out of his way to make her look unredeeming, you'd think he had something personal against her. It was like he hated her but it was just to make money. It must be so embarrassing for knowing that everyone knows what happened. People were even laughing at her or judging in her post breakdown interviews when it was clear she was affected by it all, yet if she appeared conventionally acceptable in interviews and onstage she would have been applauded and complimented and this is why people hide their issues and illness.

    well said.

  6. avril, paris and Britney all seem fairly agreeable. they are also very similar in looks; conventionally attractive, slim blondes. 

    kelly clarkson, kesha and pink seem a little more 'hands on' in their approach to their music, and also have differing body types, and I could see, if dr Luke is the misogynistic  p.o.s that ppl are claiming, him treating these girls worse than the others, and getting frustrated with them. 

    he sounds like the worst type of guy tbh. 

  7. 4 minutes ago, carlosallauca said:

    anyone: are you going to watch American Idol?

    me: depends on how bored i am

    I literally lolled 

    I think it's a great move for Katy Perry - nothing of hers is taking off right now and it'll be a good way to make up for who's not buying her album and maybe the moms who watch American idol will pick up her album cause honestly, thats her target audience is like grocery store mom bops. I mean NO OFFENCE to those women either. 

    Rihanna -  not so much. she doesn't need that gig.