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  1. rock star, a great unreleased track
  2. im here till the bitter end baby
  3. I don't know what all to believe from her parents. that sounds absolutely bizarre. but of course it could be true.....
  4. He could've recommended them to her, 'oh youre feeling sad/tired/stressed? i have a guy/doctor who can prescribe you something for that" 'here youre supposed to take them twice a day" "oh youre taking this medication? thats the shitty brand, here take this" etc and prob partying with her and having friends/himself doing recreational street drugs and having that be a normal part of her life. i need her to write a book lol i hope she does one day
  5. I think it's kinda stale to be a single maybe.....it's very 2012 edm....but it's awesome. I bet it would've had some killer remixes and the video could've been amazing too.
  6. mom moment of the year award goes to
  7. i love how they give her a Vanguard Award acknowledging that she's the queen of iconic music videos and then snub her future work.
  8. yes, after two flop eras i am losing faith she will put out an album with four singles/music videos and really push an era. I would absolutely love to be proven wrong.
  9. omg when britney dies and ppl start acting like they loved her music im gonna be like LIIIAAAARRRRRRRRRRS
  10. man i know i sound like a britard but i get so uncomfortable when ppl talk about her plastic surgery like yes it's 'obvious' maybe but still we don't know for sure and it's none of our business. the only celebrity plastic surgery I ever talked about with certainty was ashlee simpsons nose job lol (anyone remember that?) anyways, i think most rich women in hollywood get botox injections, whatever, it's completely normal up there so....i dont know. To answer the q if i was friends with Britney, no, i wouldn't bother talking about plastic surgery, I would bring over a box of wine and get her to dish some dirt.
  12. I just tell myself that most of it was britney, and for whatever reason - shitty production, whatever, you can hear a lot of the backing vocalist that is myah on some of the tracks. I think the album was rushed so brit didnt get to perfect her vocals on some of the songs and for that myah was brought into the forefront. It helped make the album her worst album, but it's not something to unstan over. It's just a shitty album with a few good songs on it, like a lot of pop albums out there.