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    It's hard to appreciate that album knowing she's not singing a lot of parts of the songs. We can also add the fact that the production is bad, and the fact that she didn't write the lyrics but is credited to have written the whole album doesn't help. Also, it was marketed as "personal" when it's wasn't. Such a turn-off. It's a weird mixture of dated EDM songs and ballads. They should have made 2 parts to make it more cohesive : PART 1 : 1- Alien 2- Perfume 3- Passenger 4- Chillin With You 5- Don't Cry 6- Brightest Morning Star 7- Hold On Tight PART 2 : 1- Work Bitch 2- It Should Be Easy 3- Tik Tik Boom 4- Body Ache 5- Til It's Gone 6- Now That I Found You