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  1. I Need Help

    Good idea, this thread is kinda dry. Lol.
  2. I Need Help

    Hey guys, So I need some opinions, advice, and suggestions on where to go next in terms of a career. I graduated from college in December 2016 with a B.S. in Communication and Media Studies. I specialized in classes related to digital media and things of that nature. That's truly one of my passions. I actually use to be a staff writer here, and I still use the site regularly. Needless, to say, I enjoy writing, entertainment, digital media, creating content, music, editing, and much more. I'm just unsure of where to go next. Right now I have a 9 - 5 job at a bank, but I'm looking for a career or position that aligns more with my degree (that's what we all want, amiright?). I know I can find it, and I'm open to suggestions or anything that can point me in the right direction. It's also difficult to describe exactly what I'm looking for when I don't entirely know myself. I just know what I'm interested in, what my talents are, and hopefully someone will be able to gather enough information from my broad description to offer me a useful suggestion! Any help is appreciated. Thanks, guys. XOXO -Zac