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  1. The same pre-recorded vocals used in POM....... When will you guys accept the fact that she is never going to sing? In fact, I think that those vocals are not even pre-recorded for POM, I think they come from the recording sessions of Britney Jean, but are nowhere to be found in the album since Myah took over.... lol
  2. omg this is just hilarious Girl, you don't even lip properly to the lyrics, and we still love you, but baby talk talk talk keep on lying through your teeth you know we know that you're a ...
  3. BRITNEY, JUST CUT THE sh!t BE HONEST. Who the hell is she trying to fool? OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG The world knows she doesn't sing a single word live and we still love her, so I don't get the point in lying. omhg ahahahahahahahahaha