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  1. Pink Comments on Britney

    Everyone needs to lay off Andy. His job is to interview celebrities and part of Britney's job is to promote and you do that through the media. I personally wouldn't want to interview someone who's giving me three word answers and using the word cool to describe almost everything. Britney is simple. I'm sorry but she doesn't come across like she has a whole lot going on in her head. It was no different on The X Factor. I know she isn't stupid because she used to give amazing interviews and recently does a lot better, but she doesn't always come across that way. You all know it.
  2. These three things must happen

    I didnt make it sound like those artist only have songs with lyrical substance. They do however release all types of music where Brit focuses purely on sex. MM and SP are both sexually driven. If its not about sex its normally just some type of club banger. Formation, What About Us, Mirrors, What Goes Around, are just a few examples of singles with substance. I also didnt say Britney should only release music like that. She sounds great singing on bangers and sexual songs, but it needs more maturity like ITZ.
  3. These three things must happen

    Well it doesn't have to be Taylor (she was just an example) but it should be with someone popular. I don't want another collab myself, however I do think its necessary. Slumber Party was a great single. Its catchy, and current, plus the video has amazing visuals, yet it had zero impact. The collab with Tinashe didnt work either as she isnt a big name. If Rihanna was on that track it would have done so much better just because of her name.
  4. These three things must happen

    Shes could release her next Toxic and it wouldnt matter because she isnt on anyones radar. Thats why a collab with a big name would help push her name out there, and get her radio play.
  5. These three things must happen

    She also said she still has about nine more albums to go!
  6. These three things must happen

    She could tool an album of so many things. She needs to find inspiration through something in her life besides SEX. Also I'm not here for another collab either, but I do think its necessary until she can carry her name alone again. I'm not one of these "just enjoy her music, who cares about success" fans.
  7. I hate to say it, but she needs a collab with a big name to bring in more listeners. Taylor Swift would be an instant smash, even though I cant stand the bitch. IF not for her lead single, then she needs a buzz single to get her name out there again. A successful singer will also give her higher chances at radio play because radio doesn't tend to support older artists. Second, she needs to release on a major show or channel. Womanizer was released on ABC after FTR, Work Bitch - CW release, S&S - The X Factor, 3 - Elvis Duran, even HIAM - MTv though it didnt have as much success it was bigger than MM. All those singles went number one or had major success. LWYMMD was released at the VMA's and we all know how successful it is. Britney probably wont see those numbers, but she can do A LOT better than 60 mil views. Lastly, if you look at all her peers they have matured where she still sings solely about sex. Pink, JT, Beyonce, Xtina, Jlo, ect. all sing about liberation. Its ok to be sexy, but she needs to sing music with more substance lyrically. I think if she is going to sing about sex, it also needs to have more mature content such as TOMH, or BOM. No more IUSA, 3, Clumsy type of stuff. You can also hate her peers all you want but they all carry success till this day. Add all three of these things up and I guarantee success.