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  1. 27 minutes ago, PokemonSpears said:



    Also, I didn't know I'll Never Stop Loving You was a cover until around 2013-2014 but in my defense, I had never heard, and till this day I still haven't heard about that J-son guy, except for the fact that he recorded a Britney song before it was a Britney song. 

    WHAT??? I didn't know it was a cover. Wow, add this to my flop moments as well :imok:

  2. Just now, really really cool guy said:

    This sounds decent, a lot better than the official version. JR ruined his own creation with those annoying sounds at the beginning. The whole thing sounds cheap af thanks to that :imok:

    Ikr. i couldn't believe that was what they chose to put on the record. It sounds like some bad radio commercial that plays when the guy speaks.

    and i was wondering why do people here hate it so much. Then i knew :imok: