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  1. 4 hours ago, Mirage. said:

    Check out E=MC2 definitely, bop after bop :martin:

    Memoirs is also pretty up tempo and light


    3 hours ago, RAWR! said:

    I guess e=mc2 could be considered more up tempo off the top of my head, I mean migrate whewww wig. But I wouldn't exactly call any Mariah album uptempo it's always a mix.

    Will check them out for sure :mhm:

  2. 1 hour ago, Chris88 said:

    This is so dumb, I can't. When you think about it, it was a freaking nipple. They didn't have sex on stage, it was just a nipple.:tiffcackle: 

    The backlash Janet had was 100 times worse than this little clause he had to sign. :tiffsniffle:

    lol this is RadarOnline. it's probably fake news, or maybe they said something like "no nipples this time , ok? haha" to him

  3. I recently listened to Froot and i think it's really good . I LOVE Froot the song and there are some really good songs in there like Solitaire, Savages, Blue. :mhm: 

    I haven't heard Electra Heart yet but i will at some point. I heard Primadonna and didn't really like it tho.