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    music What you felt when you listened X for the first time

    When i heard IUSA on the radio i didn't know it was Britney and i was blown away by how good it was. Later that week i think i downloaded Circus and i stan since then
  2. IUSAtonight

    music Beyoncé references Britney I Wanna Go

    I didn't know about this movie before IWG either. Did you get the MJ reference at the end tho?
  3. IUSAtonight

    How do you not be ugly

    Start saving up and get plastic surgery. You have to work hard for your dreams
  4. IUSAtonight

    K-Popstars Are Slaves!?! :O

    I never cared for K-pop. It sounds all the same to me. But yeah, i would not be surprised if that was the case. I mean some stuff sound extreme but people make a lot out of them, so i kinda believe it
  5. IUSAtonight

    K-Popstars Are Slaves!?! :O

    Omg. Would suck and im not really into Asians
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    New Member

    Hey. Welcome
  7. Lol she cares for streaming enough to get her hubby to boost her numbers on Tidal I miss her pop days tho. I don't like that song I've heard and the lemonade tracks that i listened to i didn't like either. It clearly works for her tho so i don't expect her to change that
  8. IUSAtonight

    other Xtina on Britney : I would love to see you

    It could possibly be 08 Vmas but they didn't have any interaction as i recall