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  1. lol this is RadarOnline. it's probably fake news, or maybe they said something like "no nipples this time , ok? haha" to him
  2. The sexiest activity that can be done that isn't exactly sex

    Replace medieval with Harry Potter world or Star Wars and im in
  3. Can't wait. Better take her time and make it good but not in a Xtina kind of way and release in the next millennium
  4. Britney Spears - Legion

    I like it more than most BJ tracks but it sounds like a Katy Perry song. It's cute and catchy tho
  5. Marina and the Diamonds

    I recently listened to Froot and i think it's really good . I LOVE Froot the song and there are some really good songs in there like Solitaire, Savages, Blue. I haven't heard Electra Heart yet but i will at some point. I heard Primadonna and didn't really like it tho.
  6. The Official Mariah Carey Thread

    What are Mariah's more up tempo albums? I listened to "Butterfly" and although "My all" is one of my favorite Mariah songs it was a little too mellow for me I really like Honey, the roof and close my eyes tho
  7. That wouldn't surprise me to be the case before their fisrt album came out
  8. what are you top 3 albums by Madge

    I haven't heard of a full album tbh but at some point i will listen to ROL to see what is all the fuss about
  9. All the lurkers logging onto Exhell today...

    Yeah...im not going to check them I used to play SA2 all the time on GameCube. Sonic riders was cute too but Sonic heroes was a little messy. My favorite character was Knuckles tho, so hot
  10. New outtake from Mark Liddell (2008)

    That looks nice. I miss seeing her in magazines and stuff like that
  11. All the lurkers logging onto Exhell today...

    I used to love Sonic when i was younger and ngl Sonic adventure 2 is still a GAME
  12. All the lurkers logging onto Exhell today...

    What happened? Did i miss another one of those days?
  13. Joe Jonas Is Officially Off The Market

    Good for them. Usually when people get maried at such a young age (and in this industry) doesn't go well but maybe they'll be the exception
  14. Joe Jonas Is Officially Off The Market

    Ikr. i thought it was cute that the couple posted the same photo but then i saw Nick's post and it got a little weird ngl