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  1. Lucky Performance LIVE

    that's the one. she looks exactly the same but a different outfit
  2. How did she sell 3 millions already? She had a huge drop in her second week and she was at about 1,5 million
  3. Britney Singing What Child Is This

    Honestly i'm not a big fan of the song in general. It's so overplayed and i find it kind of annoying
  4. Britney Singing What Child Is This

    The world wouldn't be able to faction the next day. Global number one would be inevitable
  5. Britney Singing What Child Is This

    Not clear at all since no one really knows what that sounds like
  6. Well, being a garbage person doesn't mean he can't have good music you enjoy. Take MJ for instance, a pedophile who's still being praised for his music
  7. Britney Singing What Child Is This

    Nobody knows she is the original singer tho. Stop trying to make it happen. It's not going to happen
  8. Lol Crossroads has 3.4/10
  9. Exclusive: Post POM plans revealed

    Ofc Sam would be on board... Anyway, radar online so probably fake
  10. Well i actually enjoy Stitches and Treat you better when they come up on the radio. Don't know anything else from him tho
  11. How scared where you in 2007/2008

    I wasn't a fan then and not really aware of her. I remember hearing about her in the news and my mom said something like "she's a nice girl but hanging out with Paris destroyed her"
  12. How old is he? I feel like a perv watching these
  13. I am thinking about tagging along with my brother and his friends to a trip to Amsterdam but all they want is to get high and i don't like them. Should i go for the experience?

    1. falka


      Yes go for it, cuz Amsterdam could be scrapped like everything else.:nopingout:

    2. IUSAtonight


      I mean global warming and ha impact is real so you may be right :outwithit:

  14. Sam wears tighty whities

    Tbh if you have a nice body and face, almost everything you wear looks sexy
  15. Why is everybody here so anti Vegas residency?

    1. She gets bored and then the show goes downhill. 2. She focus on promoting her Vegas show and forgets her albums after 1st single 3. It's very difficult and expensive for fans outside of the US to go to Vegas 4. People outside of the fanbase are forgetting her so it's not good for her career For me these are the main reasons i don't like it.
  16. Guess Britney's next collab

    Realistically someone like Becky G or Cardi B when everyone will hate her
  17. One of my favorite Britney tv show moments

    You don't need a magnifying glass for this
  18. One of my favorite Britney tv show moments

    There aren't sis. I checked
  19. One of my favorite Britney tv show moments

    I just noticed tbh. Are there any nudes or thirst pics available by any chance?
  20. One of my favorite Britney tv show moments

    Btw that host is kinda hot... right?
  21. One of my favorite Britney tv show moments

    Yes. Her energy war really there it seems. People like to make fun of Beyonce for her seizure dance moves but Britney is doing something similar here i feel and i like it
  22. My Britney Christmas Tshirt Design

    She looks like Madonna but i like the festiveness
  23. Post tragic youtube thumbnails

    Fucking dead