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  1. Britney Needs Juliana Hough's Stylist

    I tnink the problem is Britney not wanting to sit 2 hours in a chair for hair and make-up, cause she usually looks good at award shows where she probably takes the time to do that stuff
  2. Look what i saw on a TV show

    Yas promo slay #buyperfumeonitunes
  3. Unpopular? That was the main complain i believe with the remix, that Britney sounded bad
  4. That was it. Around 3:10 I also love how it started with Britney on star search
  5. I know nothing about mixing but there's this megamix where the circus pre chorus instrumental plays and then goes into Slave with Circus instrumental, which i thought sounded amazing. Idk if you know the mix im talking about but I'll post the link.
  6. The Official Mariah Carey Thread

    It's not that i don't like ballads but too many too soon can be a little much. I was thinking that i love Hero and Without you that's why i was leaning to that but perhaps you are right.
  7. I think Beyonce used it for her tour
  8. So is he also releasing new music? Kind of a wasted opportunity if he doesn't.
  9. Yeah i just googled her she has an album and 3 EP that will make her second album. Would be fun for Britney to feature her on a track i think. After all she was her mentor
  10. The winner was that country guy from LAs team who was wearing a cowboy hat. Wow Beatrice has 3 albums, i had no idea. I think I've watched a mv of hers but can't remember.
  11. Well, Britney hasn't worked with Max Martin since FF and that was when her last big hit happened. Her performances are indeed far better than Britney s. I don't remember Christina performing apart from the occasional The voice appearance
  12. That's impressive even with the tour bundle. I didn't care for her first single and im not really interested in the album
  13. Kinda sad that 5H were the only ones who got a real career out of xf.
  14. I really like to see her performing in pants and in anything that isn't the usual leotard tbh
  15. The video did quite well tho, at least for the first few weeks. Better than SP and MM for sure
  16. Fiebre Britney is going to Las Vegas

  17. Britney’s team sent SP for SOTY and ROTY

    How can they do that? Glory was eligible for the 2017 Grammys
  18. Marina and the Diamonds

    Oh Britney. She's been photographed for 20 years you'd think she would be able to look less forced when posing
  19. Lyrical genius??? Those are some of her worst lyrics that i've heard. It sounds like a 9 year old wrote them. I like the beat but the lyrics are trash and don't flow good with the song at all
  20. Till I can't take it no more

    I really like the TTWE choreo. it fits the song, it was easy for Britney to execute and it looked cute minus the excessive chest bump
  21. Till I can't take it no more

    That was the best costume from FFT imo. all the others looked super basic
  22. The Official Mariah Carey Thread

    I just listened to E=MC2 and i really liked it I definitely could live without these features tho. Epsecially T-pain and Jeezy, Side effects was kinda ruined by him I think the next Mariah album i'll listen to will be Music box
  23. Andy and the people who call bring up Britney and Christina all the time in that show, so it's not her fault they ask her about Christina
  24. The Pussycat Dolls Deny Prostitution And Drug Claims

    I mean they wouldn't say "Yes, they totally were whoring us out" especially if the reunion rumors are true