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  1. I like it much better than Filthy. The video had some cool shots and stuff but that woke act he's trying to manifest seems really fake and tryhard to me
  2. Share Your "Drunk" Stories!

    Lol ive never got really drunk or had a hangover with just beer, i just go to that happy state that im still aware of what's going on. Stuff like Vodka and Rum affect me much though so i stay away from those
  3. I Will Be There vs. Thinkin About You

    Definitely I will be there
  4. Share Your "Drunk" Stories!

    I mostly drink cause I don't talk much when im out...so i drink But usually it's just beer so im fine. You definitely should try hold yourself though and know your limits
  5. Share Your "Drunk" Stories!

    I haven't been drunk for a while but when i do i feel i behave not so crazy. Im pretty tame i guess.
  6. Am I talking to the next Bundy?

    I feel like this guy is trolling you and tries to shock you.
  7. Is it ok to a concert by yourself?

    I haven't been to a legit concert but i understand the feeling of not wanting to go alone somewhere. I may consider going to one of her Europe dates alone too when they are announced
  8. It's the dance cut? I guess you weren't around in 2011?
  9. I don't think so, it seems like she's dancing to me Also bring back the original choreo for the summer shows pls. it's miles better than the nothingography she's doing now and she was doing it right most of the times in the FFT
  10. Sun songs

    Oh i see now It sound like some of the lyrics are different than the original as well
  11. Sun songs

    It can be in the title or it makes you think of it and puts you in a sunny happy mood
  12. Today He Wanted To Talked To Me And...

    Sorry to hear that. Well still there's no need for it to be deleted, just stop updating it and it'll disappear from the first page eventually
  13. Do you have any idea why...

    I also like chewing gum. It helps you be less nervous and makes your breath fresh
  14. Did I just have a prophetic dream?

    I had a dream i was sucking a stud and i hope it was prophetic as well
  15. Today He Wanted To Talked To Me And...

    Why, what happened? We need it for future references
  16. Sun songs

    Do you mean this one? Not really a fan of the Beatles tbh you reminded me of this RS song tho
  17. Sun songs

    Im yours is so cheesy but also so fun when it comes on the radio West coast is rather gloomy tho
  18. That outfit isn't very nice. That looks like an after shower robe with a bow. Her face looks nice but lips are too swollen. Her boyfriend tho
  19. Sam Federline

    Do you mean that Sam is Kevin's son
  20. Katy Perry Is Reportedly Planning A Comeback

    840k is quite good. I thought she flopped harder
  21. Wtf is G-easy wearing? Also JT with that beanie