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  1. New Residency in East Coast Next Year?

    I would prefer her taking a break for like a year from performing and then coming up with a new show and album than having her performing this show like a mess
  2. Let's Talk || Did You Guys Ever Go On A Deleting Spree ?

    I don't post much stuff so no. I did delete some old ass posts from 6 years ago once tho
  3. Blood in my stretchers

    Your ears look disgusting if you take them off so no thanks
  4. Piece of me in new orleans March 3rd

    Would a radio station announce that and give away tickets before an official announcement tho?
  5. So I was on Deviant Art and...

  6. Doesn't really like the sound of that
  7. John Early sings My only wish on TV

    Why do people tell him he does a good Britney impression tho?
  8. Great cast wasted on a remake of a movie franchise that should stop after the first one.
  9. POM 2.0 What were your thoughts ?

    I liked the idea behind the Lucky performance but her lipsyncing while just sitting there made it cringy. Same goes for Everytime. Perfume performance was just bad
  10. Such a bop. I had it on repeat when it came out and long after that. I wish she would bring back the original choreo and actually do it
  11. POM on the road again?

    It sounds like something she would do. Just a little cash grab before she retires the show but a casino tour sounds fake to me
  12. Justice for "Now that I found you."

    it's cute but i hate that they used the same verse 2 times
  13. I just realized that I don't Hold On Tight enough

    What Britney Jean could have been
  14. Number one in my heart forever
  15. Surprise accostic performance in the last leg of "Roses are forever"
  16. I thought this would be about a music video. Nice click baiting tho
  17. The person who's zooming in to see her text though
  18. HQ rare The Joy of Pepsi promos

    So cute i wanna pinch her cheeks
  19. Reason why Beyonce's best Britney's song is MATM

    Beyonce's best Britney's song?
  20. I never cared for Destiny's child, i didn't even know there were other members but it's nice that she doesn't forget where she started from
  21. Katy is back to black

    it growed back so fast, it's a christmas miracle Honestly she should stick with that. it suits her really well and most of her other looks are tryhard