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  1. At first i didn't like it but now it started growing on me
  2. She's cute but i find her voice annoying
  3. I don't really know anything about her but this doesn't looks like shade. I mean Britney never really was she known to write her songs.
  4. She should go see her show and take a pic with Brit also that mustache looks horrible
  5. Well i think it always depends on the song. Maybe with less belting on Xtina's part and more pop on Rihanna's this could work
  6. official

    She actually needs to delete Max Martin off her contacts cause their hit formula aint working no more
  7. Im ready for her lives like "And im looking at the bluueeeee moooooooooooooooooooooon"
  8. I think it's this one But it also kinda looks like the Pepsi outfit
  9. She looks so cute around children Also that tight top again
  10. Exactly! You should try ignoring users who make you feel that way. That person who's downvoting you is probably someone who made another account just to downvote people, cause maybe he/she thinks online reputation means anything. Just try not pay attention. If something bothers you, you can report it. Also keep in mind you can block users if you feel like they attacking you for no reason or whatever your reasons are.
  11. Wouldn't his account be unfoundable if he was banned?