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  1. John Early sings My only wish on TV

    Why do people tell him he does a good Britney impression tho?
  2. Great cast wasted on a remake of a movie franchise that should stop after the first one.
  3. POM 2.0 What were your thoughts ?

    I liked the idea behind the Lucky performance but her lipsyncing while just sitting there made it cringy. Same goes for Everytime. Perfume performance was just bad
  4. Such a bop. I had it on repeat when it came out and long after that. I wish she would bring back the original choreo and actually do it
  5. POM on the road again?

    It sounds like something she would do. Just a little cash grab before she retires the show but a casino tour sounds fake to me
  6. Justice for "Now that I found you."

    it's cute but i hate that they used the same verse 2 times
  7. I just realized that I don't Hold On Tight enough

    What Britney Jean could have been
  8. Surprise accostic performance in the last leg of "Roses are forever"
  9. I thought this would be about a music video. Nice click baiting tho
  10. The person who's zooming in to see her text though
  11. HQ rare The Joy of Pepsi promos

    So cute i wanna pinch her cheeks
  12. Reason why Beyonce's best Britney's song is MATM

    Beyonce's best Britney's song?