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  1. Not really into it. I prefer Malibu. Also that's the official video i believe and nit a lyrics video
  2. I like it but this green hurts my eyes
  3. new generation has no idea who jt is

    They knew who he is and they knew most of the songs when they heard them and everyone knew Can't stop the feeling
  4. She's releasing an album since 2014. I haven't heard the leak cause i don't really care but the whole thing was handled poorly
  5. Here come the "production problems" and then she'll "have to focus on my mental health" and "schedule problems" Careercancelled. Waiting for her to whore herself at the vma to get some attention, although no one is going to watch that sh!t
  6. You can now see Katy Perry for $10 at the Hitless Tour!

    The seats seem to be pretty far from the stage but cmon now, i would have to pay more to go to the local fair
  7. Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 5

    I actually like her but i agree she was really annoying in this episode and so was Arya. Also where is Bran? I know he's weird now but they could just go to him and ask him or something. Perhaps they re saving that for the finale but im really frustrated that they just ignore the supernatural medium
  8. Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 5

    I just watched the leak and beware the spoilers
  9. Successica Legendson: NEW ALBUM SOON!!!

    I would love to say that these are ringing some kind of bell but i can't Wasn't she pretty local tho? Maybe that's why i don't know her stuff
  10. Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 5

    Oh my. Mess confirmed Nevertheless i will look for it later today
  11. Successica Legendson: NEW ALBUM SOON!!!

    Sometimes during the holidays i may listen to her rendition of Carol of the bells but other than that and the boots song which is a cover i couldn't name a song of hers