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  1. Britney Spears - Legion

    I like it more than most BJ tracks but it sounds like a Katy Perry song. It's cute and catchy tho
  2. Marina and the Diamonds

    I recently listened to Froot and i think it's really good . I LOVE Froot the song and there are some really good songs in there like Solitaire, Savages, Blue. I haven't heard Electra Heart yet but i will at some point. I heard Primadonna and didn't really like it tho.
  3. The Official Mariah Carey Thread

    What are Mariah's more up tempo albums? I listened to "Butterfly" and although "My all" is one of my favorite Mariah songs it was a little too mellow for me I really like Honey, the roof and close my eyes tho
  4. That wouldn't surprise me to be the case before their fisrt album came out
  5. what are you top 3 albums by Madge

    I haven't heard of a full album tbh but at some point i will listen to ROL to see what is all the fuss about
  6. All the lurkers logging onto Exhell today...

    Yeah...im not going to check them I used to play SA2 all the time on GameCube. Sonic riders was cute too but Sonic heroes was a little messy. My favorite character was Knuckles tho, so hot
  7. New outtake from Mark Liddell (2008)

    That looks nice. I miss seeing her in magazines and stuff like that
  8. All the lurkers logging onto Exhell today...

    I used to love Sonic when i was younger and ngl Sonic adventure 2 is still a GAME
  9. All the lurkers logging onto Exhell today...

    What happened? Did i miss another one of those days?
  10. Joe Jonas Is Officially Off The Market

    Good for them. Usually when people get maried at such a young age (and in this industry) doesn't go well but maybe they'll be the exception
  11. Joe Jonas Is Officially Off The Market

    Ikr. i thought it was cute that the couple posted the same photo but then i saw Nick's post and it got a little weird ngl
  12. Queens support each other. Wonder if Britney watched "The flock"