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  1. Tom's Diner, no vocoder

    he played it in his live sets (which I saw live and were incredible!!!). Apparently Britney requested the vocoder.
  2. Have you noticed this in TTWE video? funny

    Do you blame them? Britney established herself as a singer who could kill a dance routine. FF was being hyped as a comeback. This was the first time her team tried something like this. Its not the duration of time, its the fact that its a double, dressed like Britney in a blonde wig to make her dancing look better.
  3. Maybe she will Annunce it on a Super Bowl Comercial

    I don't know If this is believable, another source on twitter has said the music is due out later in the year. Why would team Britney tease five songs? this seems a little bit too....perfect.
  4. this user revealed of Taylor Swifts big news this year. Single release, album release, Endgame release date etc.
  5. Britney's satin dress cost only $25

    I'm not gonna lie, I kinda got BOMT Onyx Hotel vibes from this, and it makes me wish she'd do more costumes like that.