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  1. how? (face)

    vma 2015-ney looked like just like Vma 2009. The Hospital opening in Vegas looked extremely like Kids Choice Awards 2009. Mermaidney looked like Pepsi Britney. and then there's the casual instagram photos that literally flawless.
  2. This probably looks harsher in writing than it was when spoken.
  3. It was a different time tbh. Britney was very open about things she had opinions on and so was Xtina, because there was far less of a paper trail to haunt them. It was a media created thing, but at somepoint, Xtina did use it to further herself, and then it reached a slightly bitter point (VMA's with trying to expose Britney for lipsyncing, and calling the kiss tacky (because she didn't get air time and Britney's MATM video being too simple and expected, and didn't she pass a comment about it only being cool to collab with madonna in the 90's?). Xtina was originally gonna be another Britney clone, like the jessica's and mandy's. She was another MMC kid with a big voice (and Genie in a bottle is a testiment to that). Her label allowed her to use her voice, whilst pleasing the teeny bopper marker, but as Britney's image and sound evolved, they tried to follow suit. Britney faced more backlash because she was the bigger star, Xtina faced backlash because it was a tacky move, that didn't benefit her in the long run, but it happened because her label tried to push her as Britney (the blonde dancer with a sex appeal) with a bigger voice. When it came to performances, Britney did it better, when it came to music, Britney did it better, and when it came to sales, Britney did it better. Britney was also more relatable, and grounded. Xtina tried to push herself as an artist (releasing mindless pop music about sex) but was also incredible bitter.
  4. how? (face)

    Did I not just say she got an eye lift or two? in 2012 and 2013? read the section pls.
  5. We'll find a way to miss POM

    That Britney was there from the Summer for 2015 through to the late 2016, that's a year and a half. 2017 Britney isn't dancing as much, but her energy is there. Femme Fatale tour had production but it was only to cover that Britney was incredibly lacking as a performer, I mean really? They put her in a basket for 2 minutes at one point.
  6. how? (face)

    I don't think she a lot of actual surgeries (like an eyelift, or a nose job) because they do have healing times, she had them once off, but they were very noticable, but I she had a lot of botox and fillers, I think she's laid off the botox but still does fillers. She also had laser fat removal, because she was photographed with leaflets and turned up in POM and was incredibly thinner.
  7. how? (face)

    Are we still having this conversation? - Nosejob in 2013 - eyelift in 2012 (its why her eyes looked different during S&S and Xfactor), followed by a second in 2013 (iheartradio, her eyes were suddenly huge). - botox and fillers (cheeks and lips) through 2012 till now, getting particularly noticable in 2014. - very little attention to make, or make that translates onto a camera.
  8. Stems or nah? Really? We do know the circumstances. Team Britney scrapped an album over something that would be more marketable, made Will.I.Am the exec and expected him to produce songs like thatPOWER, Scream and Shout and BEP stuff (that sold and got exposure) but Britney wasn't interested, had other commitments and they ran out of time to make the album meet a certain standard. As much as no one person was solely responsible, Britney, her team, Will.I.Am, Anthony Preston and Myah Marie are all equally to blame. Britney should've stood her ground, or record the songs just to get them over with, her team should've planned better or chose other material, Will.I.Am shouldn't' have wanted to produce and edit finalised tracks, Anthony Preston should've used Britney's vocal takes and Myah shouldn't have recorded lead vocals. There's a reason why producers, and writers jumped ship with this album, and placed all the blame back onto team B. as fan of any artist, we expect them to be the person we're hearing, not an imposter. The reaction was fair and expected.