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  1. No one is denying photoshop, but lets not pretend like the photo on the right is what she looks like all the time, its in harsh lighting with iffy make up. Even the clive davis grammy party make up looked good when it wasn't under red carpet light (the photo with sam and the microphone.)
  2. You literally changed your name because you didn't like something....
  3. Stop being so desperate for attention on every thread?
  4. Flop fans are flop trolls. #BuyFloppyTrollsOniTunes.
  5. The photo on the left looks more like this than the one on the right. Harsh lights age people. Photoshoots use photoshop. The world is round.
  6. First things first, now that we got the shoot, she doesn't look THAT different than when she's in good lighting on Instagram... Secondly, there will always be people looking to compare, be nothing but negative, and be completely ignorant too. There's an ignore button.