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  1. On 12/8/2017 at 10:45 PM, BoyToySoldier said:

    It's definitely her, she's just a ghost singer on the track. She wouldn't list it on her website for no reason either.

    We have footage of Britney recording it, and a snippet of the demo vocals for it too. 

    why we don't have the same for BJ........

  2. 5 minutes ago, Body ache said:

    In the beginning when the audience applauded more for Xtina than Britney. Britney won in the end. The kiss saved her.

    Xtina didn't upstage Britney at all during that perfomance. Xtina's cheers was short and sweet, but she didn't outshine Britney, or anyone else in that performance. Xtina is easily the most replaceable part of that performance.

  3. Ugghhh not you again. 

    Britney didn't pitch these up! She recorded them in a higher sounding voice (the baby voice). You did this last year. It doesn't reveal any new qualities, its DWAD-DLMBTLTK-ing her voice. 

    The insta was sped up, these weren't.

  4. 2 hours ago, khaleesi said:

    I didn't know the existence of that song until today. Can somebody summarize its story? if it has one. Thank you <3 

    When Britney released ...Baby One More Time, Don Phillip was her label mate and was featured on the song 'I Will Still Love You', where he had a smooth, very 90's voice, but very little came from him, he never broke the mainstream.

    In 2010, TMZ (I think, might have been a different tabloid) reported that a new Britney song, about wanting to take care of your significant other (wink wink) had been shared with them, called Pleasure You, that was urban, featured a full voiced Britney and was for her upcoming album (Femme Fatale, before everything was scrapped, writting teams were brought in and Femme Fatale became what we know today). They quoted lyrics to the song, but the song never reached the public.

    flash forward to 2012, and Britney is on X-Factor. During the audition process, Don Appears as a contestant, looking for a second choice because he left his career because he ''never felt worthy''. Britney recognises him instantly and was happy to see him, but he seems very odd, very overly emotional etc. Simon Cowell is having none of his vagueness about feeling worthy, learning to sing with truth, starving and sweating for this moment etc. The longer it goes on, the more concerned Britney looks. He comes out as gay and Britney looks relieved, however, Simon was having none of it because ''its 2012''. Don got more upset, because he felt that he wasn't ''okay'' for a long time, his mother said it, his family said it, and someone told him that Britney even said. Britney is kinda caught off guard, and still Simon doesn't care, but Don keeps going. Britney starts to close off completely. Simon tells him to shut up and sing, and he does, to Beyonce's Halo....

    .....and it, while not being the worst performances, goes terribly. It begins off okay but it becomes clear his voice isn't the smooth 90's voice. Its frail, its shakey, it sounds sore, and on top of that, he can't sing a melody, and his runs are off.

     ...but doesn't take the criticism kindly, Britney is uncomfortable, and Simon tells him exactly how it is: He can't sing, and doesn't have the temperment for it. Britney, as best she can, plays diplomat and recognises he has struggled, but he isn't a brilliant singer anymore, and he doesn't go through, and immediately breaks down over his ruined chances and broken dreams....grim.

    Flash forward a few weeks after, when the show is released and its all over the papers, and all of a sudden, Pleasure You, featuring Don Phillips leaks, and was supposedly a collab between him and Britney (according to him), but the vocals all sound recent and messy, and it seems like a last ditch attempt to grab headlines.

  5. Consent is the problem here. Either Melanie is lying, and she ignored all signs of being uninterested, or Melanie had no reason to believe timothy wasn't enjoying it. When it comes to consent, you have to be vocal and physical with it, whether its actually asking someone if they like something, or making a clear sign of disinterest (pushing a hand away). Timothy might have completely went along with it, but not wanted to, because she felt she had to, whether that was Melanie's intention or not.

    I hope they can figure something out because this is a tough one.

  6. It could've went either way tbh. Circus had such hype because it was a comeback, the VMA's was only one part of the how time period.

    If she hadn't have released blackout, and still released a safe, clean album in 2008, then people might have pointed out that there was too much of a contrast between Britney the brand, and Britney the person. 

    Blackout was kinda perfect because it was messy, gritty, and completely detatched from Britney, but at the same time reflected her at that time. It acted as a pillar to show how far Britney had come in the space of a year also. 

    There's no way to tell tbh.


  7. Still surprised that there are fans who only now realise they don't like her voice. Like honestly, this was better than Happy Birthday (come on, the keyboard started playing to try and help her find a stable key halfway through, her runs were okay, but she was flat quite a bit...after dancing so understandable, but come on, its Happy Birthday), and STTA, she was quite pitchy (particularly on the chorus ''a little mystery to figure out'').

    if the only criticism you have is ''she sounds like a goat'', how have you survived 20 years of being a fan? Shes always had that same vibrato. This is literally as raw as you get with any artist (unless they're singing into your ear in the same room as you). There's no backing, she's in tune, maybe she could work on phrasing a bit, but if its her actual voice......why call yourself a fan?....

    ...especially if you're the type of fan whose always been a fan but constantly criticises her now, because ''Primeney'', but then still criticse Primeney.

  8. As much as I love this clip, I do find it shocking that this fan base can be so delusional.

    Britney might be able to do the baby voice in controlled environments, but when has it ever sounded like the insta video? Britney does play around with her voice, but that isn't the baby voice, its a pitched, sped up video. Why she sped it up? probably because she just wanted to. 

    But honestly, when she has she sounded like her insta post? when she's always sounded like the slightly pitched down/slow down one. 


  9. 8 minutes ago, riccus said:

    bitch you just disliked a similar post I made. Are you bipolar or what. :nopingout:

    I disliked your post because it was about a pitched down video that was pitched too low, and you were claiming it was her natural voice (it was but not in that one particular video) as much as people are acting like Britney's vocal was one take and she sang like a chipmunk, pitching it down to DWAD DLMBTLTK isn't exactly better. 

    Also, that thread annoyed me due to its negativity.

  10. I genuinely don't understand a particular group of Britney fans on this forum. They complain that she doesn't do anything anymore, she posts a (sped up) video (and fans correct it) and sounds like her first album, and they still complain. Britney has always had a very particular vocal fry, and timbre, to her voice. If its taken you twenty years to realize you don't like it, then leave. 

    Britney sounds incredible, and something is up if she's randomly starting to show off her voice more. 

  11. 2 minutes ago, PokemonSpears said:

    or send through e-mil to Larry Rudolphs of the world whenever they ask for :imok:

    i wonder if he got the names of the songs, or how did he even ask them for the unreleased material? Anything I imagine sounds very suspicious, like, I mean, how did the e-mail read?

    "Dear RCA, could you send me all the unreleased songs Britney has recorded in the past two years? Yeah, you know, THOSE songs :urite:"


    "RCA, could you send me the unreleased material that didn't make the cut for Glory you know, the album that's not getting more singles from you. I need to check if they're ok  :yaknow:" .

    I wouldn't be surprised if he just tried to sound like really casual about tbh. We're talking about a record label that sent physical copies to shops weeks before the release, and were surprised it leaked, paid millions for a big budget video, to release Britney and Friends Fun Time and dont make plans. 

    An email that looked professional, read as if it was proffesional and was signed by him probably worked. I hope we get 4 albums worth of Britmas 

  12. 1 minute ago, Spearsfan said:

    I mean she is worth 100's of millions but looks a mess most of the time. Is there need to question why she doesn't get her teeth fixed... 

    maybe she likes them? I understand why she got the nose job, and why she got the eyelift, and early on the fillers and the botox (not at its worst though!) but maybe her teeth are somthing she likes, even with a light chip/asymmetrical look.

  13. Britney hasn't touched her teeth, maybe she had them whitened, but she's literally had a slightly crooked tooth since atleast 2008, its not a new thing.

    If anything, seeing as she's touched her face, we're only noticing these things now. Do you really think she's paid money to get one crooked veneer?

  14. I dont think anyone in this thread is wrong as to why Glory had no third single, but I do think its all part of one big puzzle.

    Her label saw that the album had the potential to be huge, with big singles etc. Britney was confident with it, as were her team. Her team, however, dropped the ball with the Make Me release, both the single and the video (for whatever reason). They invested too much money in it for it to be the failure it was, and a lack of decent exposure lead to lack lustre sales. 

    Slumber Party had good reviews, but releasing a single and not promoting for a month is useless. 

    Her label might have recognised the potential the album had and wanted to invest in it initially, but they also recognised that a failure to create solid, cohesive plans meant they were not benefiting or gaining anything from them. 

    so they stopped, and once you cut the funding, you don't get the products....to not sell.

  15. 6 minutes ago, Dark.Knight said:

    quote me when I've complained about Britney not looking 21 anymore


    ironically you're the one making the comparisons



    whatever you say. Keep posting gifs I guess.

    I made the comparison because someone said that the VMA's (and Britney looking remotely like herself) were a once off. 

  16. Honestly, these threads are becoming draining, it was only a matter of time before fans started praising x-factorney and ff-ney's looks.

    Britney had work done then, and it was noticeable, she looked different, and she aged an incredible amount in 2-3 years, so much so, she looked nothing like herself, even when she was glammed up to the hills (2011 VMA Britney doesn't look like Circus Britney, neither does Wango Tango Britney). Her eyes looked more hollow, and she looked off....

    ...and fans weren't all too nice about it. Non-stop ''suggestions'' about her needing botox, an eyelift, plastic surgery because ''she has the money''.

    and here we are, its nearly four years since she got a nose job, another eye lift and fillers, and fans still arent happy.

    When Britney wears little to no make up or gets a decent make up artist, there are differences but she's not unrecognisable (nowhere near how 'fans' make it out to be), 2015 VMA's are the best example, and the Cancer Centre Opening is another. 

    and if we're really getting into it this much, its not just face that changed, she changed completely too,. She didn't just ''ruin her face'', she was trying to undo something.

  17. 1 minute ago, Steel Magnolia said:

    But she still had the "Britney face" that everyone refers to.

    Part of the reason for that is that she'd only really touched up her eyes, and had slightly inflated her lips...But hadn't messed with the rest. 

    Any woman is going to start to not look like themselves as soon as they mess with more than one feature.


    That's not true either. Britney didn't look like herself from 2011 onwards (possibly 2010 with the HIAM single art), something was always off about her face, and no one could place it. From 2011 through to 2013, fans were always saying she looked bloated, tired and old, and even at her best, she didn't look like ''Britney'', and she hasn't looked like that for 7 years now. 

    When she isn't wearing terrible make up, she looks more like herself with some changes, but lets not pretend that 2011 and 2012 were the height of beauty, she had noticeable work done, but fans didn't know what.

  18. 41 minutes ago, Steel Magnolia said:

    Back in 2012 I was one of those people telling them all they were nuts. I hate plastic surgery and fillers...maybe a bit around the eyes, but if you're going to mess with your eyes ya gotta leave the rest alone. :sobbing:

    One of my favourite looks from her ever was the Whitney tribute...She's never been more beautiful with those big bedroom eyes. And that was just around the time everyone here was going in on her, saying she needed to fix all the droop. :meltdown:


    I really do think the fillers are starting to affect her relevancy. The public was tolerant of the laziness during the FF era. So what changed? Why did she start to move towards Backstreet Boys territory in terms of their views of her? Was in Vegas? Or was it that she not only wasn't acting like herself, but no longer looked like herself either?



    2012 Britney had work done too, she didn't have ''big bedroom eyes'', she still had completely different eyes to 2009, 2011 and current Brit.