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  1. Lets not glorify the X-Factor Era: Britney was incredibly uncomfortable there, and her and Simon have since been quite tit for tat at each other because they both know it didn't work. The styling had its moments but Britney looked like she wanted to run most of the time....

    ...also, ''slut cut''? those dresses are the same length as on of the dresses she wears now? 

  2. It didn't lack presence, the timing was all over the place. She was everywhere possible.....a month after the release. It came down to bad planning, instead of releasing on VMA night, or doing damage control on the leaks, they let it slide by. 

  3. On 2/17/2018 at 5:34 PM, Godney's Sweet Ass said:

    If she has a baby girl, when that girl is about 4/5/6 years old Britney will bring her on stage during POM: 2025 - Vegas Residency #3 and she'll lip sync to the song as her little girl dances on stage with the original Everytime wings cut up and recycled as wings for her daughter. The wings will be dirty by then, but Spears never buy new when they can recycle :yasqueen:

    This began off as really cute and touching and turned into something else fast! haha

  4. It'll be something to do with reminiscing or looking back or something. Something that's sentimental and bittersweet but hopeful.

    Britney Spears - Long Way From Home 

    or something similiar

  5. 37 minutes ago, MissSpearsSaysSo said:

    Later on in the performance her voice has a kinda strange moment immediately before she started talking to the crowd saying “okay guys I know you know the words to this!” The way her words just slam together is too weird to me. I hope she was singing live though.

    I’m not saying that she wasn’t singing some or most of it live, but I think parts of it could be pre-recorded. Anyway it’s obviously her voice in whatever capacity, and I love it. I want to hear more of her real voice.

    Anyone else heat what I hear?  

    I know the section, but I honestly think it was just her cutting herself off. The rest of it seemed too...different....to be prerecorded, compared to the rest of POM. She seemed so into it and most of her POM lipsyncs have been very much like she knows we know its not live? if that makes sense.

  6. 1 minute ago, MissSpearsSaysSo said:

    I really hope that she does a different live cover for each show. Like, actually live for real. Im still not convinced that GTSTTA was completely live. A lot of work, but she could do it. 

    why do you think it wasn't live?

  7. 6 hours ago, Hypnotherapy said:

    What does she say? I'm hearing 'Kick stan' lol

    Its from Austin Powers: Gold member. There's a scene where Austin's dad (michael caine) tries to convince Mini Me to join them, and it gets around to Mini Me's....well...and is asked if everything is proportional, Austin's Father then makes jokes like 'he's a tripod, what do you feed it' and 'if you get tired, you can use it as a kickstand'.

    Flashforward to the end of the film, and they're actually watching the film Goldmember and they're in the lobby at the premiere, and Britney is talking to Mini Me and...the rest is above....