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  1. 9 minutes ago, BoyToySoldier said:

    No it’s not :orangu: 

    Kinda is. Circus gave us a Bratz cover, Mmm Papi, ''Smell Your Breath'', Radar (again) and a number one single that was the title repeated 36 times. Femme Fatale gave us an album that had Britney record songs in 15 minutes and then leave, and BJ gave us Britney drinking coffee while Myah did the work. 

    Atleast, this has a bit of actual artistry in it.

  2. 2 hours ago, Dark.Knight said:

    doesn't even matter if she brings it when most of the time she'll be twitching, bending her knees and rubbing her butt right through it. and that weird hand/chest thing she does often


    The chest thing I actually like, when she does it with energy. The twitching, buttrub and bendybounce do annoy me because they're all the time.

  3. 17 minutes ago, falka said:


    Welp, he was clearly giggling?:nocomprende:
    All jokes aside, it's his instagram, he did some goofball thingies with other dude also (can't find it now),:lemmetellu: but over all - more is pointing to serious, action oriented activities than silly.

    You're completely missing the point.

    Britney is famous for her image being a sex siren, but she (and anyone who knows her in private) says she's shy, and a dork. 
    Sam's instagram is filled with him being muscular, and sexy. 

    Whose to say that, like Britney, he's actually super grounded, shy, and a dork, which is why they get on so well? They've been together nearly a year, no?

  4. 7 hours ago, jennyj said:

    They haven't named an album after a track since Oops... but broke the trend with Circus, but when back to it afterwards.  And I'm glad they don't.  I like my album titles unique and separate from the song tracks.  I like the album name being the era name, and the singles being separate. . ;) 

    wasn't MATM originally called ITZ? 

  5. Everyone listen to Heal by Loreen (she sang Euphoria at the Eurovision), as well as her singles. This is what Britney needs. Music that's:
    - Incredibly well produced and has dancey/moody vibes (because the GP are here for Dance-Britney)

    - Smart lyrics, that are both catchy and personal. (because fans are here for this)

    - vocals that are incredibly natural. (because she actually gets praised for singing when she does it).


    She needs a cohesive theme or concept: Glory went from lacey body suits to banana yellow rhinestones, or super sexy to boyfriend auditions. She needs to have everything planned, and have backup plans also. Release a single AND video. If the album leaks, push it forward. NO PHYSICAL RELEASES UNTIL THE DIGITAL IS OUT. 

    her performances need to be around big events. VMA, Grammy, AMA, BBMA's etc. so she can get the hype.

    She needs to invest in them. get a new creative team and plan performances. Even if she chose to sing live, invest in visuals/costume. 


    she needs to push herself again too.


  6. ....Britney decided to bring back all her scrapped choreography from POM for the last run of the show. 

    She'd perform the original Piece of Me choreo at the chorus, all of Circus, Break the Ice, and bring back the chair for Slave 4 U, and do it all with more energy than it had before, and give us hope for the next era.

    I can dream.

  7. I know this rumour is probably fake (fierbre) but i honestly dont see it as beyond the realm of possibility tbh. Glory was a nice change for Britney, but a lot of the tracks were very of the now, then. Glory got tons of praise for her vocals on it (compared to Circus and FF...BJ wasn't Britney), and for the 20 year anniversary, they weren't gonna break the mould she set up for 20 years: Of course its gonna be pop music, that's radio friendly. They want a hit, but fans want vocals, and hopefully Britney wants to push herself more.

    Also, the world tour would be possible too. 20th anniversary and her asia tour doing well....

    ...but its all what we want to hear. A big Britney era, with number one singles and a world tour AND vocals AND award shows.

  8. 1 hour ago, MM said:

    in comparison to what? her body? the "choreography" is terrible and she waters it down, the "costumes" are all lingerie basically (so terrible they cause nip slips), no pre recorded vocals at all (at least she was trying in FF), she's also stiff and has no rhythm at all in PoM. she had good days and bad days for both FF and PoM but they are both not that excellent. 

    in comparision to everything. POM is a messy show, and its because its been on for too long with little investment since the revamp, but the difference is incredible.

    Britney is physically in the best shape she's been in since 2003, maybe longer. FF Britney was unfit and kinda out of shape (to be doing a world tour). 
    POM's costumes are incredibly cheap now, and have always been questionable, with the exception of a few. Femme Fatale Britney's were more expensive but didn't do anything for her. She looked out of shape in all of them, because they didn't suit here and were illfitting. Britney might be wearing leotards now but atleast they fit. 
    Britney's rhythm is off during POM, for whatever reason, and that's kinda in excusable. obviously, but when she brings it, she brings it. Femme Fatale Britney had literally one date where she seemed like she had energy....for 15 seconds in pittsburgh. Every other date was horrible.
    Yes, Femme Fatale had prerecorded vocals, and i do wish POM had those, there's no comparision, Femme Fatale Britney was horrible looking back. We'd drag Lady Gaga, beyonce, rihanna or christina if they was on stage like that.