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  1. As much as I believe this to be true (because the tour is selling out everywhere in seconds so a handful of dates is a given), I dont expect an entirely new show or Onyx Hotel level dancing. 

    POM's biggest problem came from the fact that the choreography was never spectacular from the start, when Britney put her energy into it looked good,  not incredible, but very good and entertaining. For the revamp, they had Charm and she was basic but effective, simple moves, and they had Chase also, who was incredibly limited. This lead to too many chefs spoiling the already bland broth. 

    If a new choreographer is coming in, their job will be to unify everything so it feels new and cohesive, they might add new numbers, but i'd say its more of an editing job than a completely revamp.

  2. 19 hours ago, Daxx said:

    I have the strange feeling that Xtina will release an album that will surprisingly outsell Glory and all the sh¡t we gave her will clapback :comingthru: and I'm not even a fan lol

    Xtina has released two albums since 2010 and both have been met with meh/bad reactions and bad sales for the times. She'll either get sales and bad reviews, bad sales and reviews or neither at this point. Glory's release was a mess so sales shouldn't be competition, but it got fab reviews.

  3. 1 hour ago, Arckangel said:

    Are you referring to that song, Ur So Gay? It's all tongue-in-cheek, and it's about a "metrosexual" straight male... I always thought it was funny. I get why some may not like that phrase, but Katy Perry has always made it very clear she's pro-LGBT. And the album that contained that song also included I Kissed a Girl. As for those collabs, it sometimes happens that one only later finds out certain traits about a colleague, a collaborator, etc. And quite some artists collaborated with Eminem in spite of his own reported gay dissing.

    Katy Perry only supports things when its trendy. She's marketing at its most trend focused. Before she became big, her singles were about her boyfriend looking gay (as if a guy taking care of himself is a bad thing?) and kissing girls because ''it felt wrong''. Gaga starts her BTW era campaign,  and all of a sudden her thing is empowerment, but she never directly says anything, and that's been throughout her career. If there's a buzzword or topic, she'll ride the train, but not actually do anything, until the next trend.

    She collabed with Migos, after he made homophobic comments, and even after backlash still featured them in the video and performed live with them (even though there was a solo version of the song). She copied Miley by having Drag Queens in a performance of Swish Swish, but literally used them as accessories because Drag Race is doing well.

    and its not just LGBTQ that she rides off, she was ''supporting'' Hillary Clinton and Feminism, and released Rise (which was ghostwritten by Dr. Luke), but jumped ship with nothing said Released Chained to the Rhythm (which was also incredibly hypocritical, promoted witness as a political album and then released 'Bon Appetit'', literally a song about being a piece of food.

    On top of all that, her dad is a pastor and when someone said they missed her old hair (after she cut it and made Britney/Mental Health jokes), she replied with ''oh I bet you miss Obama too! oh well, things change!''

    anytime she says she supports something, its only while its ''cool'', but then jumps ship.


  4. I think it was a mix of everything (except face surgery, because at that point she had had none to very little, possibly an eye lift at most). Femme Fatale was a big era, had its hits etc. but it didn't have ''Britney'', her performances werent there and there was no iconic moment from it (a positive one that is), the tour was met with mixed reactions too. X-Factor was a weird decision because, whilst we know Britney can sing, the GP doesn't; that isn't what Britney was known for as much as dancing and overall performance. To go onto a singing competition and sing very little (other than one line of imagine and happy birthday) was a bad move if it was an attempt at making her more credible. It was a money grab. Scream and Shout was a hit worldwide, but there was no performance, this didn't help, and overall, it was overexposure. She was everywhere but doing nothing, like Twister Dance.

    BJ was a success by the standards now, but it was a mess back then because we expect FF. 

    The problem was Britney didn't give us anything new. IF she wanted to be treated and respected as a singer, she could've have done X-Factor and sang more. If she wanted to do something to make kids danced, she could've pushed her dancing more. If she wanted to have a more successful album....BJ shouldn't have happened!

  5. 32 minutes ago, jokobitch said:

    i’m lost .... love britney but she does the bare minimum when it comes to social changes .. she just reads a cue card or uploads an insta pic with a dreamers shirt.. she doesn’t actually say anything 

    It could be argued that Britney being sexual and in control of her sexuality is something that a lot of lgbtq people look at and are inspired by. 

    Also, didn't katy Perry get it and she's done the opposite of activism? using gay as a derogatory word, collabing with homophobes etc.

  6. This one was hard. I voted for 6 as the best, but 3,4, 6 and 7 all worked so well for this segment of the show. they all worked with the lights and 3 worked with the UV lights very well. 
    Ultimately, it was between which performances were my favourite and the DYWCO first performance that did it, the yellow one was just a bit too much like the vmas.

    The worst one was far easier, 1 was the worst. It never fit her and looked uncomfortable (Neon and Lace shouldn't be a thing).

  7. 20 hours ago, Complication said:

    Britney's vocals are very clear throughout WB and this bullshit "demo". I swear most of you are a new fans...

    People act like Britney went in and sang a few words for BJ and then left the rest for Myah. Britney sang everything, but they chose to mix a lot of her vocals with Myah's. Why? I guess they thought Britney's singing was bad, which is weird, because she sounds great on Glory and the recent live performances. But given that full vocal outtakes have leaked of Britney singing, you can't say they just had Myah come in and do it instead.

    There are entire songs on Britney Jean that don't have Britney anywhere on them. Songs like Hold On Tight and Tik Tik Boom have Myah edited in on words for god knows what reason and that's just bad sound editing and production, but there are entire verses, choruses, bridges and songs where Britney  cant be heard, and I doubt any producer chooses to fill in the blanks if they had sufficient material (Brightest Morning Star for example, her vocals on the chorus sound weaker, so they used Myahs). 

    People praised Britney for recording TTWE in 15 minutes and leaving it, and that worked, but it shows that sometimes, Britney did the bare minimum and left.

    When it came to BJ, I'd say Britney recorded some of those tracks, but nothing was perfect, and they had no time to do them over.

  8. 14 was my favorite look of this section. Closely followed 10 and then 12. 14, to me, was the only time the outfit matched up with the dancers, and had the slightly grungy, plaid, rougher kinda look. 14 looked sportsy and she looked comfortable in it. 12 was great but it didn't match, personally. 

    The worst one was a tough call. 1 was a mess, because that's the original and it looked so bad on her, like it was too small from the get go (also, the sketches of it from marco marco's ideas show it was supposed to be inspired by her all denim look and the MATM video suit, which would've looked so much better with the dancers, you can still see elements from it in the design), but I voted for 21, just because it was just another bra and panties. 


    also, was 12 actually cut to pieces? the 17 on it is different.

  9. 10 minutes ago, The Greatest Show said:

     I dont like him a lot but Im really happy that he never threw Britney under the bus when he got the question "who was the worst singer on CPK?" I mean I know he only did it because he wants to keep the door open for Britney to maybe come on his show again but still... when he first got asked the question (he got it at least 4 times now) I was absolutley terrified. I was so relieved when he didnt answer.

    I doubt its to keep any doors open. I'd say it was more a smart PR move on his part. Of course he's not gonna say ''Well....Madonna voice isn't the best, Selena isn't a singer, Gaga oversang, Pink is bland, and Britney was terrible''.

    He'd have the show, and his twitter account blown up by their fan bases. 

  10. I voted for 14 as the best (because it reminded me of old Britney outfits). It was tough because the opening section had cool looks (The BBMA Catsuits, The Army Deep Cut leotard, the black iHeart). I didn't mind the leotards, she looked good in them, they were just a little mismatched and need something to pull them into the theme.

    I voted for 2 as the worst. 1 was a mess, but two didn't look any better in that photo. It made her look very square of something.


  11. Femme Fatale's vocals are weird because the melodies are so simple. They're catchy but they're not melodic and incredibly basic. Britney's delivery of a lot of them is odd in the sense that her phrasing is all over the place and it feels more spoken than sang to a degree (its a big feature of pop music, particularly with Max Martin and Dr Luke. One note melodies, repeated notes, it makes the song memorable and catchy). The vocals were quite raw, but polished, and then smothered in heavily treated backing vocals. 

    BJ (or the part she sang atleast) was just a mix of songs that didn't suit her voice.

    On both albums, she sounded uninterested and the albums were rushed.

  12. 4 hours ago, tommy_boy said:

    This may sound crazy, but I do feel Xtina has a chance to do it next year, she's realesing a new record this year and stuff. It's her 20th anniversary aswell, even though nobody recalls:ohnoney:

    Not to be shady, but she's been releasing music soon since she released lotus. A third of her career has been spent promising new music. 

  13. 6 hours ago, goincrazy4brit said:

    but if she hates some of her songs then why they ended being on her albums anyway? i don't get it:ineedthetruth:

    She might have liked them at the time, in all honesty, songs likes Oops are flawless to fans, but Britney could look back and go ''ahhh that thing I did when I was 18!!!'' and watch it like someone would a homemovie of them when they were at the same age.

  14. 13 hours ago, It'sSamB!tch said:

    Britney DID sing on BJ, however, for unknown reasons, the background vocals by Myah were pushed too much up front. The stems of Alien do show Britney did sing the song but as I said, they (and I guess "they" equals Flop.I.Am...) pushed Myah's vocals up front. 

    People joke about BJ and I do too but after all Britney did sing on it, Passenger is the only song I have my doubts with...I want those stems just so I can hear Britney's voice and Britney's voice alone because when the song leaked, I thought it was fake because it didn't sound like Britney at all and a few weeks later BJ got released with...PASSENGER.

    Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Passenger -whoever sung it- but I'm curious of hearing a main version with her vocals only (if there are any lmao:tiffcackle:)

    they weren't just background vocals, Myah sang the leads, they replaced leads on most of the songs and then didn't credit her to hide it. Its not just one song, its the whole album bar Perfume and Don't Cry.

  15. 2 hours ago, mauureee said:

    For a second I imagined Xtina fans doing a thread like this :kyliecry:

    2012 - Christina Confirms music

    2012 - Christina Confirms music.

    2012 - Christina Confirms music soon. 
    2012 - Christina confirms music.
    2013 - Christina confirms music.

    2014 -Christina confirms mu....wait a minute...

    2015 - Christina confirms music.....soon

    2016 - Christina  still confirming music.

    2017 - Christina....what you doing? eats some biscuits. 
    2018 - Christina has spent a quarter of her career confirming music.