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  1. Potential Release in April, New Choreographer For PoM tour

    As much as I believe this to be true (because the tour is selling out everywhere in seconds so a handful of dates is a given), I dont expect an entirely new show or Onyx Hotel level dancing. POM's biggest problem came from the fact that the choreography was never spectacular from the start, when Britney put her energy into it looked good, not incredible, but very good and entertaining. For the revamp, they had Charm and she was basic but effective, simple moves, and they had Chase also, who was incredibly limited. This lead to too many chefs spoiling the already bland broth. If a new choreographer is coming in, their job will be to unify everything so it feels new and cohesive, they might add new numbers, but i'd say its more of an editing job than a completely revamp.
  2. Xtina has released two albums since 2010 and both have been met with meh/bad reactions and bad sales for the times. She'll either get sales and bad reviews, bad sales and reviews or neither at this point. Glory's release was a mess so sales shouldn't be competition, but it got fab reviews.