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  1. Honestly, is anyone surprised? The Bangerz Era was all shock value, no real substance. When We Can't Stop was released, while it did feature a more mature Miley, it was incredibly tame, and it wasn't until the whole ''Dancing with Miley/Molly'' debate popped up that she started the whole 'I dont give a f**k'' shtick. The majority of stand out songs on Bangerz (literally all of the singles) are the safest songs (We Can't Stop, Wrecking Ball the song is safe, and I Adore You is too). The rest of the album has a far cheaper, messier production. I wouldn't be surprised if the album was recorded in two, maybe three months to bank on the party girl Miley image as well as the urban trend of 2012/2013. Also, did Miley and her team come clean and say that era was all shock value? There's a bit of a difference between Britney saying she looks back at the VMA performance and thinks its ridiculous, and Miley saying this is embaressing. With Britney, as much as the snake is iconic, Britney owned that performance and was a completely different person then. She grew up and matured and said ''I wouldn't do that now!''. Miley made it her business to say Hannah Montana is dead for what? three years? between 2013 and 2016 with a tour, two albums and numerous performances,but only when country inspired pop music is the trend does she say it, and goes back to her Hannah Montana roots? I don't know, she can say its embarrassing and its the most embarrassing thing she's done, but it all just seems like PR to try and do damage control to regain fans she lost after three or four years given her terrible albums sales.

    We have footage of Britney recording it, and a snippet of the demo vocals for it too. why we don't have the same for BJ........
  3. Did Britney lowkey hint at a Blackout era with this?

    Xtina didn't upstage Britney at all during that perfomance. Xtina's cheers was short and sweet, but she didn't outshine Britney, or anyone else in that performance. Xtina is easily the most replaceable part of that performance.
  4. Did Britney lowkey hint at a Blackout era with this?

    Wait wait wait... In what universe did Xtina upstage Britney? Xtina literally got no screentime!