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  1. Caption This Photo

    Friends: "Your crush is coming, act natural!" Me:
  2. Recycleney

    Recycling is really important, you guys.
  3. I'm feeling everything about Kenzoney. Slay me, bitch
  4. With the leading single being named as
  5. I really like the song! And I do think it would fit Britney too! I'm so excited for B10!
  6. I think that was intentional. Remember, one of the girls in the movie (or maybe Franco's character, don't remember) said: "This is like playing a video game." And the ending is literally what would happen in a video game! Plus there are a lot of repetitive scenes, neon colors etc, which give viewer the impression of being high just like characters were. And Franco's interpretation was again intentional - it was meant to be over the top. But of course, this movie is just very much and may not be everybody's cup of tea.