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  1. 8 hours ago, Filippo said:

    Looking at the comments, people will probably disagree with me. But I honestly think that it's a terrible movie. Like, one of the worst I've ever seen. There are scenes that I guess were meant to be conceptual, but ended up being just ridiculous. And the plot as well has many issues.

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    For instance when the 3 girls that know nothing about guns kill an entire Mafia army at the end. Wtf is that.

    I just couldn't find anything good about that movie. Apart from using Britney as soundtrack. And James Franco's interpretation. :sickofu:

    I think that was intentional. Remember, one of the girls in the movie (or maybe Franco's character, don't remember) said: "This is like playing a video game." And the ending is literally what would happen in a video game! Plus there are a lot of repetitive scenes, neon colors etc, which give viewer the impression of being high just like characters were. 

    And Franco's interpretation was again intentional - it was meant to be over the top. 

    But of course, this movie is just very much and may not be everybody's cup of tea.

  2. 4 hours ago, IonutM said:

    Should I watch this movie? What are those Britney references?

    There are two scenes specifically. In the one, the girls are singing BOMT together and the second one is this (beware of the spoilers, obviously):


    It's weird and beautiful just like the whole move is imo.

    And about the movie - it's basically a comment on today's society, youth and the whole stuff that is going on. It opens up a lot of topics. If you watched Kids, the previous cult movie Korine worked on in 90s, you'll get what this film's about.

  3. 13 hours ago, ubritney said:

    Well it’s the same for other pop stars including Madonna, Gaga and Katy for example. I saw Gaga and Katy’s latest tours and they had to go back to their roots and what made them popular because people ain’t there for their new stuff. At least Britney lasted up to Scream & Shout. But to say she’s not that relevant isn’t true. There’s a story about her in the news on a daily basis. :pleaseshhh:  Ang Glory is some of the best music she released in years. The same can’t be said about other stars mentioned.


    6 hours ago, BritneyLover said:

    Even tough we are all hungry for a new hit, and that we all want her to be like in her prime again, yes, she is still relevant.

    She is the only one from her generation to keep on bringing iconic songs, and as much as you hate it, work bitch is not that old and is still being played A LOT  at discos and gyms at least here in argentina along with scream and shout, baby, oops, slave, toxic.

    The gay discos keep on bringing Britney special dates and i never hear even 1 date honoring christina, pink, katy perry, not even madonna. Not even Gaga nor beyonce. I dont know why but britney is just still more loved and iconic. They bring derrick barry shows here and i have never seen any other pop star impersonator being brought from abroad

    Britney is like in the middle of everything and she is trascending her generation through the newest ones and not even competing with nobody. Just doing her thing which i hope gets better next era without POM around

    THIS! She always had and still has that lovability to her and just that undefined extra something that will forever make her ahead of anyone. Fight me on this, but it's true. 

    And Exhale knows it too, just wait when she releases new music/video etc. :sassybrit:

  4. 3 minutes ago, caleiscake said:

    Or they'd just got cut like the original toxic choreo they did for POM as seen in i am britney jean

    Or Break the ice

    Or Slumber party

    Or piece of me breakdown

    Or BOMT breakdown

    Or Circus breakdown

    Or Touch of my hand back flip.

    Or most of her costumes.

    *there's still hope tho*

    Once is enough to get it recorded so we could all enjoy in it forever. :tiffcackle:

  5. 2 hours ago, Steel Magnolia said:

    The Kenzo photos looked to be shot on a set that looks like New York City -- the Big Apple.

    POM is spray painted in the background of the photos in Japanese.

    Kenzo is a French fashion house founded by a Japanese designer.

    Apple in French is "pomme."

    It's all circular.

    Godney's serving us complex and well rounded riddles. Jigsaw could never. :yasqueen:

  6. 14 minutes ago, Spearsfan said:

    I’m not killing it for anyone. There is no reason to take it personally when I’m talking about what I AM excited for. 

    Which im not excited about POM. That has nothing to do with you or others.

    Im happy they get to see Britney but I’m not going to expect any changes so for me it’s means another date in the 5 year old show album book. :selena:

    I know, I agree, it's just that it's harder to be really excited for something if anyone is negative about it. But, of course, we all are entitled to our own opinions! :)

  7. 19 minutes ago, timito said:

    I am super excited! I'm seeing her for the first time ever live after being a fan for 20 years! It's  huge for me. And I am excited about all the stuff that are coming. It will be a good year even if there isn't new music. 

    So happy for fans like you! It'll definitely be amazing!

    I saw her at FFT in 2011 and I was so starstruck I literally almost don't even remember seeing her live :tiffcackle: It's like my brain couldn't process all the slayage and just blocked everything out. :imok: And that was during FF era, imagine how great it's gonna be with her performance-skills now! ;) 

  8. 5 hours ago, Spearsfan said:

    Pom will be a snooze fest 

    I’m intrigued by this fashion collab. Maybe it will help her overall look 

    Don't be so negative about POM. For many fans it's maybe only chance to see her live, or at least the one chance in a really long time, so it's definitely very exciting for them. Plus we'll got a LGBTParadeney which is amazing :crying1: Don't kill the excitement for other fans! ;)

    And yes, I agree, finally she's collabing with real big-ass names of fashion and not Lidl or whatever! :jamout:

  9. 4 minutes ago, pablitonizer said:

    As usual we all find out everything before her teams announces it :cackling:

    Some things don't change :tiffcackle:

    I'm sure they'll post pics, it's not like they made them for themselves. :tiffcackle: Those snaps in op are "stolen" so officially we shouldn't even know about them. 

  10. Just now, Spearsfan said:

    I get this when they make boobs bigger or smooth out wrinkles. It gives false images that aren’t real but this pic and other shoots make no sense. 

    Its not like they are fixing wrinkles or slimming her , like someone says she looks sim like. Most ppl don’t want to be sims. I just don’t get the thought process from the editing. 



    Me too. Who knows?