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  1. 2 hours ago, Dark.Knight said:

    one thing is to bash her personally just for the sake of being mean

    another thing is to be disappointed and express it because she doesn't seem to care about her career anymore and still expects the same results as when she did back in the day

    if you're tired about reading that here, then you might as well leave. people are not gonna stop sharing how they feel just because you are tired of it


    I totally agree with this. But on the other hand - Britney doesn't really expect the same results as when she did back then, doesn't she? If she would, she would be promoting from left to right, filming music videos and performing everywhere. Cause she's definitely capable. And she doesn't. So to be totally fair, we doesn't really get to be disappointed, cause she's doing exactly what she wants to and puts as much effort as she wants and she's happy, which is showing. Why should we care?

    And yeah, don't get me wrong, that doesn't mean I'm not disappointed or that I don't wish more from her, cause I do, especially when I know that she could outslay most of other pop acts if she just wanted to, but what can we do?

    And I totally love meltdown threads, they're the most fun part of Exhale when there's nothing new in Britney world tbh :tiffcackle:

  2. I think, realistically and objectively, here's the truth: Britney has an amazing talent. She's a great performer, a good vocalist (of course, not the best), probably one of the best dancers out there and a good writer. Which means that yes, there definitely are a lot of other singers that are way better than her but it's the fact that Britney still has that something that managed to capture and charm millions of people around the globe. She's one of the biggest stars out there, period, and most of her prime stuff has become instantly iconic. She literally changed pop culture. And there aren't many people who could do all of that with Britney's level of talent, so that has to mean something.

  3. 5 hours ago, brintyjoan said:

    People are so dumb.

    First: shes not complaning but stating a fact.

    Second: She is one of the biggest stars nowadays. Xtine and Brinni were big for a few years, because of good marketing. Pink always had hits and still is around making hits. Shes fucking talented and can do it all. And I dont even like hed or her music. Who cares who sold more? 

    Britney is done. She hasnt been performing good since 2004. And even then she didnt sing. Pink always sings live and is dancing hard/ doing acrobatics. 

    Xtine doesnt care anymore and is making commercials for fucking cookies. She had her succes.

    Pink is still around so she is bigger.

    I agree with your point, but you're reaching. Christina and Britney being talented only because of good marketing? Well.. no. Those are called one-hit-wonders because people start seeing through really fast. If you're talentless, you can't stay. Both Christina and Britney have undeniable talents.

    Christina is pretty much done, I agree. Even with new albums, I don't see her having a big comeback. Britney was always bigger than her and even she's struggling today.

    But saying that Britney hasn't been performing good since 2004 is really reaching. She was constantly slaying for almost a year at POM shows.

    Now again, I'm not saying that Pink isn't talented or worthy of her success, she's an amazing performer and singer, but I just think it's unfair saying that Britney and Christina are nothing compared to her, when realistically, Britney is one of the most successful singers like ever. Period. And 20 years into her career she's still here.

  4. Her verse made the song tbh. It was like... Rihanna's verse was a teen romantic movie, eyeing the whole s&m concept and than there's Britney, wham, smashing full hardcore porn :hipney: I always loved her voice on this one, her vocals are made for songs like this. It's like she oozes sex. Orgasmic!


    And everytime I hear her verse my inner slut comes out and want to dance naked and steal other ppl's boyfriends and stuff

  5. On 9/27/2017 at 2:46 AM, LostInAnImage said:

    I'd probably go with songs she's either independently written (i.e., "Someday"), or seemingly written the majority of, containing lyrics with themes relevant to her actual personal life at that point in time (e.g., "Everytime"). 

    The aforementioned songs depict her as a hopeless romantic, naively idealistic, spiritual/religious, and/or just rather simplistic overall (to which I'm not attributing any negative connotation). 

    Although, I do also think many of her earlier hits (by Max Martin et. al), seemingly depicted her personality quite well during time of release (e.g., "What U See (Is What U Get)," "Overprotected," etc). And, the bulk of ITZ and BO consisted of sexually-charged, confident/cocky party-girl anthems, which were consistent with her persona during both eras.

    I don't think she started to really sound detached from her music until FF, which wasn't even remotely representative of her self-reported (and arguably observable) lifestyle at that time. 

    Really nicely said!

  6. 24 minutes ago, Poe Dameron said:

    I stopped watching horrors like 10 years ago so I am not used to that... Plus I was watching it in IMAX...I was literally sweating on my forehead during the broken projector scene and when he was emerging from the fridge in that creepy house :beyfedup:

    Yeah, that projector scene was terrifying and really well done. But yeah. I guess it comes down to how much of a horror fan are you.

  7. 14 minutes ago, Poe Dameron said:

    IT was creepy and scary AF and I had nightmares :lemmetellu:

    Watched it twice tho cause it was really good and the mood and cinematography were great:lemmetellu:

    I actually didn't find it scary at all. Probably cause I'm a horror fan so I'm pretty used to everything :flawlessbye: There were some disturbing scenes (Georgie's death was pretty graphic, the garage scene and the basement scene too), but other than that it felt like a fantasy adventure movie to me.

    But yeah, I really appreciated the cinematography and the whole atmosphere, they did a great job!