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  1. POM on the road again?

    POM is gonna be like
  2. She looks like a fashion mogul here

    The queen of looking photoshopped even when she's not
  3. Britney says "No, bye !" to a fan

    God, paparazzis were horrible. They literally teared her apart

    The filmmakers chose the song? Britney team didn't do anything. They probably just let the song be used and that's not a bad idea. We all know Britney needs that exposure, one way or another. I'm glad PP is finally doing Britney! Was waiting for that in the first two movies tho ...
  5. This video is better than any porn
  6. Funny POM documentary names?

    Very Very Cool Piece of Me Documentary
  7. Is this Get Back CD single real?

    Oh, didn't know that! Thanks for clearing!
  8. Is this Get Back CD single real?

    But at least VVV got a single treatment and a music video... Which at the end of the day is the same sh!t, the only thing that's different is that it was released later and not first...
  9. This is a mess of epic proportions. But you know, this is internet, if you have a secret, it's not gonna stay hidden forever ... Anyways, I can't with some of you saying that bullying is "something we all go through" and that "it's not big of a deal". Exactly this kind of attitude gives those nasty kids the right to do it, cause you know, everything is just for fun and those other whiny kids just need to "suck it up". That's so wrong. People do suicides because of this. Everybody is different and reacts differently to things around them. Some are very strong and others break daily. And bullying is not something we should encourage in any way. I'll never understand bullies, like how on earth do you think making someone feel miserable is ok? I myself had a bullying experience when I was young and I while it wasn't nothing serious, I still think it left some consequences on my personality that are probably going to haunt me forever. I'm pretty introvert, very shy, have a really low self-esteem and have anxiety attacks every time I imagine myself in a new group of people because I think everyone is going to judge me. And definitely those things are connected to my experiences with people in my childhood. (Btw this is also the reason why Britney is so relatable to me, as a person). I'm sorry for this long rant, but I just feel like venting out.
  10. Miley: "Britney, you are everything to me!"

    She commented on this one too! She wrote: "Werk"
  11. A Grindr story to exhalle

    Of course he does, he's giving it every night to the new Grindr guy he finds. Oh wait, you're talking about Britney Jean