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  1. It really pisses me off when people say things like this. Like... do your research before bashing anybody. I mean basically, like everyone above already said - Britney revived pop in 90's, she brought it back and she made a blond, innocent but sexy girl act a thing. There were many people whose careers were based on hers - that's why she's often thought as being generic. People tend to say FF is generic too for the same reason and they couldn't be more wrong. She introduced dubstep into mainstream (even Skrillex said so), she started the new thing and every other artist that was relevant that year followed - Flo Rida, Rihanna, Beyonce etc. But of course, Britney is the one being "generic", cause that's how always was. End of the rant
  2. Yeeees! She's amazing!
  3. The fucking queen of pop and kids and reproduction system
  4. Hahahah not at all, attacking people for their taste is childish and stupid.
  5. How dare you insult GM video? Just kidding Everybody has their preferences. And actually, I think that the pole dancing at POM/Asian tour is kinda tacky too, I was just being funny.
  6. This is literally Exhale in 30 years Britney Army is so legendary
  7. You guys didn't complain about that when she released Godme More video
  8. Slay those 2 second long live vocals, Brinney