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    In my opinion FF aged in the worst way compared to Circus and Glory.
    Right now I listen to Glory / Blackout / In the Zone and I really think that most of Femme Fatale songs sound outdated,
    maybe except for TTWE... I love HIAM and I listen to it, but Femme Fatale songs are very "defined" and their style is very 2011.

    If u listen to Scream & Shout for example... that's not very outdated... It  could have come out even in 2018.

  2. 6 hours ago, jennyj said:

    Kenzo is known to make cool artsy videos, and even music videos for their fashion and products.  Given that she's a singer and dancer, it's almost a given that they will have a music video (probably that's what they filmed on that set in addition to the photoshoot).  I'm super excited!  I can imagine either a buzz single or the first single being in partnership with Kenzo... which means high-budget video y'all!  It'll be cool if they do the tour outfits too.  #Modelney :slayney:

    Here's a cool example of one they recently did:


    Babe KENZO is not into music videos... It's like saying DSquared... And the commercial here with the dancer is just an awesome and original commercial for the brand's perfume.

  3. Hi everyone! Rolling Stone Italy just posted online a Britney's interview where she speaks about how Madge influenced her life and how she's important to everyone etc...

    The date of this article is from yesterday March 8.

    Is this a new thing? Or is it a old piece of interview? 
    It's weird because Italian magazines and even Rolling Stones do not talk bout Britney that much.


    La prima volta che l’ho incontrata è stato in occasione di uno dei suoi concerti del 2001. Ho preso un aereo e sono andata da lei: nel camerino c’era solo sua figlia Lola, ed ero davvero nervosa.
    Ho detto: «Posso abbracciarti?» che idiota! Lei, per fortuna, è stata molto gentile.

    The 1st time I met her was during one of her concerts in 2001. I took the plane and I went where she was: in the changing room there was just her daughter Lola, and I was so nervous.
    I said "May I hug you?" Such a moron! She, luckily, has been very nice.

    Is this new?