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  1. Hi everyone! I'm kinda worried because I booked 2 tickets for POM (AUGUST 25) on January 27. Since them I didn't receive anything but the Ticket Confirmation. I live in Italy, so I want to ask you if anyone is in my same situation or you've all received your own tickets. Thank you!
  2. Today I was just checking my Facebook and this post from The Squared Division came on. I'm starting to think that is really their style of dancing that is just WRONG for our girl! Everyone says that she's "robotic" during Work Bitch choreo... Maybe that's their fault! Ok, she doesn't dance like her prime, but she kinda slays her OLD choreos, doesn't she? Britney, baby... change your choreographers please... ( not the FF Tour one)... and Larry
  3. I don't really like it babe... sorry... It's a mess imo
  4. O2 Arena Tickets. August 25

    Yeah I got the Ticket Confirmation, but I need my tickets as well!
  5. You surely are judging by your profile pic
  6. I'm 28... Ow Gosh am I already old???