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  1. 8 minutes ago, Godney's Sweet Ass said:

    #B10 lead single confirmed. "Stay Tuned". 


    "Following half a decade of disappointing record sales from Britney Spears, the pop icon has decided to do things a little differently this time round. The lead single from her 10th studio album will debut during a TV advertisement of her new partnership with Kenzo - a fashion brand. The single "Stay Tuned" will then be available immediately on all streaming services. The album, "Stylish" will follow 3 days later."




  2. 4 minutes ago, Chico101 said:

    I mean, are we really going to pay attention to someone who criticizes the appearance of another human being?

    Do we need this sort of negativity in our lives?


    Amen. :tysm:


    I mean, stop posting those kind of threads. Its pointless. This human doesnt deserve this attention.

  3. On 26-2-2018 at 4:21 PM, The Greatest Show said:

    Once your skin is damaged you cant fix it (unless you have surgery) You can moisturize it and drink as much water as you want it wont reverse the damage. No cream in the world can make wrinkles dissapear. The wrinkles she has are here to stay.  All of the tanning she did in her youth (she even had tanning beds on her tour bus ffs) and smoking was bound to catch up to her sooner or later.

    The real question is why didnt she have good makeup for this event??  And yes the eyebrows make a huuge difference.


    I'm sure tanning is not good for your skin, but on the other hand, she is like what, 36 years old? Its kinda normal to have wrinckles on that age. She's human, not a plastic doll. No one ages the same. People have to realise how unhappy she has been and and how many stress Britney had the last 20 years.

    Im so happy so see wrinckles on her face, instead of using too much botox or facelifting.


    Im rooting for her. But I will never accept how she ruined her effin mouth.

  4. 3 hours ago, PokemonSpears said:

    is that even her hair anymore? in the past years she's cut her hair super short several times only to get super long extensions 5 minutes later (I prefer her with longer hair though, but I think her natural hair would look better even if she doesn't have as many as she once said)

    Almost her whole career the length of her hair was never longer then her shoulders. She always had extensions. 

  5. 3 hours ago, PoshSpice said:

    Just read,


    I disagree. I'm not sure if you were present when she started dating Kevin, but pretty much 100% people called him rebound guy. She wasn't in the best place either. They worn each other down. She was beautiful in the zone era thriving girl, recently came off from a very public break up, gotten back with Justin few times, failed, rebounded into new relationship very soon after her Vegas quickie marriage. They both had fun, she had her rebel phase, basically pretty much Chaotic.  Now I don't pretend I know exactly what she feels, but by the events that unfolded, she desperately wanted a family, she and Justin were engaged to be married, she thought she was gonna stay with this guy forever, and then it all exploded into her face, so she badly wanted to make it happen everything is okay, she had someone, she could have that family she always talked about, and she made it happen. Then it all came crashing down when the bubble exploded, they had fun, they liked each other, it was great, but they wore each other down, they became haggard versions of what they used to be, both of them.  Then happened what happened.

    I think what britney says in off the record documentary, the way she expressed about Kevin, she didn't want to be alone basically, is as honest as she was. She loves her kids more than anything, she loved idea of perfect family and house, but Kevin?

    And by all means she's not dead because of him, you give too much credit to Kevin.  He went and got everything from her money wise he could. He had nothing before her, he went and got another girl pregnant, he couldn't care less about her or what she was going through. Reason, why they are civil and he didn't completely screw her over with custody is literally the arrangement they had with money, thanks to Jamie.

    Anyway tl;dr I disagree.

    Yeah, thats also a good point of view. Well, only Britney will know. :mhm: