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  1. 12 hours ago, Hungry Hun said:

    Paris being shady bout Lindsay :blaughing:

    The day those pictures ware taken Paris and Britney didn't leave until Lindsay get in the car, so how she wasnt invited?

    I would drag Paris for that but Lindsay throwed shade to her and Britney a lot after that day so why bother... scalp that bitch Paris I'll help ya  :bang:


    Ofcourse Lindsay was invited. We all know what Paris is saying is just bullshit, this is just a way for Paris to shade Lindsay.

  2. 10 minutes ago, Lilith said:

    you did though. if you are happy seeing her wrinkles and not hiding behind plastic surgeries then she wouldn't need makeup to look "stunning". she needs good skincare and stop fucking her face if she wants to look good with makeup on or without it. the wrinkles are not the problem here that's natural ageing. Her skin looks terrible because of poor skin hygiene and bad habits eg: smoking/tanning etc, and very obvious poor job done on her face.

    No I didnt though.

    I never said she looks stunning without make up, she looks like a mess with this 3 days old make up, she also looks much older.  If she just know how to use good make up, she would have looked stunning. (I mean, you could still see her wrinkles with good make up). Thats my point.

  3. 28 minutes ago, Lilith said:

    u contradict yourself lmao. if you are happy seeing her without makeup then why u tell her to wear "proper makeup next time to look good" and that she would look "stunning with good makeup"? If you think she needs heavy makeup then shes not stunning without it. she looks like old leather without heavy makeup

    is she fucking serious? she's dropping her coat on the dirty floor? can she stop being nasty for once? void0-53.gif

    No im not. I never said im happy to see her without make up. I only said that im happy to see her WRINCKLES and not hiding it with plastic surg. She just need to learn how to use make up, cause then she would have looked 100 times better, included the wrinckles.



  4. My god you guys!

    Am I the only one who is happy to see her wrinkles?! If she would wear good make up she would have looked stunning, im happy we still can see a glimpse of her wrinckles instead of a smooth plastic doll. I rather see her aging then seeing her chaning in an ordinary plastic hollywood doll.

    Just wear some proper make up next time  if you go out in public like this Brit, then you look good to go (included your wrinkles.) :sendinglove:

  5. 29 minutes ago, Brichney. said:

    Why did she even felt the need to tell people about it in the first place? I say it's because the creepy label probably thought it was a good idea to market her as a virginal girl from the south. It's was pure marketing strategy. 

    The whole thing was weird and too personal to be shared with so many people. 

    This, it was all about her image. She was pushed to confirm this ideal image.

    a normall person would say: the f**k? Thats none of your fucking damn business. :ineedthetruth: