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  1. A magazine (or in this case a fashion brand) will hire photographers who photograph the actual person and finally edit the pictures to a final product to deliver.
  2. Actually, its mostly the photographer.
  3. I was trying to reconstruct her mouth using older pictures, but is just didnt work and couldn't understand why. Then i realized her chin is way too long on those Kenzo pictures. Or my photoshop skills just sucks. Did they messed up her face like that in Photoshop? Not sure if this is reliable, but all I know is that Britney never had a chin like that.
  4. When did the media said this about those photo's? I only see exhale complaining about it.
  5. BURNS is working on B10?

    When will people finally realize those apple posts means nothing and she just like to post those apples for fun?
  6. OMG! Did u all realised...

    You call those dancers daddies? Oh god, maybe I'm just getting really old.
  7. This fanbase will never be satisfied.
  8. They're like: geez girl, u messed up your face. Lets just do it this way.