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  1. Sis, whats your problem? He already said he has seen the pictures of the real umbrella thing, and a video footage. If you're not really obsessed and stalky with that kind of stuff and only seen it once, its not that weird he thought this was real, the footage from the biopic could be (kinda) real if you're not that obsessed and stalky with Britney's breakdown. Not every fan is like that And if he's trolling, not attention worthy.
  2. So spontaneous.
  3. Sorry, what? Work Bitch doesnt sound like a Britney song at all. I remember when it came out, people were complaining about it. Make Me is more of a Britney song than Work Bitch. I also think that the music video plays a role if you compare the succes of the two song. Work Bitch had an epic video, so it got way more streams. If Make Me had the original (epic) videoclip, it got way more streams then it has now and could have been a bigger hit.